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The Right Thing to Do to Your Email Marketing Using WordPress

While you are doing business either online or offline, you need strong marketing activities.  One of the most important and effective marketing activities is none other than Email Newsletters. But the fact is- it’s really difficult for your marketing team to send the right emails to the right people at the right time!

As you have noticed there are lots of ‘right‘ here! However, marketing is all about doing the ‘right‘ thing. You just cannot irritate your subscribers, leads or potential customers. This makes your business look bad and greatly hampers the brand.

How to Do the ‘Right’ Thing for Marketing

You might think marketing is difficult. Yes, it is difficult as sometimes there are no right people or right time! In such cases, everyone seems to fit the right criteria and ‘now‘ turns out to be the right time.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to make things complex or confuse you. All I am trying to say, marketing is about taking the right decision and action. For this, you need specific sets of tools for designing, sending and tracking emails.

Apart from handy tools, you should also follow some best practices. In this article, I shall explain the best practices for a ‘Right’ Email Marketing and explain how you can perform these with our very own Email Campaign Extension of WP ERP.

Best Practices for A Successful Email Marketing

The main concern for making your marketing efforts successful is spreading specific events regularly. This may be announcements, updates, releases, partnerships, sharing something special etc. But as I said earlier, these events should be delivered to the right person otherwise all your effort will bring zero value.

Now, let us explore the best practices that can be followed in order to create marketing automation. It sounds exciting, right?

Well, marketing automation is the workflow that helps to create automatic events targeted to specific people. This is the key, the ‘right thing’ for a successful email marketing.

A Proper Onboarding for Your Subscribers

Most of your subscribers will take a decision from the first email you will be sending them. Onboarding is the first impression you should make to your subscribers. This is why a getting started series may help you a lot to create the first best impression to your subscriber. Who knows, they might become your customer by seeing the mail you have sent.

You should consider breaking down a large mail to several parts and automate them to be sent after a specific time span. Basically, when a user subscribes, they receive an onboarding or getting started mail. They get another following up mail after a week and some more after a specific time.

Spread Your Events Regularly

Your marketing team may be working hard on several campaigns. You must let your subscribers be aware of those campaigns. This greatly helps to create brand awareness and also new people subscribes to your website. By this way, you can collect more emails and spread your events more. These new people also receive the getting started series you created and eventually converts to leads.

Announce Features or Updates

While your business grows, you need to provide more services to your customers. What if you cannot deliver this news? This could be really difficult for you then as people won’t get to know about your new features, add-ons or updates. Thus, you need to send these type of emails to specific people who are using specific services.

Send Tips to Make Things Easier for Your Subscribers

It’s always better to share your thoughts to your subscribers. You can send them tips or show something new. This greatly increases their interest and they might end up buying from you because of those tips. You should also explain your features, the benefits of using your service and many more.

Make Your Email Look Professional

Now, the most important thing in the list, Professionalism. Yes, being professional makes your subscribers think good of you. You must study what your subscribers like and deliver them the exact thing. You can follow the following tips to be an email marketing pro-

  • Choose the best structure matching your event
  • Make the best use of the subject line and clearly explain what’s in the email
  • Influence your subscribers to click on the mail using meaningful link text
  • Use proper color contrast
  • Compose your email with easily readable fonts
  • Add images with proper alt text
  • Always include a call to action to take readers to your event landing page

Why Must Your Consider Email Campaign Extension?

Now, you know what you need to do for making your marketing successful. What about the tools?

Have noticed the screenshots that I have included with the best practices? They are the features of WP ERP Email Campaign!

It can greatly help you to send the right email to the right person at the right time. Most importantly, you can make a good use of the best practices that we have discussed using this email marketing solution. You can read our documentation for a better understanding of this product and can also learn more about its features.

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