How Current ERP Management Style Suits Open Source Solutions

How Current ERP Management Style Suits Open Source Solutions

Managers are a great asset to any company. From old times, they were considered capable leaders and valuable commodities who process distinct management styles. Most of the time they were the reason to lead their teams to success.

Unfortunately, the scenario has changed a lot in recent times. Most of the managers are viewed as useless relics who are not able to provide value to their company. This happens when they cannot adjust with their team and provide the right decision at the right time.

So, how things have turned out to be like this? Let’s find out

Why Are Valuable Managers Viewed As Good or Worthless?

Different management styles make managers either valuable or worthless. In this modern era, there are many tools that can help any manager to reach their goal. However, it is true if you cannot become a good manager to your team and employer, great tools are of no help!

Become a Great Manager

So, let’s find out about different management styles that are responsible for making a manager good or bad. If you are a manager, this article will be a great help to identify your style. Always remember, good managers can become bad if they do not try hard. On the other hand, bad managers can try and reform their styles to appear in the spotlight.

Authoritarian Management

This type of management style consists of firm and fairness. The managers generally focus on long-term direction. They are often candid, industrious and less trusting. They try to keep their team in a state of fear consistently. Controlling every detail and use fear to control is very common for these type of managers.

Extroverted Management

This type of management style simply shows softness, understanding, considerate and compassionate characteristics. The managers are charismatic, transformational, adaptive and transactional. They are great leaders and team members feel comfortable around them. Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates are examples of such management style.

Directive/Administrative Management

These management type is all about conscientiousness, orderliness, and rules. The managers are completely process driven. They try to make their team do whatever they think is best. They strictly follow rules even if they are not compatible with the situation.

Democratic/Participative Management

When you see a manager with a feeling that everyone has input, they are following democratic management style. These type of managers are very open and likes the diversity of ideas. They process a good imagination, high degree of intellectual curiosity and takes feedback positively. They always try to experiment and try new things to achieve greater results.

Affiliative Management

These type of managers are very considerate. They prioritize the work on their teammates. They think people come first and then the tasks. Affiliative managers tend to be social.

So, now note which category you fall in. It’s very important if you are a manager as knowing yourself will help you to bring good results for your company.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – A Great Tool for All Type of Managers

Evolution of ERP systems

ERP is an application that combines different types of tools for managing your business, tasks, and team members. This is a set of tools for HR, CRM, and Accounting. Management style is important, but if you can coordinate your style with the ERP system, you might turn out to become successful in no time. ERP management system provides different benefits for you and your company. Your team members will become engaged with their works and you will be able to measure their efficiency. As a result, this is what you get in return –

  • Increase productivity for both you and your teammates
  • Provides real-time information on your business
  • Quality work with better management and allocation
  • Turnover decreases dramatically
  • Increased profitability
  • Business intelligence
  • Reduces technological cost
  • Complete management to support your team

Open Source Solutions Supporting the Current ERP Management Style

Implementing an ERP system is very important for any company. If the manager shows negative management styles while implementing the ERP system, something may go wrong!

Yes, implementation and ERP management depend on the manager who is in charge. In the case of open source systems, they are highly customizable and adaptable. It doesn’t matter what type of manager you are. You can adapt the system the way you want and transform it into a suitable one that matches your style.

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems that is powering up over 40% of the world’s website. Every company has its own website and you may also have one.

Introducing WP ERP: A Complete Open Source ERP Management Tool

WP ERP Core features

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to implement an ERP management system for your company. You can easily turn your website into an ERP system thanks to WordPress. All you will need is a plugin named WP ERP.

WP ERP is the first open-source WordPress ERP suit that offers CRM, HRM, and Accounting modules for FREE. Yes, you can power up your system with powerful extensions. These extensions provide different solutions including attendance management system, payroll, deals, workflow, email campaign, and much more.

What Can You Do With an Open-Source ERP Management System?

With WP ERP as your complete open source ERP management system, you can do almost anything that matches your style for managing your team and company. Here are some basic and key departments of business that may help you in different situations.

Manage Your Human Resource with Ease

With an ERP system, you can easily manage your whole HR. You can store all your employee information in a single place. Besides that, you can recruit new members and transfer them directly to your HRM. WP ERP provides easy management of your HR including individual employee profiles. You can also segment your company into different departments and create designations for your employees.

HR Management

Your employees can apply for leave directly from their profiles and you get a complete leave management system. Not only that, you also get an internal communication system and advanced reporting features.

ERP Human resource

Manage Your Customer Better Driving Sales & Building a Powerful Contact List

Customers are the soul of your business. If you do not have an appropriate database of your contacts/ customers, you are missing out a lot. With an ERP, you can store and manage all your contacts effectively. You also get advanced searching and filtering so that you can find anyone you want, whenever you want. Besides that, you can schedule email, call, and SMS directly from your ERP. You can take notes and check the activities of your contacts instantly.

Customer Management

An ERP allows you to create search segments so that you can use the list later. You can also assign your employees to different tasks related to handling your customers.

Take Care of Your Finances Even If You Are Not an Accountant

With an ERP system, you can manage your finances like a pro. You don’t need to be an accountant or learn account management at all. The system will do everything for you. All you have to is to input your expenses and sales. The ERP system will do the rest for you.

Accounting management

ERP allows you to manage your transactions, receive payments, manage expenses, generate invoices, and also journal entry. These tasks are very important for every business. You can let your accounts manager take care of these or take control yourself with a powerful ERP management system.

ERP Accounting

Control Your Projects like You Control Your Fingers

Many powerful ERP has project management modules. You can easily manage your projects, create tasks and assign your team members from a single place. You can communicate with your team and store important files related to your projects. All these handy features are available inside an ERP suite.

WP ERP is a powerful enterprise resource planning system that is capable of handling most of your day-to-day business tasks. It also has a module named WP Project Manager that works flawlessly with the HR module. You can take advantage of these two tools and guess what they are completely FREE.

However, you can get the pro modules which contain advanced features suitable for any small and medium-size business. Watch the demo video of WP Project Manager to learn more about handling projects properly.

Do Even More with the Powerful Extensions of WP ERP

Like any other ERP solution, WP ERP has many powerful extensions that can help you with many important tasks including attendance, training, workflow, recruitment, payroll, deals, email campaign, SMS notifications, reimbursements, payments, document management, inventory, assets, etc. Whichever management style you possess, you will be benefited from WP ERP. It is built for people like you so that you can bring the best of yourselves.

Refine Your ERP Management Style with Open Source ERP Solutions

Over the years, in almost all fields and services of different organizations, ERP systems has proved to be quite efficient and useful. The modern-day method of ERP management demands for modern-technology that improves your business management process and adapts to the new technology at the same time. And an open-source solution like WP ERP is such kind of solution that enables organizations to polish the current ERP management styles and adjusts to any adaptability concerns at a quick time.

Even with other ERP systems today, there is the challenge of its proper implementation that discourages many users to utilize an ERP solution. But with an open-source one, you are totally free from that hassle. It enables effective implementation alleviating any complications involved with it.

Moreover, with an open-source ERP system, one can further hone their ERP management style by integrating essential extensions of CRM, HRM, Accounting modules which can further reduce the operating and capital expenses.

Another notable benefit of the ERP solution includes its ability to view real-time daily operations as well as provide the progress of the task and supply chain information. This visibility boosts the profitability and efficiency of the whole team ensuring the complete ability of data sharing among the shareholders, vendors, partners, and other related and trusted parties involved with that business.

So have you decided to sign up for the refinement of your ERP management style by implementing an open-source solution in your current business yet? If not, then it’s high time you do it right away.


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