5 Best Project Management Software for Designers

5 Best Project Management Software for Designers

Designing Websites is a quite creative job and the designers need to focus on color choosing, template set, & other UI/UX design factors. 

The workload increases when the designer has to manage a team or big project. And, that where the best project management software for designers comes from. 

So, are you a designer who is currently facing trouble while managing a bunch of people or a company? Well, my friend, you are in the right hand now, no worries. 

In this blog, we will show you a mind-blowing list of some project management software and why you should go for it right now. The software will surely make your tasks easier and give you more time to spend with your family. 

4 Types of Project Management Software

Types of Project Management Software

We have introduced some popular Project Management Tools. Well, you should know the core of Project Management. So, here you will get to know what types of Project Management applications are in the market right now.

Open Source  

The end-users of this project management software get the capability to make some changes in the existing application. And, truly it’s fun for the user who can do the modifications according to their preferences. In a nutshell, Open Source software can help you to fulfill specific business needs.


In this type of solution, project management tools are hosted on cloud servers. Thus, your users and your clients can sign in wherever they want to. Some individual and on-premise software can be included in a Cloud-Based solution. 


When you are finding a lightweight and simply manageable project manager, you should go for Individual Solution. It can be a spreadsheet or software installed on your PC. Most of the time they are web-based and simple enough to handle a project’s tasks. 


You have to install this type of solution on your company’s servers. That means access to the software is restricted. They are also known as the locally-hosted project management software.

5 Best Creative Project Management Software for Web Designers

Project Management Software for Designers

On the web, most of the sites suggest either SaaS or Open Source software. But here, you will get to know both forms of project management tools. Let’s begin-

WP Project Manager- Smartly Manage Your Projects

WP Project Manager- Smartly Manage Your Projects

Do you like to work with WordPress? Then WP Project Manager can be your best fit. It’s a simple yet powerful open-source project management software where your teammates will experience a joyful ride. 

As we are talking about designers, they have to focus on the deadline, currently processed tasks, complete tasks, and creating new projects with the whole crew. Apart from that, time management for creatives is one of the important criteria, and WP Project Manager can do that without any issues. 

Key Features

  • Add unlimited To-do lists with a little description. 
  • Assign tasks to the teammates with a due date.
  • Discuss projects with all the co-workers.
  • Users get email notifications about assigned, upcoming, or outdated tasks.
  • Users can manage projects from the frontend without going to the backend interface.
  • Kanban Board facilities in WordPress.
  • Track time with start, stop and pause buttons.
  • WooCommerce, Slack, Github integrated.

Who Should Use It?

You can consider it as one of the best graphic design project management tools without any hesitation. WP Project Manager is specially built for the people who want to save their time from managing the organization and use that in more productive aspects. Like- Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Client Manager, Freelancers, and more. So, just run after your new thoughts & dreams and let this project manager help you.

Panorama- Impress Your Clients

Panorama- Impress Your Clients- Project Management Software for Designers

Are you losing both of your time and money to manage your graphic design projects? If yes, then it’s time to get rid of those tension with Panorama- the project management platform for WordPress. 

Don’t just focus on managing your project be more successful by making yourself creative. And, this project manager knows how to manage creatives

Key Features

  • Manage unlimited projects without any hassle.
  • Don’t need to pay while you are adding someone.
  • Keep your clients up-to-date with project status.
  • Save the time of your teammates.
  • Each client or user has their own dashboard.
  • Cut out unnecessary emails, status meetings, and calls.
  • Helps to earn more money.

Who Should Use It?

When you are managing projects and your clients at the same time as a web designer, you can for Panorama. After reviewing this tool we can say, it is the best project management software for designers. UX/ UI designers and IT engineers have loved it. So, we think you will love this managing tool as well. 

UpStream- Allows You to Manage Any Project

UpStream- Allows You to Manage Any Project

We will now talk about one of the great project management software examples where the designers can get assistance with a minimalistic budget. Inside your WordPress site, you can use this project manager and the fun part is UpStream core is free.

They also encourage the users to try their demo version before making the final decision. Thus we are marking it as the best project management software for freelancers and SME business owners. Don’t worry as a web designer you will get a lot of extensions to maximize your productivity. 

Key Features

  • Clients can track the progress with the frontend project view. 
  • Teammates can watch their assigned tasks.
  • Demo option before making the order.
  • 100% localized and ready to translation any other languages.
  • fully integrated with WordPress.
  • Time and Budget Tracking Extension.

Who Should Use It?

UpStream is best at managing multiple projects and tasks with a bunch of users. Thus, the marketing and design team highly recommend this plugin. Moreover, the set-up in the back-end will blow your mind away. UpStream try to reach their plugin at a very reasonable price. And, that’s why it is suitable project management for graphic designers who don’t want to spend huge money but still want to manage their tasks properly. 

SP Project and Document Manager- Secure & Extendable

SP Project and Document Manager- Secure & Extendable

If you are struggling while sharing essential files with your clients or vendors then SP Project and Document Management system can help you out. As a WordPress user, you will love to use this for simple and manageable features.

SmartyPants are always available to support you whether you are a premium or free user. You can even call them on Skype! We think it is a perfect source of time tracking for graphic designers. So, the web designers who are working remotely will prefer it for regular usage. 

Key Features

  • Localization support for people with multiple languages.
  • SSL support.
  • Each user can have a personal file repository.
  • WooCommerce and Amazon s3 integrated.
  • The users are allowed to create projects and folders.
  • Can download all documents or files of a project in a single zip file.
  • Create multiple upload locations.

Who Should Use It?

Web developers, graphic designers, photographers, or architects need to share information with multiple users. With SP Project and Document Manager, they can easily distribute various files with just a click. Sales Managers, Brokers, and Real Estate professionals can get a lot of help as well. 

Monday.com- Work the Way That Works for You

Monday.com- Work the Way That Works for You

Till now we were talking about Open Source Project Management software. Here, we will get to know about a SaaS Project Management tool that will lead you to manage everything in a single place. Yes, we are talking about Monday.com. 

As we are helping the designers, then we would love to suggest this tool. Here, Project Management, Marketing, Creative and Design, Software Development, and Task Management are their priority. That means graphic designers should check this out. And, fortunately, you will get a 14-day FREE trial to decide before purchasing Monday.com. 

Key Features

  • Different boards according to your team members, individuals, and clients.
  • Can breakdown a task into smaller subtasks.
  • Automate recurring tasks, and streamline workflows. 
  • Integrated with Google Drive, Slack, Jira, and GitLab.
  • Easy to get started with hundreds of visual and customizable templates
  • FREE trial for 14-day.

Who Should Use It?

Monday is open to all types of entrepreneurs- small, medium, or large. Freelancer designers prefer this management tool to use rapidly. If you are handling clients from France, Russia, Portuguese, Italy, German, Denmark, Japan, Spain, Colombia, and other English language countries, then you should jump for this graphic design-friendly project management system without thinking twice. 

Get the Right Project Management Software For Your Designing Assignments

It’s really tiresome to handle a project after design the web or fixing the UX issues. There is no doubt that a proper Project Management application can minimize the work pressure and increase productivity.

If you are struggling with marketing then check out the project manager software for growing your business efficiently.

So, we have tried to show you a quick and simple view of some Project Management software which are recommended by the experts.

Let us know your opinion and perspective about these tools- Are they enough to manage projects of designers or not?

Have a nice time!

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  1. You should try kanbantool. It’s not specifically for designers, but I’m sure every designer will benefit from it, especially when they deal with more complex projects.


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