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Add employee status

How to add an extra status for employee profile in the HR module

Currently, we do not have a status like- Retired in our system. So if you need to add this to your system, you can use the filter


It is located on plugins/wp-erp/modules/hrm/includes/function-employee.php on line 540

The code block will look like

function erp_hr_get_employee_statuses() {
    $statuses = array(
        'active'     => __( 'Active', 'erp' ),
        'terminated' => __( 'Terminated', 'erp' ),
        'deceased'   => __( 'Deceased', 'erp' ),
        'resigned'   => __( 'Resigned', 'erp' )

    return apply_filters( 'erp_hr_employee_statuses', $statuses );

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