Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can a contact/customer login and update his profile own profile?

No. Customers and contacts can not login into the system until they are made wp users.

2. How can I make a “CRM Agent”?

Just navigate to: HR Management -> Employee Profile -> Permission tab -> Check the box CRM Agent -> Update permissions. That’s it!

3. What is the difference between a CRM Manager and CRM Agent?

CRM Agents can show all the contacts added by other agents, but can’t modify or delete anyone except his ones. On the other hand, CRM Managers can view all the contacts added by any agent and can modify or delete them.

4. How can I import an amount of contacts at a time in CRM?

Just navigate to: “ERP Settings -> Tools -> Import -> Type (contacts)” & upload the CSV file. The better approach is downloading the sample csv, editing and uploading it.

5. What communication methods are available in CRM?

Available communication methods are- Email & SMS.

6. Can I attach files to emails?

We do not have the ability to attach files directly to the outgoing email. We also do not have the feature to display incoming attachments as well. So both the parties have to upload the files in the cloud and share the download links in the mail body.

You can upload the file to your favourite file hosting service and embed the download link using the link embedding button on the toolbar or paste the download link manually.

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