WordPress HRM Frontend

All The Goods You Can Get By Bringing HR Module To The Frontend

In this convenience desiring world, who wouldn’t enjoy the facility of being able to take care of their HR module in ERP related work from the frontend?

In the corporate world, having the option of doing things from the frontend is indeed a feature that everyone looks forward to. And if it is about managing your employees securely from the frontend, then it is an even more useful feature for companies these days.

Keeping that in mind the makers of WP ERP has brought in the HR Frontend extension to let all its user manage all the HR related task right from their frontend. But do we know why is it such a good idea to use this HR Frontend extension? And what are the benefits that you get out of using the extension to bring the HR module into the frontend?

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WordPress HRM Frontend

How to Bring WordPress HRM to the Frontend

A good number of our users were looking for a frontend solution for WP ERP. They were conscious about the security of their site and didn’t want to give access to the backend to their employees. If you are one of them and have peeled your eyes wide open, then brace yourselves – we have what you have been looking for!

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