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      Firstly, great job for your plugin, very nice work!

      In my company, for the paid vacations, the dates are 1st july – 30 june
      But we have also other leave but the dates are not the same, it’s 1st january – 31 december

      Is it possible to add an other financial date?
      I know it’s not possible, but if i take a look in the code, how can i make this easier?
      I’m a junior developper, so maybe i can make this by myself but i need a little help.

      (Sorry for my mistakes, my english is not perfect)
      Thank you!

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      Hello @Onimerik,

      No, it’s not possible to have multiple financial year/date by default. As you are a developer, checking codes will help you better than hearing me, I guess 🙂

      This is not something available on a single file and related to each part of the ERP system including the Accounts, CRM and HR. So, you might need to work in the multiple files.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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