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      Hi, just a couple of bugs I spotted:

      • When I add New Locations (Company), I’m unable to save a Post Code. Instead, it just defaults it to “0”
      • Favicon doesn’t load on HR Frontend

      And here are some features that I’m really eager for:

      • Enable Column Sorting on Frontend > Employees (e.g. Employee Name)
      • Add a link/menu item for going back to main site from the HR Frontend (e.g.
      • Add additional Pages to the HR Frontend
      • Allow employees to view/download any personal documents (PDFs) on HR Frontend (e.g. their contract)

      Happy to discuss this further.


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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello Monters,

      As I just checked now, the postcode and Favicon in HR Frontend are working fine. The test was done in 3 different environments. So, it seems you are facing the problem specifically on your site. Not sure why but you can contact our support center for further help on this. I just saved the company with postal code:

      I’m adding the columns sorting and to have a backend link feature request on our log. However, we made the document manage compatible with HR Frontend which will be released very soon 🙂

      Umm, would you please let me know in detail about the Additional Pages in the frontend? What kind of pages and what will be the purpose of it?


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      Thanks, I’ll go through support for the first items.

      A Universal page would be useful for various reasons. However, what I had in mind right now was a page where I can add various useful links. Such as:

      • New Starter Forms
      • Company Handbook
      • Company Procedures
      • etc…

      We already have this page now under But to be able to access an information page under would be far better for UX. Example: Obviously, that’s just one use case example.


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      I’d even be happy working directly in HTML and adding that to a block somewhere. I don’t need a WYSIWYG Editor. I’d be happy implementing a “workaround” until something official is addressed.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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