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      First of all this is a great plugin!

      Is it possible to create a leave policy that is valid from the 1st January 2018 (next calendar year) for the employees to take start requesting holidays for 2018?


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      Shawon Chowdhury


      Thanks for writing.
      Actually, leave policies are related to the financial year that can be set up from “ERP Settings -> Settings”
      So if you are in the financial year 2018, then you can’t create leave policies for 2019.

      Hope it was helpful πŸ™‚

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      The ability to have leave policies for the following year is a must have feature. As a business owner I cant have my staff having to wait until the last day of the year before being able to submit any holiday for the next year.

      Most people book their holiday at least a few months in advance so being limited to one year doesn’t work

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      Shawon Chowdhury


      This feature has been added to our future log and hope this will be available in near future.

      Thank πŸ™‚

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      We have the same problem not being able to take leave in the start of the new year.
      In Denmark our leave policy is running from first of May to the first of May and not by year. I thought this was figured out by the plugin when I set the effective date in the policy creation to 2017-05-01.

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      Same here. We employ apprentices and they usually start in September (as per academic year) so our leave policy runs from the 1st October to 31st September.
      It would be really useful if we could set random dates in the leave policy creation and not just be restrained to the calendar year dates.

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      Shawon Chowdhury


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will discuss this at the team meeting and if they also agree with this proposal, then this will be live in WP ERP very soon.


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      [email protected]

      Feature – (leave policies for Jan19 – Dec19), Did this feature get released? It is important.

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      Shawon Chowdhury

      @[email protected],

      Actually, no. This feature is not added till now. We are working on the core WP ERP at this moment.
      So it will take some more time to bring this feature.

      Thanks for understanding πŸ™‚

Viewing 8 reply threads
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