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      I have a really good, (desperately needed) idea for a module or extension with the HRM. I’ve learned over months of searching that there are plenty of HRMs and plenty of LMSs but none of the HRMs have an LMS integration for Employee Education and Training. Most of the LMSs that are out there are heavily academic (understandly) but there is still plenty of employee training and onboarding and no proper software to address it.

      I manage a workforce of over 200 for a company that is very focused on training and education. There are various open attendance trainings that are going on year round and it is at the employees discretion to attend. They sign up whenever they attend and if they attend all the trainings for a particular topic they will receive a certificate/graduation for that specialization. We would like to add an online course option for those who can’t make the live training sessions because they are at set times and still be able to give these employees credit. Additionally, we need a training tracker to record everything from the live courses and the online courses (not just an excel sheet).

      The idea is to create an extension that adds a Transcript tab to the Employee Profile that can pull the data from a WordPress LMS. It would be especially great if Reports could still be generated from that Transcript data.

      Further, if WP ERP wanted to create a LMS module it would certainly make the integration that much cleaner.

      I’m putting all this out there because I can’t be the only one who sees the need here. Also, if someone has something similar I don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel.


Viewing 0 reply threads
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