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      Is it possible to give view-only access of Performance to Employees? Right now only HR Managers view/edit Performance.

      Please let me know. Thanks

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      Mehedi Hasan


      I’m afraid that the Performance of Employee is accessible by the HR Managers only. There is no other workout to make it available for the Employee at this moment.


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      I guess that should be available. Earlier we were using Keka HR & there was this option for permissions, like for HR managers & dept managers etc.

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      Organizations need to maintain detailed employee-related information to comply with local laws. For example, organizations are required to maintain details such as personal information, salary and commission-related details, and attendance and leave related data. This information is sensitive and should ideally be confidential – only those with the appropriate role should be able to view or edit such data. Graded access to employee data, based on roles therefore, becomes imperative.

      Different roles such as IT Administrator, HR Manager, and Managers (of employees) need to have acces to different aspects of employee data. At the same time, these roles need to be restricted from accessing certain other aspects of employee data.

      Some of the best HR software will have this typo of function in their employee module section. Like Zenoti allows you to restrict or grant access to various aspects of employee data based on roles.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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