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Problems after upgrading to 1.6

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      After updating to 1.6 I am now running into some problems. These are my observations to give feedback and ask for help. I am running WordPress self hosted (internally) and accessing via Google Chrome Client. (WP and ERP both on current versions)

      The first problem I’ve come across is in HR management under Leave Management > Leave Polices. When I press “Add New” Nothing happens. I have to actually right click the add new button and select “open in new tab” to get to the new dialog screen.

      Next, Compared to the previous version, I cannot find where to assign a policy to an employee? Is there a way to manually say “This employee gets 6 PTO days this year” without creating multiple policies and rules etc?

      Lastly, only a few users show up under leave entitlements, not all of my users. This is strange. Thank you for your help.

      Thank you for your assistance!


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      The ‘Add New’ button should open a new window to create a leave policy. If it doesn’t work, then maybe any other plugin conflicting with that button and made it disabled- I guess.

      You can do it in two ways. While creating the leave policy and from the leave entitlement. No, you can’t have a policy individually for the employee. If you have different leave days for different employees, then you need to consider creating multiple policies.

      Umm, you can entitle the leave policy based on departments, designations, marital status a few other variations. Also, you can entitle the policy for the selective employees as well- where you need to search with the employee name to select them.


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      I hope you guys are doing well.
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Viewing 2 reply threads
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