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      How can I change the file size on the receipts that I upload? In the Reimbursement plugin when I try to add an attachment I get the file too large notification. I have my general WP upload file size at 64MB, I’m trying to upload a receipt that is only 4mb and I get a notification that says: ‘The file you have uploaded exceeds the file size limit. Please try again.’

      I would like to know why that’s happening and how I can change the size limit.


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      Hello Bradj,

      Thanks for your query. I would request you to increase the “max_file_uploads ” limit from your server (php.ini file), You can ask your hosting provider to increase it for you. If you have done and still getting the error then kindly create a ticket from your WP ERP account area so that our technical team can help you directly.


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      Arif Aldoseri

      It’s not max_file_uploads. It is upload_max_filesize. But even this won’t solve the problem

      My php.ini is set to 32M and this is what I see when I try to upload to media library but it’s still 2M on CV upload form.
      I’m running 6 wordpress sites each with it’s own VPS or Dedicated server and I was able to increase file upload size but not WPERP

      Check your code because it has nothing to do with wordpress or php.ini

Viewing 2 reply threads
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