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      Reamur David

      Hi, I’m getting an error whenever I insert the date of hire. Using the pulldown calendar, I’m able to get a date, but when I try to add an employee, it says “Please select a valid employee hire date”. The date format is 04/22/2021. Am I missing something?

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      Hello David,

      I just checked but it seems okay so far. I’m not sure why this is happening to you though!

      Please check the site date format and WP ERP date format- if it’s not matched.

      Let me know the update.


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      Reamur David

      Hi, I tried to change the Date Format of the site, but it still didn’t show any errors. It’s already set to 04/22/2021(m/d/Y)

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      I’m having the same issue.
      My site date setting is d/m/Y (the preview for this is 13/05/2021)
      Site time setting (if impacting) is H:I

      WP ERP Date format is dd/mm/yyyy

      Every time I try to add an employee, it throws the “Please select a valid employee hire date” error

      The ‘add new employee’ date field seems to be using the mm/dd/yyyy format, despite the setting for the plugin being dd/mm/yyyy

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      Reamur David

      Is there any resolution to this? Maybe there must be a configuration requirement for this to be corrected? I can’t load any employees at all with this problem

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      Reamur David

      Hi @Ed,

      Any updates on your end? Were you able to correct your issue?

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      Hi David,

      No, I’m still having the exact same issue. No amount of playing with settings seems to solve it.

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      @mehedi – any thoughts on this? Seems a pretty major issue to be unable to enter employees into an HR system…

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      Hello there,

      I hope you guys are doing well.
      This forum has been closed and I am going to close this topic.
      Please feel free to contact us directly-> so that we can help you soon.


Viewing 8 reply threads
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