InboxWP: ensure high deliverability for WordPress transactional emails

InboxWP: ensure high deliverability for WordPress transactional emails

Are you struggling to ensure your transactional emails, like password resets, user registration, order confirmations, and payment cleared, reliably reach people’s inboxes and don’t get stuck in spam or bounce back?

You need a specialized solution. Because the default email-sending system isn’t always capable of handling high deliverability when it comes to a large number of transactional emails triggered in a short period.

InboxWP is a powerful WordPress plugin designed carefully to handle transactional emails and ensure they hit your users’ inboxes, reducing bounce rates. This article will introduce you to the InboxWP plugin in detail.

Let’s jump into it.

Peek into InboxWP: A Brief Overview

InboxWP stands as a robust email-sending and management plugin crafted specifically for transactional emails on WordPress. It serves as a reliable gateway between your WordPress site and users’ inboxes.

This means InboxWP promises that there is less chance for your emails to bounce or hit the spam folders once you use this solution. The plugin has superb integrations with various WordPress plugins responsible for sending emails, like forms, WooCommerce, membership, etc.

It provides a centralized dashboard, providing a straightforward interface from where you can manage all your transactional emails. You can keep an eye on the status of your email delivery details. So you can instantly take action if anything goes wrong beyond your planning.

Why Should You Consider Using the InboxWP Plugin

Sending a large number of transactional emails from WordPress is a complex and technically challenging task. Because WordPress depends on the default WP_mail function to handle email delivery tasks.

But this default email-sending system lacks support for SMTP authentication. As a result, most of the emails sent through this default mechanism suffer from inadequate spam protection issues.

This increases the likelihood of your emails being flagged as spam. InboxWP is a promising solution to the problem. InboxWP ensures that all your transactional emails are handled effectively with a 99.5% deliverability rate.

InboxWP is able to handle all types of transactional emails, like new user registration emails, user role change emails, password reset emails, order confirmation emails, payment receipts, shipping notifications, automatic updates notifications, comment notification emails, and more.

Features of Inboxwp That You Are Bound to Love

Features of Inboxwp That You are Bound to Love

InboxWP has so many exciting features that you are bound to love. In this section, we will give you a quick overview of all those exciting features. Keep reading!

1. Easy Configuration

Getting started with the InboxWP plugin is like playing with toys. This means you don’t have to endure even a minimal level of technical hassles. There are many plugins that ask you to complete a huge setup wizard that takes a good amount of time to complete. But nothing like this you will have in the case of the InboxWP plugin.

2. Compatible with All Email Clients

Your target audience may use a variety of email clients. Some of the popular email clients in today’s world are Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Apple Mail. Each email client has its own unique way of filtering, validating, and receiving emails.

Luckily, InboxWP flawlessly works with each of these clients. As a result, you can send transactional emails to a wide number of users with the plugin. It can increase your business growth potential many times.

3. Secured Email Delivery Infrastructure

InboxWP uses SMTP protocol for sending emails. SMTP is a widely accepted standard for email transmission. It provides a secured and authenticated method of delivering emails. Since the plugin uses this protocol, you can be sure that emails are sent through a trusted server.

This will remarkably reduce the chance of being flagged as spam or undelivered. Plus, SMTP has an encryption facility. This will encrypt your email messages while transmitting, safeguarding the sensitive information.

Secured email server

4. Centralized Dashboard

The centralized dashboard brings everything you need in one single place. It provides a comprehensive overview of your email activity. You can monitor the performance of your emails, track important metrics such as open rates and click-through rates, and gain insights into the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

This information helps you make data-driven decisions and optimize your email communication strategy. Due to the centralized dashboard, you don’t have to visit different windows to gain this information, which can save you a good deal of time.

5. Add Customizable Email Signature

A customizable email signature allows you to personalize the signature block at the end of your emails. InboxWP streamlines the process by verifying your email DNS record. After the verification is completed successfully, the signature becomes an integral part of every email delivered.

This ensures that your brand leaves a lasting impression with every communication, creating a stronger connection with your audience.

6. Comprehensive Email Performance Reports

It provides valuable insights and metrics to help you assess the effectiveness of your email campaigns. This helps you make data-driven decisions to optimize your email communications. With the metrics, you can track the number of emails sent, delivered, bounced, open-rate, and marked as spam.

If there is an issue that is hindering your email delivery, you will be able to know it in advance and apply the necessary solutions.

InboxWP dashboard

7. Seamless Integration with Leading WordPress Plugins

InboxWP works seamlessly with all popular WordPress plugins that can trigger transactional emails. For example, WooCommerce, membership, newsletter, form plugins, and more.

The integration with InboxWP enables you to send transactional emails related to order confirmations, shipping notifications, and customer notifications. Thus, you can ensure a seamless and consistent email experience for your customers.

8. 24/7 Customer Assistance

InboxWP ensures customer support at any time of the day, seven days a week. Whether it’s a technical issue, a question about a feature, or guidance on how to optimize their email communication, users will have timely support with helpful responses.

24/7 customer support

This will eliminate the frustration of waiting for support during business hours without having to delay important tasks due to unresolved issues.

9. In-Depth User Documentation

InboxWP comes with comprehensive documentation to guide users in utilizing the plugin’s features and functionalities. This serves as a valuable resource for users, especially those who are new to the plugin in configuring InboxWP.

The documentation includes step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and examples to illustrate every aspect of the plugin.

How to Get Started with InboxWP: A Quick Guide

Configuring InboxWP is a very simple task. In this section of the blog, we will present a quick guide on how to configure InboxWP on your website.

Step 01: Install and Activate the InboxWP Plugin

Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New Plugin. Press the Upload Plugin button at the top. Use the Choose file button to select the ZIP file of the InboxWP plugin.

Install the InboxWP plugin

After the plugin is successfully installed, press the Activate button.

Activate the InboxWP plugin

Step 02: Connect InboxWP to Your Site

After the plugin is activated, a new menu item named InboxWP will be added to the admin menu bar on the left side.

Go to the InboxWP menu item by clicking it. You’ll get the button ‘Connect your website‘ on the new page. Click it.

Connect InboxWP to your site

You’ll come to the pricing page. Explore plans on the page, choose your desired one, and enter your credentials.

Subscribe to InboxWP pricing plan

Once the configuration is done flawlessly, you will receive the ‘Thanks for subscribing’ message. InboxWP is ready on your site.

For further configuration guide on InboxWP, explore its documentation page.

Pricing Plans of InboxWP

InboxWP currently has two pricing plans. They are the Personal Plan and Agency Plan.

Pricing plans

Personal Plan

The price of the Personal Plan starts from $14.99/month. But you can get this plan at $7.99/month as the promotional offer is going on. Using this plan, you can enjoy handling unlimited transactional emails.

Agency Plan

The price of the Agency Plan starts from $15/month after the 40% price reduction as a part of the promotional offer. You can use this plan on ten different websites, and you can handle up to ten thousand emails.

InboxWP offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Sum Up

What sets InboxWP apart from many other email plugins is not just its impressive features and intuitiveness. It’s a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. But don’t just take our word for it.

We recommend you try the plugin and have a practical experience. You have a 30-day refund request period. If you don’t love the plugin, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchasing.

So, why wait? Give InboxWP a try, and let us know your feedback in the comment box.

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