How to Migrate From Salesforce To WordPress CRM

How to Migrate From Salesforce To WordPress CRM

Even though Salesforce is one of the largest & most reliable CRM platforms yet this might seem expensive to use for many. But it isn’t the case for WordPress ERP. The price plan for WordPress ERP is always in a competitive range. But people may think migrating your data from one platform to another will be expensive. But in WordPress ERP you can even do this cost effectively by migrating your Salesforce data to it. So now, let me ask you this more clearly.

Are you looking to migrate your CRM data or contact list from your Salesforce?

Well, this process of transferring CRM data is really common these days. It is not cost economical to use Salesforce for small to medium size companies. People either switch their data after sometimes or uses a different platform along with Salesforce. Also, data migration has some false impression surrounding it as well. Nowadays this process is scary for many companies and wants to avoid getting on with this process due to its possible difficulties and issues related to it. As a result of that, they also forget to realize the importance of CRM migration in the company growth and improvement. But now the good news is that you can easily get your contacts list of Salesforce migrated to WordPress ERP (CRM).

But a thorough devising of this procedure can reduce the risk and ensure further progress of the company. And to ensure a smooth process of CRM data migration, SalesForce can be your ideal choice in this regards.

So this post will show you how easily you can use SalesForce to migrate your CRM data in WP ERP.

A Few Pointers Before You Start Migrating

The first and foremost hazards that connect with the conversion is the lack of process understanding as well as failing to establish the best execution process. This can prove to be fatal while preparing for CRM data transferring. As a result to that, the more common difficulties that may arise while CRM data switching are:

  • Partial Transferring Policies
  • Poor Communication Between Team Members
  • Low-Grade Data Availability In Current Software
  • Capering The Testing Process
  • Optimization Failure Of Information Before Migration  

How Migration Is Done With SalesForce-WP ERP Integration

Salesforce Migration from WP ERP CRM

In order to import CRM contact lists from Salesforce, it is essential to migrate them in a particular order maintaining their relationships. Failing to do so may make the process less effective in doing the thing that it is supposed to do.

Here is the process of migrating contact list of CRM from Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration with WP ERPThe first thing that you need to make sure is whether the integration of Salesforce with your WP ERP is rightly configured or not. Before beginning the migration process, it important for you to check this add-on working perfectly.

Sync Salesforce Contact with WPERP

After successfully integrating Salesforce in WP ERP, you will find a Salesforce menu icon in your CRM. The Salesforce menu in your WP ERP will consist of a number of contacts importing option.

The first option that you will see is ‘Sync Type’. With this option, you get to decide the type of contact syncing you want to perform. Like whether you want your contact list synced from Salesforce to your WordPress or WordPress to Salesforce. ‘Contacts Group’ option is the available group with which you want to synchronize the contacts with. ‘Salesforce List’ is for choosing the contact list of Salesforce. If you have a different owner for contact list then, you can choose the owner of that specific contact with the ‘Contact Owner’ option.

Lastly, with the ‘Life Stage’ option you get to choose the different stage of the contact such as Customer, Vendor, Seller or as ‘Subscriber’ above.

Synchronize Salesforce Contacts with WPERP

It is also possible to do the reverse process of data migration with Salesforce as well. Simply, change the Sync Type option from WordPress to Salesforce and migrate your CRM data to Salesforce.

Migrate your CRM data to Salesforce

After you press Synchronize, the data or contact list that you have selected will automatically migrate both ways. The above image shows the migrated contact list from WP ERP (CRM). For more precise and step by step tutorial of this migration process of Salesforce using WP ERP, check out this documentation.

Notable Observations

Notable Observations

Well, in order to prevent you from the fear of migration failure, following a proper migration process is quite essential. SalesForce is one of the leading CRM solution available in the market. The gripping features and useful options are the two major selling point of this essential tool for CRM management. So is this WP ERP, a CRM solution platform with a number of useful features. Integrating SalesForce with WP ERP will let you automatically download full sales history and activities from your current CRM to the SalesForce & vice-versa. This is possible with other variety of CRM tools as well. Also, note that Salesforce support is limited with how much support it can provide for CRM data migrations.

Ending Notes

Now coming to the end of this article, we come to a number of realization. It is certain that the process of CRM data migration needs a clear plan with appropriate drilling steps and actions. So with the above demonstration, we hope you will be able to overcome any possible issues that may arise while migrating your CRM data from SalesForce.

Those of you who want to migrate their CRM data with SalesForce smoothly by using a feature enriched CRM platform, they may think about giving WP ERP a shot. This all-in-one Enterprise Resource Management tool will fulfill all your CRM and HRM needs optimizing your small to medium size business with it’s powerful CRM, HRM and Accounting modules. So don’t wait up

Also, if you have any queries or suggestions regarding our products or services, then do not hesitate to contact us. You can also leave a reply in the comment section below if you want. We always value our customers feedback to see how we are doing.

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