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Accelerate Your Startup’s Growth with a WordPress Marketing CRM

CRM marketing automation has become a subject of interest over the last few years. Because integrating marketing and customer relationship management in one automation system is a great way to cut costs and enhance revenue. Most importantly, the scope of data centralization and efficiency improvement has made it irresistible to all kind of organizations.

For every business out there, especially for the startups, sales, marketing, customer acquisition, and retention, everything is equally important. So, the use of a CRM that includes marketing automation can be a huge plus for the entrepreneurs.

Let’s get to know which features are important to choose such a CRM.

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CRM Trends and Challenges

Top CRM Trends And Implementation Challenges To Overcome

The process of managing your customer has come a long way in the last few decades or so. In the late 80’s companies were more relied on using contact management software, that was mostly responsible for keeping and organizing the customer’s contact information. But it is not until the late 90’s that the CRM trends changed and they all focused on making the customer management to be automated.

So that is when we began to see path-breaking changes in the software that is able to manage customer relationships effectively. Once the CRM system started to go mobile, the more collaboration between companies commenced taking place since then.

Since then, CRM software has evolved and evolved only for the betterment of customer relationship management. But along with its evolution, the CRM trends have also grown each year. So are we aware of the current top CRM Trends and the challenges it faces? We will find that out in a brief yet effective point based discussion below.

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Migrating from SalesForce to WP CRM

How to Migrate From Salesforce To WordPress CRM

Even though Salesforce is one of the largest & most reliable CRM platforms yet this might seem expensive to use for many. But it isn’t the case for WordPress ERP. The price plan for WordPress ERP is always in a competitive range. But people may think migrating your data from one platform to another will be expensive. But in WordPress ERP you can even do this cost effectively by migrating your Salesforce data to it. So now, let me ask you this more clearly.

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Make Your Sales Process A Pipeline To Success With CRM ‘Deals’ Software

Do you have any idea how many hours your sales team loses each week for not having proper automation in the CRM sales process? Well, now this issue can very easily get resolved with CRM ‘Deals’ software, a sales process management tool. So, it is high time that for better productivity your sales team adapt and equips themselves with the latest technology of sales management tools.

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