WP ERP is Growing – Here’s What We Have Done in the Last Three Years

WP ERP is Growing – Here’s What We Have Done in the Last Three Years

3 years ago on this day (18 March), we introduced the first WordPress-powered Enterprise Resource Planning System, WP ERP to the world.

We have grown much bigger and helping 10,000+ small businesses who are growing worldwide for managing their day-to-day operations. WP ERP is a complete business manager that provides powerful HRM, CRM, and Accounting solutions. If you are a small business owner and want to automate the business process of your company, you should definitely have a look into WP ERP and how it works.

So, today, we will walk you through the changes that have happened and what offers we have for you.

A Family of 9,000+ Companies

In the last 3 years, WP ERP has grown so much that today more than 9000 companies rely on our system for managing their companies. And guess what, these companies are situated all around the world in 160 countries.

Active Install Growth

Active Install Growth

The active install growth chart from WordPress.org shows how fast WP ERP is growing.

Most importantly, many big and popular companies are powering their day-to-day HRM, CRM, and even Accounting operations using WP ERP. Some of the examples are –

We have Reached 140,500+ Downloads

According to the latest statistics, WP ERP has been downloaded more than 140,500+ times in the last three years! And this is a big achievement for us.

If you look at the graph from WordPress.org, you will notice how gradually the download per day is increasing. According to their data, WP ERP is being downloaded around 250 times every day!

Downloads Per Day

Downloads per day

Revamped Website Design

To make things easier for our users, we have revamped our website lately.

The new-look will surely catch your eyes. We have also made things easier for you. We are now one step ahead in terms of showing how helpful we are for your business. Let’s have a look at the new design of our website.

Have a look at our newly designed website –

We are hoping you will love this new design. Also, if you have any feedback on this, do let us know in the comments or send us an email.

User-Friendly Demo

Now, WP ERP has its very own powerful and amazing demo that has an excellent UI. You can always try it and see how all the modules and extensions work. You can select the modules and apps you want and also customize your demo accordingly.

This has opened a new opportunity for everyone to learn more about the exclusive and useful features of WP ERP. This also made us reach all our users and show them how amazing our plugin is.

WPERP Demo Site Request

Revolutionary HR Frontend

The frontend feature for all WP ERP modules is one of the biggest requirements that we receive from our users. That is why we have developed an amazing and also exclusive Frontend solution for our HR module. It works with any theme and can give you the best HR experience possible inside WordPress.

You will be amazed to see how this extension works. It’s a complete one-page application and loads super fast. Besides that, it doesn’t conflict with any other plugin or theme.

The Growth of weDevs in 2018

Along with our plugins, we have also grown. WP ERP is a product of weDevs and a small team of 10 people is working day and night to make ERP possible for WordPress.

In the last year, many things have changed in weDevs. Now, we are a family of around 50 people and WP ERP is also a part of it.

Last month we celebrated the birthday of weDevs with our parents and family members. We called it weFamily Day. On that day, we performed many activities including whole day outing, offer discounts to our users, games, quizzes, and many more.

Learn more: weFamily Day: A Day with Our Parents & Family

One of the Top 30 ERP Blogs

WP ERP has been announced as one of the top 30 ERP blogs in the world by Feedspot. This is also a great achievement for us. We publish resourceful and knowable content every week. You will find many useful topics on our blog that will help you to manage your company in a better way.

More On the Way

WP ERP is evolving every day and our dream is to reach every corner of the world for providing the most affordable yet effective ERP system for all growing companies. We are planning to offer you more amazing features that will allow you to supercharge your business.

Feel free to share your thoughts on WP ERP. We are working very hard to make it suitable for your business. As it is a very big project, developing features, fixing bugs and fulfilling your requirements are quite difficult for us. We are a small team of 10 people and will also evolve with our plugin so that we can offer you something that we are really proud of.

Last but not the least, Happy Birthday WP ERP! 🙂

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