How Segmenting Contacts Makes Things Easier For Your Company

How Segmenting Contacts Makes Things Easier For Your Company

If you are a business owner, you may want to engage with your contacts even more so that you can grow your brand awareness, expand sales funnel and above all manage your customers in a more efficient way.

In order to achieve these objectives, you will have to segment your contacts based on their behaviors like customer segmentation, lead segmentation etc. so that you can follow up them anytime.

However, you may be wondering that keeping separate Rolodexes for each type of contacts may save your day, right?

Perhaps this won’t be a good idea!

That’s because a CRM solution can be used to store and retrieve contact data automatically by segmenting them in line with their characteristics. So, won’t it be wise to bid adieu to the ancient Rolodexes?

In today’s blog, we will learn why contact segmentation is so much important for your business and ways to do it at ease with a CRM tool.

Now let’s jump right in:

Why do you need to segment your contacts with a CRM tool?

  • First off, if you would like to do email marketing then you must send relevant messages to the right audience. Sending identical contents to all of your contacts may seem inappropriate to some of the contacts who may unsubscribe to your email. Hence, you must segment or group your contacts to reach the right audience.
  • Secondly, segmenting or grouping your contacts will give your customers better experience due to the personalization of emails. This is a much-needed thing because your customers are at various life stages and so they require information and treatment depending on which stages they are at.
  • Thirdly, you can search your desired contacts according to their life stages or even add filters while looking for a specific group or types of contacts.
  • Fourthly, ensuring compelling messages that brings value to the relevant recipients will eventually increase your brand reputation. To do so effortlessly, you should segment your contacts.
  • Last but not the least, with a view to doing B2B marketing you need to separate your companies from individual contacts so that you can foster better relationships with companies.

How segmenting your contacts with a CRM tool makes thing easier?

There are so many CRM tools available out there. But, most of them come with poor features considering their price range. Fortunately, if you are maintaining a WordPress site, then you are in luck!

You can turn your WordPress site into a CRM tool very easily with a free WordPress plugin called WP ERP.

Now let’s see how to get started with the free CRM solution.

Download, install and activate WP ERP

Go through this documentation to know how to download, install and activate WP ERP on your WordPress website. Once you activate the plugin, you will get a setup wizard to configure the plugin.

Note that when you are on the 3rd step of the setup wizard, you can turn off the HRM and Accounting module and make sure that you turned the CRM module on:

contact segmentation

Once, you finish the setup wizard, your CRM tool will be up and running.

Creating a contact is the prerequisite to segmentation

Now go to WP Admin DashboardCRMContacts Add New Contact.

contact segmentation

When you hit the Add New Contact button, you will get options to input data to create and segment the contacts according to their life stages. Here’s a preview:

contact segmentation

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can segment your contacts according to their life stages like Customer, Lead, Opportunity, Subscriber. You can also select the Contact Owner option for the contact you are saving if there are multiple contact owners in your business enterprise.

There is an Advanced Fields option with which you can better segment your contacts by using their personal details’ fields or demographic segmentation:

contact segmentation

Meaning that you can search for particular contacts according to the place they live or by their ages or the first name and last name they have etc.

How conditional filtered search ‘contact segmentation’ makes things easier for you?

Scenario:1 (Search with Life Stages)

Suppose, you have loads of contacts in your list of various life stages like we mentioned before. But you want to send newsletters only to your subscribers, so you must select only your subscribers. But how could you do it?

With the advanced Filter Search Segment of the CRM tool of WP ERP, you can do it very easily.

Navigate to WP Admin DashboardCRMContactsSearch Segment. 

contact segmentation

After clicking on Search Segment button, you will get the filter option to select life stages field. When you click on the life stages field you will get options like Customer, Subscriber, Lead, and Opportunity. You just need to select ‘Subscriber’ and that would be the way to go!

contact segmentation

Here are the subscribers after the filtered search:

contact segmentation

You can even save these results as a group by assigning a name for the group.

Scenario: 2 (Search with tags)

With adding relevant tags, you can get better control of the conditional search. To this end, you will have to set relevant tags before searching with tags. Assume that you have set the tag “important client” for the contact “Cheyenne Hackett”.

contact segmentation

Now that you have defined the tag, you can easily find the contact from the contacts directory. Here’s how you can get the contact:

contact segmentation

Note: To know how to do a filtered search with tags, you can read this documentation.

Scenario: 3 ( Searching with Contact Groups)

If you want to schedule a meeting or call with your partners or send a newsletter for the newly launched extension at a discounted price to your paid customers then you can segment the relevant contacts based on partners or paid customers respectively. In fact, you can create any group you want as per your need.

contact segmentation

If you hit the Add New button, a new contact group “Paid Customers” will be created. If you want to automatically add subscribers to this group, you can follow the process from this link.

What’s more! You can also add contacts manually to this group by assigning a contact from the contact list. Here is a preview:

contact segmentation

Note: With this free CRM tool you can manage your contacts and companies separately. Luckily, contact management and company management are alike and so once you can get a hold of contact management, company management will be under your belt right away!

Wrapping it up!

We have only shown a few use cases here, but there’s a whole lot more thing that can be done with this free CRM tool. For instance, you can also segment your contacts depending on personal data, fields, demographic segmentation, and so on.

As a bonus, you will get separate options to manage your contacts and companies so that they don’t get shuffled with one another.

We hope this free CRM software will help you segment your contacts more efficiently and help you go a long way by saving valuable time, money, and effort.

As so many amazing options ships free of cost with WP ERP’s CRM tool, why don’t you give it a try? 🙂

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