WP ERP Wins Two Prestigious ERP Software Awards from FinancesOnline

WP ERP Wins Two Prestigious ERP Software Awards from FinancesOnline

Having a glowing recommendation from a reputable software advisor allows a software system to stand out amidst a sea of other alternatives in the market. Besides, among the many factors to choose a software solution, recognition from a renowned software advisor enters into the equation first.

In light of this, we feel deeply proud and psyched to announce that the FinancesOnline, a big shot, among the popular software reviewers and software directories, has awarded WordPress ERP with two great badges – one is the “Great User Experience” and the other is the “Rising Star“.

Needless to say that this recognition has instigated us to boast ourselves off. Now, let us brag ourselves a bit about the recognition of our own solution from the famous software reviewer, FinancesOnline. 🙂

Receiving the magnificent awards

WPERP Receives award from Finance Online

As thousands of the ERP solution-seekers directly hinges on the review-platform of the FinancesOnline, we have received these two awards with great honor and enthusiasm.

In addition to that, in a study by FinanceOnline, WP ERP has been ranked with a whopping 8.0 rating out of 10 which indicates that the ERP tool is definitely in the ballpark. They have evaluated WP ERP features and provided ratings based on their findings.

Getting such prestigious awards is like a milestone when it comes to goodwill and brand awareness among the ERP software industry.

How FinancesOnline reviewed WordPress ERP

According to FinancesOnline,

WP ERP provides a suite of WordPress-specific modules that greatly enhance the functionality of the WordPress dashboard by adding ERP, CRM, HR, and accounting tools and features to the dashboard.

They mentioned WP ERP as the core processor and the tool which simplifies the day to day activities of a business enterprise. They also added that it works as a supercharger which transforms the WordPress site into a centralized hub where the users become able to operate their entire business activities. Here are a few more utilities reviewed by them:

  • The one of a kind ERP solution: The very first thing that FinancesOnline labeled WP ERP is being the one and the only ERP solution in the WordPress ecosystem – a big thing obviously. WP ERP is a powerful tool that transforms the WordPress dashboard into a host of Human Resource Management, Client Resource Management, Accounting and Project Management applications.
  • Ease of Customization: Being the open-source tool, WP ERP is highly customizable and with the on-demand tweaking extensions, you can easily make the ERP system customized.
  • User-friendly Frontend: The HR Frontend Extension will allow you to manage your employees from the frontend instead of giving access to the backend. This makes your business management more private and safer because you are restricting your employees to go to the backend.
  • Prompt customer support: For any guidance or expert help, the WP ERP customer support agents are there in standby to help you out whenever you need it.
  • The opportunity of scalability: WP ERP is scalable with a rich 22 extensions. These extensions aka add-ons are necessary to boost the productivity and the efficiency of your business. You have the choice to start small but grow bigger with the extensions with the passage of time. The notable extensions of WP ERP as per FinancesOnline are Recruitment, reimbursement, sales or lead generation extensions, and deals.
  • A wide array of integrations: it can easily get integrated with popular platforms like ZendeskHelpScout, PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, Salesforce, HubSpot, MailChimp, and many more.
  • An automated Accounting solution: Anyone, even a person, having no amount of Accounting knowledge can operate the ERP system easily with the intuitive and seamless user interface. With the Accounting solution, you will be able to enter real-time transactions, payment, cash transfers, invoices and eventually get growth reports generated by the system.
  •  Employee Management: The WordPress ERP will pave you the way to hire your employees with your own customized recruitment process, record employee attendance with respect to real-time data and automated process, calculate leaves etc.
  • Customer acquisition and lead generation: The Customer Relationship Management tool ships with all the bells and whistles that not only helps you to acquire customers but also enables you to generate quality leads with its state of the art features.
  • Complete yet affordable Solution: The tool is designed in a modular approach which is helpful to pick up the right applications for the small business owners. This approach helps the user buy only the applications they need. This is pretty ideal especially if the user is on a tight budget. Most importantly, its core modules are free! That means the user can take his/her purchase decision based on the hands-on experience.

How customers reviewed WordPress ERP in FinancesOnline

The ERP-seekers not only depend on the experts’ and influencers’ opinion rather they like to see the real-time customer feedback. For such ERP seekers, the FinancesOnline has built the behavior-based customer satisfaction algorithm which garners real-life customer reviews, comments, and WP ERP reviews.

WP ERP wins software Awards from financesonline

According to FinancesOnine’s algorithm, the positive mentions from the social mentions were 76 whereas the negative ones were only 3!

Recognition from the other influencers

As of today, the WordPress ERP got recognition from a good number of influencers. For instance, apart from the FinancesOnline, our ERP solution got featured on WP Engine, Medium, Kinsta, Cloudways, Themegrill and so on. This proves that all the fusses about WP ERP are not rumors.

Final Thoughts

Through this certification from the FinancesOnline, we are not trying to say that WP ERP is the best solution out there. Though we have received positive feedback from the influencers, we believe, there are still a few areas to improve due to the growing and most importantly changing the need of our customers.

Finally, we would like to thank FinancesOnline for honoring us with such great awards. This will surely propel us forward with great momentum and work on WP ERP even more. Because all we want is to go beyond always!

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