Top 5 Business TED Talks For Entrepreneurs (Best TED Talks of All Time)

TED Talks are renowned for their exceptional value in terms of inspiration and insights. If you are an entrepreneur or have plans to become one, you can get many ideas and inspiration from these business TED talks.

The most courageous people in the world share their thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and experiences with the world through these TED Talks. 

Currently, there are 3100+ incredible speeches in the TED library regarding technology, entertainment, design, business, science, sociology, and a wide range of other affairs. Confused about which one to start with? Well, we’ve come up with a shortlist crafted for you.

The following TED talks will walk you through ideas and strategies starting from how to start your business, to what makes businesses work, what doesn’t, and how to grow your venture significantly.

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CRM & Marketing automation

Accelerate Your Startup’s Growth with a WordPress Marketing CRM

CRM marketing automation has become a subject of interest over the last few years. Because integrating marketing and customer relationship management in one automation system is a great way to cut costs and enhance revenue. Most importantly, the scope of data centralization and efficiency improvement has made it irresistible to all kind of organizations.

For every business out there, especially for the startups, sales, marketing, customer acquisition, and retention, everything is equally important. So, the use of a CRM that includes marketing automation can be a huge plus for the entrepreneurs.

Let’s get to know which features are important to choose such a CRM.

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best side hustles

9 Best Side Hustles That Made Unbelievable Success Stories

Can you find one employee who doesn’t want to leave his/her job every now and then? Who doesn’t want to have something of his/her own? I think you can’t. This urge for owning something leads people to invaluable ideas. And over time, these ideas can turn out to be amazing gifts for this world.

Look at the world’s leading companies. Apple, Facebook, Google, SpaceX – all started as just side hustles by their founders. And with all the twists and turns, they didn’t just become successful, they have also set the scale of success. There are loads of other businesses as well which have similar stories like them.

This post is about the incredible rising stories of some of the best side hustles. Let’s see how some simple secondary business ideas got to make a huge difference in the world.

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contact and company management

Smart Contact And Company Management For Your Small Business

We all know the importance of customers in business is undeniable. For any kind of organization, relationship with customers plays a vital role. No matter what kind of products or services you offer, customer satisfaction needs to be the main focus of your business. And a suitable customer management system can be a great help in this context. In this post, we’ll go through how easily a WordPress CRM can assist you with contact and company management in the smartest way possible.

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How To Boost Sales Using Social Media Marketing Strategy

How To Boost Sales Using Social Media Marketing Strategy

The influence of social media has been so powerful in our lives that we can’t imagine a single day without it. It governs the world in which we live. So, going for social media marketing at the early stage of a business is quite a smart move.

All the SMEs, as well as the big companies, are taking this approach seriously. We’ll be discussing some effective and essential social media tips for business today. Follow these strategies and make your business thrive.

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