Customer Relationship Management: Reality & Future Challenges

Customer Relationship Management: Reality & Future Challenges

Managing your customer relations effectively may seem like an easy thing from outside but in reality, it is far more complex than we all think.

But no matter how much critical it may be, one thing is certain that in the world of ERP & CRM solution, it is indeed the fastest growing sector of business software.

The world has entered the era of technology of superficial integrated CRM. And while the future of it seems brighter than ever, but along with it, there will be challenges to overcome for effective CRM & its system.

Not just the global businesses even the sales, marketing & small businesses are trying to adopt with CRM in order to provide a better customer experience. Also to retain customers as well as to acquire new ones, companies are getting used to the latest trends and technology of CRM & its solution.

CRM workflow

And in the process of doing so, people involved in Customer Relationship Management faces a number of challenges. Moreover, they will continue to face more issues if the right strategy is not followed or a plan is not executed while managing customers.

This makes the current reality and upcoming challenges of CRM to be taken into account even more essential.

So what type of difficulties & facts of CRM are we going to deal with now & in the near future? Let’s shed some light briefly on this particular topic below.

Reality & Challenges of Customer Relation Management

The struggle & challenge of implementing the right CRM tool for enterprise is real. But looking at the future benefits & scope of CRM implementation, one cannot just ignore it anymore.

And to overcome the common CRM challenges in a standard way, companies look for a solution that meets their expectation to a great extent. But the reality of it turns out to be quite different than what we can all expect.

CRM solution implementation

The Reality behind CRM Solution with Benefits

Needless to say that the benefits of a powerful CRM solution are endless nowadays. And all the top benefits of customer relationship management solution includes in regards to its customer management automation process.

Streamlining the whole process of marketing & sales processes or integrating admin-level task that involves pre-sales/after-sales & customer management as well as reaching out to potential clients are some of the common benefits of CRM.

An effective CRM software can take care of the linking of marketing & sales activities. This minimizes the manual workload and process to a great effect.

CRM solution- reality & Benefits

Also, when it comes to CRM investment for any growing business, people are more interested in Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP system that can be integrated with a CRM solution. This can moreover lead to several various organizational work process efficiencies as well as a proven method of turning leads to conversions.

Not to forget the value it adds in order to maintain a solid customer database for the future.

Most of these are very basic advantages that everyone looks for in every competent CRM solution. And all these attributes of CRM improves productivity as well as efficiencies to a great deal.

CRM Solution: Challenges & Proper Implementation

Now not just the benefits, but CRM also have to face a number of challenges as well. Starting from its implementation drill to its investor finder.

And since CRM solutions aren’t cheap, but it requires a constant investment of a handsome amount of money to take effect properly, so, finding a patient investor to invest in it who wouldn’t demand benefits right away rather allow it enough time to settle down and wait for results.

In short, these means that a proper CRM and its implementation demand both time & money, therefore it needs the commitment to the business in a deep & more meaningful way.

CRM solution implementation Challenge

Moreover, a lapse in CRM implementations leads to a lack of systemization among the business owner & vendors. Besides these, a company is needed to train its users well enough to be able to improve adaptability & efficiency.

But in many cases, the most company doesn’t give the attention it requires to get its users used to the CRM system. This results in incompetencies while handling the customers efficiently.

More importantly, the user expectations and reality of implementation seems to have quite a discrepancy between them due to this.

Future Expectations & Challenges to Overcome

So here are the things to be expected & the CRM challenges to be faced in the near future in brief detail.

Things to Be Expected with Future CRM

It is quite certain that with great precision the new-gen technology of CRM solutions will help in the sales and marketing to a great deal. This will be done while calculating the better results attained by the marketing team.

The progression of CRM in the future would mostly depend on how faster API’s redefines cloud platforms. And it is simply the beginning of API’s era of integrating CRM solution with the business application.

CRM software in the future

Even though the benefits of CRM sounds quite interesting while its implementation challenges are quite difficult to overcome. And with the advancement of CRM technology every year, this trend of implementation barriers will keep rising.

In the near future, CRM will be mostly analytical & net-based. More trending technologies of CRM such as data analytics & other matrices will be used to analyze the business performance.

Moreover, more user will be benefited due to the linkage of CRM along with social media as it will see more popularity in the coming days. Apart from this, the future CRM will enable its user to exchange data over electronic devices more easily than ever.

Not to mention CRM’s immense scope of being integrated with multiple other platforms in the future that will boost its functionalities resulting in great progress and development of company & organizational activities.

Key CRM Challenges to Overcome

  • Being used to the new system leaving the old one behind
  • Ability to analyze the CRM data correctly
  • Picking the right CRM that blends in precisely
  • Non-expert CRM solution provider
  • Not retrieving enough actionable business insights
  • Integration incompetencies

Problems Resolved through Modern Day CRM Solution

CRM Solution overview

While you understand the challenges & reality of the CRM, one might want to know what business problem does a solid CRM tool actually solves while facing the above difficulties. So adopting a modern-day effective CRM solution enables its user to overcome:

  • Company’s unorganized day to day task
  • Manual updating of Contact books.
  • Scheduling hassle of events
  • Miscommunication with Clients
  • Unsettled to-do-task
  • The trouble of manual documentation
  • Disorganized reporting
  • The barrier of gathering social insights
  • Slowness in the Customer Management workflow

How to Choose The Right CRM Solution

CRM keeps on out speeding the overall development of the organization software growth. And this plays a vital role in improving the company strategy to enhance company & revenue boost.

Not just revenue, but one can always measure the growth of gross margin and new customer acquisition with it as well.

And all these factors of CRM just simply make it’s future look brighter than ever when it comes to the implementation of cloud-based & enterprise solution.


For many growing companies, the price while getting a CRM Solution is a major concern. But they should always remember that a cheaper solution might work well for them for a while but in the long run, it won’t be a value for money at all.

An active customer based company requires for its CRM application to be designed in a certain way. A solution that is able to resolve most common issues keeping the future goals in mind is something that would fall in the category of the most desired CRM solution.

So, which one to Pick up?

And if you are still unsure about getting get the right CRM solution for your small business, then you can always turn to a solid ERP & CRM solution like WP ERP.

WP ERP homepage

This powerful all-in-one ERP solution comes with an individual module of CRM, HRM & Accounting solution that can be used separately for free. So why not check out its complete set of unique feature from the link below to decide yourself.

And if it meets your expectations then get the free or Pro version from here:

If you have any further queries regarding WP ERP then you can always reach out to its ever enthusiastic Support Team who are always ready to answer any queries you might have in your mind.

By the way, are you facing similar challenges with your CRM solution? Or you are going through something new? You can always share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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  2. “Great Article! CRM is more important than ever to businesses because it can help you to gain new customers and retain existing ones. CRM helps prioritize sales and marketing efforts when dealing with different customer groups.

  3. It was great reading this resourceful and informative piece on the present reality and the challenges which will arise in customer relationship management. Thank you for highlighting the positive impact on the business process resulting in higher profits and uncovering growth opportunities in the organisation. Thanks, Tarun for sharing these great insights.

    • Hi, I am glad you found my article informative & useful. Indeed the challenges that we face these days into effective customer relationship management in the business organization are a big deal and should be given the proper emphasis on. And when it comes to maintaining proper business processes and scope for further growth opportunities, these challenges are needed to be taken into account seriously and handle them with proper guidelines and care otherwise the fall of the business is inevitable.

      Nice to see you were able to realize and pick the real essence of the content about today’s reality of customer relationship management and its obvious challenges for the future.

      So, really appreciate it. Thank you 🙂

    • Thanks. Glad to know you have found the content useful & informative.

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