5 proven lead generation process to boost your reach

5 proven lead generation process to boost your reach

Are you a business owner or thinking of starting one? You are in the right place.

In this post, we are going to discuss how you can generate leads in a valid way and all the lead-generation processes that you must follow to increase your ROI.

Following a strategic method to get target leads can bring you success in your business. Because your audience no longer wants their attention bought rather they want it earned.

Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service

Brian Tracy

Just think for a while: if you are a customer, what should you want from a business directory, shop, or company?

We think the answer is pretty easy. Take care of your customers. As Bob Hooey Said ‘If you do not take care of your customers, your competitor will.

Generate Leads in a Perfect Way

lead generation process

The lead generation methods are changing year after year. People are becoming more interacting with various things than before.

They surf and go to that website which they prefer most. Along with browsing this website, they also recommend it, if they get a better response from the website.

It’s like when you go to any shop and get amazing services and then recommend others to purchase products from that shop.

In that case, that company gets two leads by providing such an amazing service.

The present Digital Marketer is preferring it more than traditional marketing. In the traditional marketing process, the marketer does not maintain the correct format of lead generation. That is why they sometimes lose customer information.

 Lead generation techniques

We may often see, some marketer comes to us and collect our information. Sometimes, it becomes very awkward for us to give away information to whom I don’t know.

But in modern days strategy, you will find something different. In this fact, the marketer will not come to you rather you will go to that marketer and give information. This is the main purpose of lead generation integration with Digital marketing.

Why is Lead Generation Important

You don’t need a big close as many sales reps believe. You risk losing your customer when you save all the good stuff for the end. Keep the customer actively involved throughout your presentation, and watch your results improve.

Harvey Mackay
  • To reach more potential customers
  • To know about product selling report through a potential lead
  • To analysis, if there are any problems or not
  • To enhance the business from small to a broader area
  • Compare with the competitor product
  • It also helps to know reader or visitor behavior towards the products
  • To increase page visitor

How to Generate Potential Leads for Business (Easy Guide)

To generate a potential lead, you must have some requirements. If you can full-fill these then you can easily generate leads and then convert them to sales.

A well-designed website

To generate a potential lead you must need a website. Because the customer will contact you through the website and will register. But without a well-furnished website, you can never desire to get a better result.

However, with a website, you can give important information to your target audience through relevant content, and make sure that your prospects always have a reason to come back. That is why the website owner is spending time designing a website to attract more customers.

Make content visible and provide a contact form

Visible content means content with lots of information is very important. When building up your site, each choice should be produced using the point of view of the leads that you need to pull in.

You should make exploring your site as simple as could reasonably be expected, and a significant piece of that is displaying your contact form in an unmistakable position that is anything but difficult to see. You can utilize form builder solutions like weForms or Paperform, a versatile form builder to create lead magnets and customized contact forms.

Use the opt-in form

Your customer will never fill your form otherwise you give them something special or worthy. We often see push mail or notification while visiting a website.

Lead generation Method

So it’s essential to have an opt-in form to capture more audience and a potential lead.

Landing pages and CTA

This is a very important tip to engage forever customer. Because if you do not use CTA in your landing pages then there is a possibility to lose a customer.

The design of your landing page will decide the success of your lead generation process so you need to take the proper aspects to design your landing page. Landing pages must be clear and must have user-friendliness. 

While Creating CTA you must follow these facts

  • The design must not be complex
  • Well explained in a short picture
  • Clear fonts and size
  • Use video to catch customer attention

Some proven lead-generation strategies

Many marketers follow various tactics to catch up with the customer. But the basics are always the same for all. You never go against the flow. If you do so, then you will lose your customer.

Here is a quick summary of some of the best ways to get leads that you shouldn’t miss.

Through social media

Social Media is the best and perfect place to get lead generation within a second. What you have to do is provide value-added content so that customers can engage with you. Through the social media campaign, you can build a relationship with the customer.

As many people spend time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, etc., there is a huge opportunity to get that customer back on your side. Let’s discuss how these platforms are helping us generate leads.


Facebook is such a platform, with more than 2.8 million monthly active users. Isn’t it great news? As a result, many business owners can target their audience on Facebook in order to increase sales.

Facebook speaks to a ceaselessly developing promotional stage and correspondence channel, given the ongoing news inclusion and bits of knowledge.

Lead generation Method

As a marker, we often hear bits of information from clients or prospects about how they feel about social platforms.

One can easily get customer information through Facebook Ads. In this feature, you will have another section named lead generation. So by running this campaign, you can collect your potential customer data.


LinkedIn is also a strong platform and a place for professionals. You can find what you want. You can publish articles, photos, links, etc., whatever you want.

But keep in mind one thing: never post something unusual or uninteresting.

LinkedIn groups are also one of the best ways to generate leads. There is a huge resource in those groups.

LinkedIn marketing

So if you want to get that audience back to your site, try posting something special and unique.

If anyone comments or interacts with you, then just follow up with him or her. Mail her or him and give them some promotional messages or emails.

Here is the ratio that shows that the total revenue from lead generation is coming from LinkedIn.

Ratio of marketing

Youtube Videos

Youtube is the leading platform for any other video platform in the world.

After this ratio, you can measure how many people are relying on youtube and how much time they are spending their time to get. Isn’t it amazing?

So without thinking further anything just make content with keeping relevancy, use description, and subtitles, keep your video short. Then see the magic. Because you are in the right lead generation process.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is another trendy and most used platform which is an amazing feature of Google.

In the event that you have another business start-up, particularly another business, searching for clients or need to pull in Internet clients to another item or administration you have on offer, Google AdWords can enable you to discover potential clients rapidly.

Google adwords

Pursuing Google AdWords is free. You decide and can alter your spending limit. Pick the catchphrases or expressions you need to utilize. Target desired areas. Furthermore, possibly pay when somebody taps on your advertisement and goes to your site or greeting page.

Through the Emails

This is an amazing and direct process to get customer attention within a second. With the direct emails, you can get your lead.

Email Marketing

Whenever you publish any blogs or any promotional activities you can share them with a simple mail to your potential customer.

A great marketer like Neil Patel uses this to generate leads. He produces 10 thousand visitors with a single promotional message or email. So as a digital marketer, you must follow this to get collective and effective leads.

Through Q/A Directories

Q&A directories like Quora, Slant, Mind the Book, and Amazon asks Ville and Yahoo to answer. In, you can ask anything related to your topic and also publish an article answering your question. And also you can create links anywhere it needs.

quora ask and answer

Here you can see that people are interacting with the answers and questions. And you can also answer any question by giving or linking to the desired website.

Blog Commenting

Writing comments in blogs or replying to the comments of visitors can gain trust in you and that also helps to generate leads. You can also include comments, name and also your website or blog. This is really a very easy process. You can also say it’s another process of getting Backlinks.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is also a very good tactic to grab the customer and their information very easily.


Though the telemarketing system is not available in this era. But this is in the traditional marketing systems. Some clients may feel disturbed by getting continuous phone calls and promotional news. Though it’s not practicing nowadays its also a process of the lead generation process.


The vast majority you meet has many contacts, which implies that for all intents and purposes anybody you should need to contact or meet is just four to five individuals from you.

4 ‘L’ of a Lead Generation Process

Your content is your resource. Convincing Content assumes a tremendous job in producing leads. This incorporates the devices used to produce traffic, for example, your blog, SEO, PPC, and social stages.

Here are the 4 “L” of lead generation.

Lead Capture

It’s a very important and topmost practice of getting a lead generation. You can not be emotional or sensitive in this case. Because after running a campaign or ads you must follow up your customer. And you must nurture them for making convinced them you are a well-wisher of that particular customer. A great marketer and Facebook ad specialist Nicholas Kusmich gave two theories on this fact.

  1. You must give it before you ask.
  2. Every step of the marketing or any promotional must have some value in it.

Lead Magnet

It’s very important to keep the customer forever. Because after getting the customer your next responsibilities to nurture him or her so that they again come to you. To get the attention of customers all the time you have to follow some rules. Training Video Series.

  1. Training Video series
  2. Webinar
  3. White Paper
  4. Free trial
  5. Free course

Landing Page Conversion

This system is also a very crucial factor while getting a real customer. Your landing page conversion process will decide how your customer will be. So this is very important to keep in mind.

Lead Counting

Its a component of marketing systematic software that helps to prioritize your leads according to their taste of engagement with your inbound marketing content. And that ultimately helps you find out who is prepared to purchase. It may also help you find what they are interested in if set up correctly.

With your content set up, your business can start utilizing lead magnets, lead capture, landing page conversion system, and lead scoring to upgrade lead age rates and make a general better performing inbound advertising procedure. That is the awesome lead generation process to must follow for any company.

Relation Between Lead Generation & Digital Marketing

 process of lead generation

Digital Marketing Process has been changing day by day. To keep pace with the google trends Digital Marketing processes are also including new tactics and rules. As a Digital Marketer, you must be aware of those trends all the time.

Lead generation techniques are being broken down into the sets of Marketing sectors to capture customer behavior and turn them into a lead. The main purpose of Digital Marketing to convert the traffic into a forever lead generation. And a real lead generation will help you to increase your company revenue. Now we will discuss some related facts that are connected to Digital Marketing.

Using Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a very vital and topmost fact that a Digital Marketer needs to do with much perfection. It’s a vital part of the lead generation process If he or she doesn’t do content marketing then we can surely say they will miss a great number of customers or visitors. So a good content marketing will rise up your page visibility and value to Google as well as to the customer.

The continuous posting, blogging, giving proper information, and engagements will generate your desired lead easily.  A survey from Formstack shows that the company’s real lead generation is dependent on a good amount of content marketing.

Paid Social Media

Web-based social networking can be a ground-breaking channel for lead age. So as to be fruitful at procuring leads by means of web-based life, you should put time and exertion in structure drew in a group of spectators so you can change over those people into leads. The principal challenge is making sense of which device is directly for your business. You can run paid social advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Pinterest.

Optimizing Local SEO

Organic search is genuinely one of the most profitable long-time lead generation methodologies. However, with more than 200 factors affecting how Google will rank your site inside SERPs, it’s hard to tell where to begin. accept an overwhelming process for lead age is investing energy streamlining Local SEO.

As indicated by WordStream, 72 percent of buyers who completed a nearby pursuit visited a store inside five miles of their area they looked.

Local SEO

Structured Email Marketing

Despite the fact that it might be one of the more established strategies, email promoting can be an integral asset when attempting to achieve prospects or upsell existing clients.

Email Marketing

It’s imperative to adjust your email marketing system by fitting your informing to target explicit portions of your client database. At this moment, advertising policy is a prevalent strategy to help advertisers consequently send very focused on messages to leads

Adjusted with your CRM, leads can be put into a work process so once they round out a site structure they are supported with Content that matches their particular advantages. This could incorporate line up messages with extraordinary substance and a CTA to buy your blog.

Lead Generation Process Tools ( Bonus Point)

Some marketer prefers some tools to generate or manage lead and their data. Intelligent Digital Advice technology asks shoppers different questions to understand their needs, educate and inform them on product profits and features, and suggest products that are similar to their specific needs. Okay we are sharing to you

  • Data Daily: Very helpful to generate leads on market-place
  • Dealchamp: Generate leads through various types of clicks.
  • Grow bots: It is like a robotic form that allows finding the leads.
  • Leady: It also helps to generate a lead in a valid way.
  • Calendr: Easy and simple lead finder
  • Live Chat: Live chat and help desk software.
  • Klenty: B2B business solution to find a lead

Common Mistakes by A Marketer

As indicated by HubSpot, 63% of advertisers state that lead age is their business’ most prominent showcasing challenge. Huge amounts of brands battle to make sense of how they can all the more likely take into account their crowd so as to develop their stage.

Not Using CTA

This is a very bad practice for any marketer who doesn’t follow this important part of the lead generation process. This will help to gain customers that you are taking care of his or her entry to your website. 
If you have a “lead magnet” to offer, you can put choices on various pieces of your site, for example, the landing page, sidebar, or header.  So try to use “Sign Up for more”, “Contact Us”, “Learn More”, etc.

Not Interacting with Customers

Post comment, share and also give a response to your potential customer. Use the sharing button at your blog post or website so that customers can share your post with others. 

It is really very important we can say. There are more than 2 billion social users are all around the world. So you can understand what we are trying to say.

Follow famous hashtags within your related field so you’re up to date on trends. This will provide you amazing ideas for future planning your audience will prefer.

Complex Contact Form

Build simple and user-friendly contact forms with a responsive design that won’t hesitate users. Never try to obtain their information you don’t need right now. 

For now, your main target is on acquiring customers in a simple way, and a simple form will help you achieve that. Ask for no more than three things from users when they first sign up.

Lack of Professional Follow-up

This is the final initiative to finalize your lead for the customer. So be careful while doing this. You have follow-ups on your customer regular basis.

Know their problems, try to earn their trust, and finally solve their problems. Remind one thing a repeated customer will increase your revenue more than a new customer.

Most marketers do not do it properly, which then results in failure. So be very careful while doing this. Remember, if you don’t care about your customer, someone else will.

Final Thought

Well, we have come to the end of this post. So after the above discussion, we believe that you understand the intention of this post. You can’t deny the benefits of the lead generation process to uplift your business growth.

If you can manage to increase visitors to your website every month surely you can also get amazing growth to your business.

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