Say Hello to All New Attendance Management System in WordPress

Say Hello to All New Attendance Management System in WordPress

WP ERP already had the Attendance Management System introduced in WordPress since September 2016. Due to the request of many users and thanks to their feedback, we have decided to bring a huge change in it. Hundreds of our customers and users proposed us to add advanced shift management to the current system.

We have always given priority to the requests of our customers. To live up your expectations, we present the new attendance extension and made it more powerful than before.

What’s new in this update?

Change in Menu Location

In the previous version, Attendance menu was inside HR Management module. We have brought it to the front and now just have to navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → Attendance.

Now, you can quickly access menu and maintain the attendance of your employees.

Attendance menu inside HR Management module of WPERP

Improved Self-Attendance System and Flexible UI

The self-attendance system for your employees is improved than before. They will get clear insights about their shift or default office time while they check-in or check-out.

Besides that, We have provided a flexible UI so that you can get the best user experience. The employee dashboard contains attendance widgets showing relevant and useful details.

attendance management system

Advanced Shift Management

Shift management is an essential part of attendance. Many offices work in different shifts to manage work. We have kept that in mind and modified the previous simple shift management feature and upgraded it. Now, you can create multiple shifts and assign each of those shifts to your employees. Drag and drop feature is available for this purpose so you will be able to easily manage your shifts.

shift management system in wordpress

New Review and Filter Options

Now, you can review the attendance sheets and review them with handy insights. You can also bulk edit attendance status.

wordpress attendance

There is a filtering option for you in the attendance list. You can easily filter the sheets according to day, month, year and also custom.

Filtering option in WPERP

Simplified Settings

The settings are simplified as ever. You can find the attendance settings under the ERP Settings HR section. There is grace time, self attendance feature, shift management option etc.

Simplify the settings of WPERP

Useful Import Options

You can import attendance data from machines and also different applications. This data can be used with attendance management system.

How to import attendance in WPERP

How to update to the latest version

Please note that WP ERP is the parent plugin and you will need to keep it up to date in order to use the Attendance Management extension without any issues.

You will get a notification to update your attendance management extension on your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Just navigate to – WP Admin → Plugins → Attendance → Update.

You can also download the extension from the downloads section of your profile at and upload the extension manually. If you choose to do that, don’t forget to deactivate and delete your previous copy of attendance management.

This new update will fulfill your overall requirement of an attendance management system. If you are already using the old version, please update it right now to get the first-hand experience. Tell us if you liked it or scopes of improvement in it. We would love to know how our efforts worked out for you. Share your thoughts in comments.

Check Out the New Attendance Management Extension →

Or you can also read our documentation to know how it exactly works.

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