10 Best Free Project Management Software for Small Business (Compared)

10 Best Free Project Management Software for Small Business (Compared)

How many times have your stakeholders complained about the lack of timely follow up of each project? And how struggling is it to maintain multiple projects at the same time? We know every project manager has suffered the situation which tended us to write this article to help you find the best free project management software.

So, In this article, we are going to recommend some best free project management software.

Do You Really Need an Online Project Management System

best wordpress project manager

WordPress is the best choice for small and medium businesses. We’ll know more about it but before we dive, we need to know if a small organization really needs project management software or not.

Well, to have project management software your business doesn’t have to be as big as enterprises. Rather a project management solution is required for all types of business regardlessly.

According to a study, there are approximately 90% of small businesses that use collaborative software to manage the team and projects.

small business project management software

Is WordPress-based Project Management Software Smart Enough to Rely on

Now let’s talk about why WordPress is the best choice. We all know that WordPress is the most popular CMS platform on the internet. But this can not be the only reason to buy an entire software, right?

WordPress has a handful of advantages that make people attracted to use this. It’s so easy to use and maintain that you’ll require no coding knowledge. And since it’s an open-source platform, you’ll get enough functionality even in the free version and can easily customize the features if you want regarding your need.

While choosing a project management software for your small business, we recommend WordPress because WordPress is cost-effective. This is one of the reasons to start online project management with WordPress. Also, WordPress is safe and secured, can make a feature-rich dashboard.

Here’s a detailed comparison if you want to know more about why WordPress is the best choice and has that much user acceptancy.

Top 10 Best Free Project Management Softwares for SMEs

You’ll be drowned into the numbers of project management software if you start finding the best online project management system. But here we come with this article as a rescuer to help you out.

Dive deeper into the article to know which is the best project management software with a complete and detailed software comparison.

WP Project Manager

While talking about project management software in the WordPress arena, the smart plugin name that pops up in mind first is WP Project Manager. Because this is one of the most effective project management solutions with a bunch of useful and advanced features.

People rely on it because it’s a faster WordPress Project Management software with a stunning UI design. And the tool lets your users easily manage their part from frontends.

best free project manager

As a manager, you can create unlimited tasks, goals, and Milestones. Also, you can easily keep track of every project and manage team members more efficiently than ever using the Kanban board, Time Tracker and Auto-generated Reporting.

Undoubtedly, With all these powerful features, WP Project Manager has made team collaboration easy and managers can supercharge the team productivity.

best project management software features

Feature Details of WP Project Manager Software

  • Know project progress from the Gantt Chart
  • Kanban board to manage tasks
  • Advanced Time Tracker
  • Auto-generate different types of report
  • Create Unlimited task and subtasks
  • 3 Types of Milestone setup
  • Create an automated recurring task
  • Integration with your WooCommerce store and BuddyPress
  • Customize permission to control team capacity

Project Manager by UpStream

wordpress project manager

After WP Project Manager Pro, another well-performing plugin is the Upstream project manager. It’s quite easy to use for any users specially beginners. Like other project management software, customers can check the project progress easily with the upstream project management software.

It’s well known for its bug/issue tracker. But the drawback is it’ll not provide you auto-generated report.

Feature Details

  • Milestone set up
  • Upload necessary Documents
  • Discussion segment
  • Bug issue tracker
  • Client contact details including addresses
  • Custom field

Kanban Boards for WordPress

wordpress project management software

Kanban board for WordPress is another project management software that is easy to use. It’s sort of the WordPress version of Trello and developed focusing on the Kanban method and mostly used in agile project management.

Any kind of task can be tracked with ease and efficiency with this WordPress Project Management plugin.

Feature Details

  • Customize the border
  • Assign the task to the member
  • Fix the estimated time for a single task
  • Track how much time was spend
  • Privacy access
  • Mobile-friendly
  • comment on tasks

Project Panorama

wordpress project manager

Project panorama is a great software considering the user interface design with all its rich-feature. It is easy to use for both managers and clients and lets clients access projects from the frontend so that they can keep track of project progress.

Feature Details

  • Send email notification
  • Visualization for easy-to-understand project progress
  • Automatically calculate project completion
  • Project discussion
  • Project leaderboard to show progress

Eonet Project Manager

wordpress project management software

When you don’t want to let everyone know or access all the projects then you need to have a privacy feature in your project management software. And like other WordPress project manager tools, Eonet also will help you with this.

It also allows you to customize the page layout according to your needs and choice. Other than that it has some more features that are mentioned following:

Feature Details

  • Set up permission level
  • Create unlimited projects
  • Choose who can edit, delete the project
  • Public message area
  • Project members can use from the backend


project management solution

Taskbreaker by Dunhakdis doesn’t provide the entire package of project management software. Rather this is just an add-on to use with BuddyPress. But it has all the essential features that a project manager might need of.

This plugin is mostly needed when you have a BuddyPress team to manage and collaborate with.

Feature Details

  • Assign multiple users for a single task
  • Assign specific Buddypress group for a single project
  • Know the total number of all types of tasks
  • Advanced search for multiple tasks and set deadline
  • Send email notification
  • Activity records

Business Manager

best project management solution

This plugin is basically a multi-purpose solution that covers some basic project management features too. You’ll mainly get HR management and customer management functionality in this plugin if you use the core. But from some reviewers, they say this plugin lacks some advanced feature in their bucket feature list.

Here we mentioned the project management features that the Business Manager plugin has.

Feature Details

  • Upload projects documents and keeps project notes
  • Drag and drop Kanban board cards
  • Assign employee and client
  • Keep track of tasks and projects

Zephyr Project Manager

wordpress project management solution

After WP Project Management plugin, this project management plugin is another peace of mind at your workplace. It has a short journey from its inception since 2018. The very plugin also has some of the features that a project management software should have.

On the other hand, it lacks some features like Making files private, links to documents, private messenger.

Feature Details

  • Prioritize projects
  • Discussion panel
  • Email notification
  • Convert project into a task and Vice versa
  • Assign task
  • Android application
  • Store attachment
  • Highly customizable

SP Project and Document Manager

wordpress project management software

This project management sounds more perfect when it’s called file management plugin. Though Smart Pants Plugin has some basic features related to projects management but its expertise is in the file and document management system. It’s easy to use and ensures the security of the files. As a user, you can upload as many files as you want but it’s limited by your server limit.

Feature Details

  • Unlimited file uploads
  • Login privacy to download files
  • Individual file repository
  • Export data to CSV
  • Clients can create projects
  • Limit clients’ file uploading access
  • Multiple upload locations

Projectopia WordPress Project Management

project management software

Projectopia is one of the best selling plugins on codecanyon. With this WordPress project management software, the user can take care of the clients and team easily creating tasks, Subtasks, project quotes, etc. The plugin works great with any type of theme.

Feature Details

  • Set a start date and deadline
  • Add team members as an additional login
  • Clients can view all quotes, invoices, projects from dashboard
  • pay invoices via Stripe & Paypal
  • Downloadable invoice
  • Currency override
  • Quote Request Forms
  • Auto-generate projects from accepted quotes

These are the best free project management software While considering the WordPress project management solution. But we’re not putting on the full stop here rather let’s have a scrupulous comparison among all these and find out which might be suitable for you.

Comparison – Choose the Best Free Project Management Software

On top of everything, it’s struggling to identify the best free project management software for anyone and any sort of business. Especially when you are in shortage of money but can’t compromise the quality.

best free project management software

So, In this section, I’ll try to give you a recommendation for the best WordPress Project Management software. For this comparison analysis, I’ve considered some issues as in rating and reviews on WordPress.org, top-notch and useful features, Prompt support, the number of trusted people who have installed the plugin and using as of now.

Also, We’ll consider some issues like user experience with a great user interface.

Upon finishing this piece of writing you’ll be able to choose the best project management software for your team and business and make sure the best use of your money. Because I’ll recommend based on the WOW features that software has compared to others.

SolutionsActive InstallationPositive Reviews
WP Project Manager7000+3.5
Upstream Project Manager1000+4.5
Kanban Boards1000+4.5
Project Panorama1000+4.5
Eonet Project Manager300+5
Task Breaker1000+4.5
Business Manager300+4.5
Zephyr Project Manager400+5
SP Project Manager3000+4

Right Way to Pick up The Best Free Project Management Software

It’s nothing new that in this era of technical revolution, every project manager must felt the importance of having a project management software. But why? It allows managers to get things done easily and faster.

The most advantage of having an online project management software is team collaboration. It’s proven that project managers can not deny the utmost help of an online collaboration tool. Here’re some statistics from surveys that convey why businesses can’t ignore the online project management software.

  • 90% of the survey participants say that the employees within their organizations use one or more collaboration software
  • 92% of the organizations think that mobile collaboration tool is important
  • With the help of modern technology, around 83% of professionals collaborate on their projects
  • According to a study, By 2016, the collaboration solution market went upwards by 2.6% and hit almost $8.2 billion in subscription revenue. And the market is aiming to touch the goal of $9.5 billion by 2021.

With the software, planning gets easy, team members stay on the same page and can discuss openly. Also, all the documents are safe and shared with everyone to access when needed. But some of the most fascinating benefits are time tracking, the automated report generates etc which help to deliver the project timely.

Precisely, a standard project management software ensures the best use of all resources, organizes the tasks and keeps track, ensures the best teamwork. So ultimately, having a high-end project management software can boost up your team efficiency as well as productivity.

Best Free Project Management Software to Pick up

Now that I’ve covered all the necessary facts you might need to consider to choose the best free project management software, you already know which one is perfect for you. If we gave points on each parameter then undoubtedly the WP Project Manager would score higher than any other plugins since it’s a feature-rich plugin.

It has each and every feature that a standard project management software should have. WP Project Manager has a staggering of 7000+ trusted users who are getting instant support 24/7. And also the upgraded WP Project Manager is super fast with a stunning user interface. So it can easily cover your back with both the free and Pro version.

If you own a small business and have a budget issue for choosing your project management software then WP Project Manager is a cost-effective solution for you. Even you can be benefited using the free version of WP Project Manager. It will solve almost everything if you are starting or running a small business.

best free project management software comparison
WP Project Manager

Finally, the plugin is fully focused on project management service and dedicated to giving the users a better and greater experience with the plugin. To reach the goal and ensure the quality service it’s evolving gradually.

Last thought

Remember that if you’re waiting a single day to have a project management software, you must have lost some hours to get the best of your team.

So grab any of these top project management tools, make your site a complete project management tool and go forward with a supercharged team.

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