Engage with Your WooCommerce Store Customers in a Smart Way & Get Sales

Engage with Your WooCommerce Store Customers in a Smart Way & Get Sales

Customers are the biggest asset of all. If you run an online business that involves lots of customer interactions then you need an automated functional system that helps you to manage different types of customer activities. This is necessary if you don’t want your business to collapse due to poor customer relations.

To drag traffic on your site and convert them into advisors, improve your relationship with your existing and potential customers. However, it is very difficult to keep every detail of each lead and analyze them manually. CRM comes with a better solution!

Customer Relationship Management system stores customer information, reviews, interactions and analytics within a central database that users can access from anywhere and anytime.

The installation and maintenance of CRM were a little bit complicated at the beginning. It was expensive too.

WordPress makes the journey easy as pie. Now, you can build your online store in less than 30 minutes. Also, you can track the leads and find new opportunities by installing a CRM plugin on your WooCommerce shop.

In this article, we will discuss how to improve business relationships and increase sales concurrently with the Woocommerce Customer Relationship Management system.

Finding the Best CRM Strategy For Your WooCommerce Store

woocommerce customer relationship management

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, the girth of online business is also expanding at a rapid speed. In addition, developing and customizing an online business is not anymore a rocket science with the boon of the WordPress site builder.

Hence, after completing your domain and hosting registration the only thing you have to do is installing the WooCommerce plugin to start your online business consequently. Using the latest technology you can build a high functioning eCommerce shop inside WordPress in a few simple steps only.

According to the Built With study, WooCommerce shares 22% of the current 2019 market share. It empowers the top 1 million sites using eCommerce technologies.

woocommerce customer relationship management

As your WooCommerce store grows you need to analyze the visitor’s behavior on your site. Overall, you have to identify all the activities starting from customer-first interaction to complete the purchase.

Everyone knows of course that only customers create value. You can create all the products in the world, you can have all the inventory in the world, but if you don’t have a customer, you don’t have a business.

Don Peppers

In order to grow your customer’s interest and improve product quality, you need an advanced customer management system. It helps a business with actionable customer insights that gradually establish a strong bridge between you and your leads.

Businesses that leverage CRM software see sales increase by 29%, sales productivity increase by 34%, and sales forecast accuracy increase by 42%.


Therefore, CRM allows you to nurture your leads and grow fast. Let see some real-word examples who implemented CRM successfully to increase their client’s satisfaction.

woocommerce customer relationship management

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a leading brand for providing razors and other personal grooming products. They always intend to serve the best service to their clients. In order to understand the customers more closely, they integrated a powerful CRM system into the business. In this way, they have established a strong customer service platform.

Also, they analyze their customer data and respond immediately to meet up their requirements accordingly.

“We don’t respond to situations; we respond to people” – they follow this moto to increase the company’s member engagement. Now they have over 1.5 million happy subscribers who use their brand regularly and share a sustained bond with them.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is the fourth-largest bank in the world by market capitalization who is responsible for keeping track of the money and property of over 70 million individuals. In order to strengthen their bonding with the customers, they integrated a smart CRM system into their business accordingly.

Moreover, they utilize the advantage of CRM social media connectivity to get closer to their potential clients.

We see the cloud as a way to help people connect around customers, to connect around building products, and to connect around risk management practices.

Steve Ellis, head of the Wells Fargo Wholesale Service Group

In this way, they ensure a better customer experience by providing supports within a short time period.

Bespoke Collection

The bespoke collection is a popular brand for producing wine in the United States. It is a wine, art and design gallery located in Yountville, California. Their excellent quality and elegant craft style managed huge attention from the audience within a short time period.

As they grew large with the time it became difficult to maintain regular connectivity with their clients. In order to upgrade the customer retention rate, they introduced an advanced CRM solution into their business immediately.

When someone makes a purchase with us, the next morning at ten o’clock, they get an automated, personalized email… By placing emphasis on relationship­-based sales instead of transaction-based, we’re able to increase customer retention and satisfaction, referrals, and order value.

Paul Leary, Company President

At last, by embracing the CRM system they cut a huge response and attention from the mass audience.


Activision Publishing, Inc. is a leading American video game publisher based in Santa Monica, California. This company regularly launch and upgrade their video game according to the audience demand and market trend. In order to improve the user’s satisfaction level, they always try to keep pace with the flow.

By using CRM they would be able to monitor the conversation related to their products and follow up on those. It creates a huge opportunity for them to spread widely and build strong connectivity with the customers.

We’re reducing costs and increasing satisfaction at the same time.

Tim Rondeau, Activision’s Senior Director of Customer Care

Hence they improve their social connectivity and reduces the annual customer service cost by 25%. It facilitates them in every aspect to increase their customer conversion rate and total revenue as well.

Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a WooCommerce Customer Relationship Management

woocommerce customer relationship management

From the above discussion, it is clear to us implementing a fully optimized and well-organized CRM can be a smart solution to monitor your audience, track their activities and plan your business strategy accordingly.

However, you should be careful to pick the right solution for your WooCommerce business based on business type, market size, competition, audience behavior, and other important factors. Let discuss over some unavoidable aspects you should appraise before making the final decision:

  • Match the Features with Your Desire
  • Marketing Automation
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Security and Support
  • Cost and Return

Follow the guide to choose the best vendor that fits your online business well.

Match the Features with Your Desire

woocommerce integration

With the market size and business type, the customer maintenance process also differs correspondingly. So, before introducing any new system to your business, first examine your existing working process and team member’s requisition.

Then you can go for the next step and find out a suitable solution that can be helpful to increase your conversion rate and improve customer’s experience simultaneously. Don’t flood your money unnecessarily. Therefore, integrate the solution that can facilitate your business in the right way and build a strong bridge between you and your customers.

With Zoho, Salesforce, and numerous other providers out there, it’s easy to get lost in a set of advertised features that may or may not cater to your business. Instead, stop looking at your potential CRM for their marketing departments’ list of features, and create your own list of actual requirements to ensure a system meets your needs.

Nathan HaleFirst American Merchant

In short, determine your requirements first and then review the different CRM systems to make the right choice for your business.

Marketing Automation

crm automation

In order to scream your brand voice over the target audience, you must invest in marketing your products and services. It is the best way to promote your business and get closer to your potential customers. However, small business owners often hold a tight budget for marketing their elements.

So, they need an automation system to spread their business at a low cost. By integrating marketing automation features in CRM, you can streamline and utilize a variety of marketing activities. Also, it will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales and marketing team members.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.

Bill Gates

Moreover, it will increase your business revenue and profits by saving time, connecting with the potential audience and customizing other tasks at a rapid speed.

Third-party Integrations

crm system

CRM helps you to trim your business in an organized way. That’s why you have to ensure that the CRM will work perfectly with the exciting system and other software of your business seamlessly.

Furthermore, the CRM system should work appropriately with the ERP or other accounting software, HR solution, billing system, company website, eCommerce platform, other transaction as well as marketing solutions.

By implementing a smart CRM system you can improve productivity, build strong collaboration and explore new ways to get more outputs of the tools that you’re already using today.

Before finalizing the CRM system for your organization you must check the compatibility of the solution with the other exciting software or working tools. Otherwise, it may make serious damage or cause serious data loss in the future.

Reporting and Analytics

crm system

A well functional CRM system should be capable of embracing all the activities to analyze customer data. It will help and facilitate the business owners and other users to design a strong game plan to expand the business.

Moreover, detail reports on your client’s behavior direct you to build a buyer persona for your business. In addition, it educates you over the latest marketing trends and upcoming threats. Therefore, you can plan for a powerful scheme to interact with your potential clients and convert them into loyal advisors.

Reporting and amalytics system helps marketers set strategy for their campaigns and guides others prioritize their progressing tactics based on the opportunity stage.

Also, it shows you the complete journey of your leads through the sales funnel. Therefore you can find out the factors that influence your buyers to purchase the products from your business.

Security and Support

woocommerce customer relationship management

Online business especially WooCommerce shops deal with customer’s sensitive data including their personal information, financial statements, bank details, and confidential transaction. As a shop owner, you must ensure the security of your customer alliance.

If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked

Richard Clarke

Therefore, you should tie-up to the CRM companies who protect their data center with technical, physical or biometric security systems. Also, it must have strong recovery and back-up system.

Update your CRM system regularly with the latest security updates and patches and train your employees accordingly. Before picking the best management system for your eShop identify the security and support system carefully to prevent any collusion.

Cost and Return

Before you implement a system that requires an upfront cost or a recurring cost to maintain, you need to run the numbers to gauge the potential return.

Peter DaisymeDue.com

Business is all about maximizing the profit level. Before investing you have to account the possibilities, risks and other circumstances that can influence your total business revenue. Therefore, before finalizing the CRM system for your business you have to consider the reasons to get the system, business functionalities, team member’s requirements, and others.

Your goal should be bringing out the best output from your investment.

Well, don’t forget to adjudge the above aspects before integrating a new WooCommerce customer relationship management into your business. You can also check out our beginner’s guide on Integrating WordPress CRM for WooCommerce Store.

Bonus Tips

woocommerce customer relationship management

In order to understand the customer’s views and get closer to them, keep a bird’s eye on your potential audience. With the boon of modern technology, everything gets automated. It removes the extra burden of works. You can also introduce a WooCommerce customer relationship management system to automate your online business. Moreover, it helps you to share a strong bonding with your clients.

Only loyal customers can establish your brand widely. But you have to improve your relationship with your clients by serving them the best.

Instead, consider focusing on the “R” in CRM: relationships. The key is to drive behavior internally by teaching your team the difference between database entries and what really matters: real relationships with your customers.

 –Robi GangulyApptentive

WooCommerce customer relationship management creates long term and profitable relationships with customers. Also, it fosters customer loyalty.

User adoption to a new CRM is by far the hardest part. The release features over time, helping your team build good habits before inundating them with an entirely new system that seems overbearing.

Aviva Leebow WolmerPacesetter

It always demands time to adapt to a new system and circumstances. You can arrange training sessions for your team members to habituate with the new CRM integration.

Bottom Line

WooCommecre is a smart platform to establish an online business and sell your products. As an eShop owner, you must handle a lot of data regarding your customers. Moreover, you have to analyze those data to discover new business scopes and customer’s expectations.

It will guide you to improve your product’s quality and build concrete business methodology. A smart WooCommerce Customer Relationship Management can be your one-stop solution to get more traffics and upgrade the sales simultaneously.

As a WooCommerce shop owner, you can use WP ERP to supercharge your small-medium businesses with powerful HR Manager, CRM & Accounting tools. Furthermore, WooCommerce Integration will help you to maintain your customer resources and a smooth accounting process.

If you are already using the WooCommerce integration, let us know your opinions on the tool in the comment section.

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Build Long-Term Relationships with Clients

Build Long-Term Relationships with Clients

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