We are Done with Spanish Translation of WP ERP

We are Done with Spanish Translation of WP ERP

Wouldn’t it be great if the best WordPress ERP solution is available on your own language?

Yes, we thought the same! Thanks to the contribution of our awesome users, you can use WP ERP in Spanish Language from now on. This is a great achievement for us as we are creating a solution with multi language functionality.

It doesn’t matter in which corner of the world you are in right now and which language you speak. The day is not that far when WP ERP will be available on most of the largest languages around the world!

Spanish Translation is Complete!

You would be surprised to know that- WP ERP is now usable in Spanish Language. Although, there are one or more strings awaiting for approval, the translation is complete for the Development (trunk) phase.

From the WordPress Translation Project, you can view the status of the Spanish Language. You will notice that the overall project is almost 90% complete. Most importantly, the strings that users get to see are 100% done.

You can view the project from here.

Translate WPERP into Spanish Language

Our Super Awesome Contributors

Here we present our contributors of Spanish Translation Project. They have been contributing for months and thanks to their effort, the translation is now complete. We always appreciate the contribution of our users. Thus, we launched a campaign last month to reward our contributors.

wperp spanish translation

Yet More to Come!

There are many other languages in the translation phase beside SpanishFrench is 59% complete and 133 string is in the waiting list. Next in serial, we have Japanese (44%), Dutch (24%), Italian (16%), Bengali (11%) and many more. We are hoping these languages will be translated within a couple of months.

Languages in Which You Can Translate Your WPERP

Avail 30% Discount on Your Purchase!

If you are planning to contribute in our Translation Project, we would love to inform you that- we are giving 30% discount on WP ERP extensions. To avail this discount, you have to translate at least 50 words or sentences. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this chance and get 30% off on any WP ERP extension you want!

2 thoughts on “We are Done with Spanish Translation of WP ERP”

  1. I´m having issues sending emails from this plugin

    – this is what i got
    Ño ño sÃ(c) se que pasa

    – this is what i should get
    Ño ño sé se que pasa

    Do you know how can i fix this?


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