5 Benefits of WordPress Customer Relationship Management

5 Benefits of WordPress Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management solutions are crucial to any business but more so for eCommerce ventures. CRM helps to make your business processes more organized and seamless than it would be without this technology. All owners want their business to grow and with an increasing number of customers, it becomes even more crucial to correspond smoothly with your customers on a daily basis and in doing so communicate your company culture to your users.

With a WordPress CRM plugin you are even better off because the web-based solution is not only safe, easy to understand and use, but you also get to have many tools of a CRM for free and obtain more advanced features within a reasonable price. Moreover, WordPress has the power to empower your business highly if you already have a website on this platform, especially because search engines easily track WordPress sites and makes them more accessible by your customers.

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5 Advantages of Using a WordPress CRM Plugin

1. Understand and timely respond to the needs of your customers

With a WordPress CRM software, you are able to keep records of your leads and current customers. It allows you to categorize and organize customer needs and behaviour so that you can promote your business to the right target groups and at the right time. It helps employees understand the history and current status of customers with the company which allows them to serve your clients better.

You are also able to collaborate with your customers and create or edit business processes on the go. CRM softwares are often flexible and can be used on portable devices. This ensures a timely response to customer queries and requests and act on demand when events occur.

CRM makes customer information available to whoever might need it. So if a new agent replaces an old one, he/she would be able to access all the data relating to the history of the client, and come up with solutions within a short time. Since every interaction with customers is identified, documented, and recorded by the CRM, it helps the organization to always be organized and up to date with a client’s wants and needs.

2. Receive valuable insights to make conclusive decisions

WordPress CRM systems are ingrained with a lot of tools and extensions that help you to extract and visualize your data. CRM softwares help you to analyze the gathered data and mine the data in order to identify the most valuable customers and serve them appropriately. This also allows to identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

Data driven outcomes allow managers and team leaders to make better sales and production forecasts. Thus they know which type of audience is more responsive to marketing tactics. Being data driven also allows your company to know the number of complaints and keep track of how many issues are being resolved on a regular basis and the response time.

3. Connect your social media and employees with your clients from one place

You can manage all your social media platforms and email from one place. The WordPress CRM solutions allows integrated campaigns to be carried out to attract and serve customers. It also alerts team members timely when clients respond. Email campaigns allow employees to send personalized messages to segmented lists of leads. Extensions like SalesForce, MailChimp, and HubSpot also allow employees to gain valuable knowledge and take timely decisions.

4. Establish a company culture and internal communication mechanism

Because CRM allows employees to collaborate with each other live, share information, and track each other’s activities, it fosters a solid culture throughout the staff. It also allows them to have a better understanding of each other’s areas and competencies. Improved productivity results from CRM as all team members are notified of customer queries and important events together.

5. Increase revenue and accountability

Automated workflows cut down on repetitive and redundant processes that slow down the progress of the team. WordPress CRM allows you to send automated scheduled emails to a large number of clients and prospects effortlessly instead of doing it manually. The same methodology, routine, and business practices are applied team wide which ensure consistency since all agents are on the same interface.

Managers can take the right actions at the right time with employees because they are able to view if key performance indicators are achieved. Achievers are highlighted through real time data and can be rewarded. WordPress CRM systems are also secured allowing you to access customer information, performance reports, and sales data from anywhere. It also gives you the liberty to choose how much access you want to give to your staff.

WP ERP- The Best WordPress CRM Plugin

With WP ERP you can do all the above and much more. It comes with a host of free tools and extensions that take care of your company’s HRM, CRM and Accounting. It includes features that allow you to:

  • View customer status and activity logging and respond appropriately
  • Prioritize your responses based on customer status to be more efficient
  • Obtain valuable insights of your progress from the notes and logs
  • Send emails easily through the built-in mail system
  • Schedule a meeting or a call with customers and representatives
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Make company profiles and handle multiple representatives seamlessly
  • Search for the right contacts with advanced filtering options
  • Use your past search criteria to search again
  • Group your customers their interests-wise

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Extensions, such as, Deals, Email Campaign, Workflow, WooCommerce Integration, and SMS Notification ensure that you get to stay in touch with your clients even when on the move and be able to give fast responses even with the vast circular of your customer data on the WP ERP.

To keep your customers happy, CRM solutions are important for your business. Whether you have an eCommerce or a brick and mortar store, recommended WordPress CRM plugins, such as the WP ERP, make managing, identifying, and helping your customers flexible, organized, and effortless. Customers get what they want and you too achieve a higher revenue without losing customer satisfaction.

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