Create Subscription Forms Using WP ERP To Acquire More Leads!

Create Subscription Forms Using WP ERP To Acquire More Leads!

One of the best ways to generate invaluable leads in today’s business world is through subscription form. You simply cannot ignore the value and essentiality of utilizing the subscription form to build your email list. Many business management solutions or contact form builders are providing WordPress subscription forms to help obtain your desired lead. And one of the best WordPress ERP solutions, WP ERP is one such solution.

WP ERP comes with three separate yet closely connected ERP modules, HR Management, CRM & Accounting. It also has an advanced integrated project management tool that takes care of all your task management needs of your team. But that is a discussion for another day. Today we will share some details about the subscription form and how you can create it while using WP ERP.

remote team management

Now if you are a regular user of WP ERP, you may wonder, why there were so many updates recently? Well, to make it an even stronger solution, we are adding many handy features, tweaks, and fixing many minor bugs in our recent updates. Our focus is to make WP ERP something truly great on WordPress and its users.

But before getting on with any further details of how to create a Subscription form, let’s find out what you can offer to your subscribers

What Can You Offer to Your Loyal Subscribers

Loyal customers

The business that gets most benefitted from utilizing the subscription form is an online WooCommerce or multi-vendor marketplace store. It is an awesome way to produce a steady recurring revenue for any online e-store. And while your customers are giving you all the attention on a regular ongoing basis, so its only fair on your part to make the best out of it.

So here are a few things that you can offer to your loyal customers who subscribe through a subscription form.

  • Setting a Subscriber Only Zone: Allot a special area on the website where only the subscriber can visit. Put some exclusive content in there so that the subscriber can feel privileged.
  • Provide Special Bonuses: One in a while, you could send a gift voucher or discount coupon to your subscribers via email. This would make them happy for sure.
  • Reward loyal regular subscribers: If you send your products to any of your subscribers regularly then sometime you could simply give them away free company T-shirt, caps, mugs, or even a sticker.

Create Subscription Forms With The Latest WP ERP

Now coming back to a subscription form with WP ERP that will surely help to build your email list. In recent times there was a total of 2 updates up to v1.6.4 till this August (2020). Though fixing reported issues were in prime focus we added some important features too. Moreover, our CRM module now has a much-improved subscription form.

You can view the complete changelog from here.

Now let’s discuss how you can create subscription forms and also customize them for a different purpose.

Before moving on any further, we should also inform you that, WP ERP has focused on the CRM module from the start and aimed to turn it into the best available CRM for WordPress. With this view in mind, the new subscription form feature allows you to quickly create customized forms and publish them either as widgets or standalone form on your landing page.

Creating Forms With Shortcode Has Never Been So Easy

Just like the previous version, the latest version of WP ERP also has built-in shortcodes. And now they will create customized subscription forms for your website. You can create a new post or page and put the form there to allow your users to subscribe to your CRM solution. It is also possible to place the form as a widget on the sidebar to make things more convenient.

Create Subscription Form using WPERP

Besides that, you can specify the life stage, in which your subscribers will be stored. This is very handy for you and your CRM agent to prepare a strategy for turning them into leads. You can also send follow-up emails to them if necessary.

You can read our documentation to understand how these short-codes work and create a subscription form for you.

Use WordPress Subscription Forms The Right Way to Get More Subscriber

Now that you already know how to create a subscription form using WP ERP, so are you thinking about implementing it on your business or online store? Whatever you do, you will always have to remember one thing that in order to get someone to subscribe to your contact to build an email list, you need to first create a desire in the mind of your visitor to receive your email.

And to create a desire to receive your emails, you will need to let the potential subscriber know how subscribing to your email could benefit them by resolving any issues they might face in the future. But all your effort of trying to acquire new subscribers through subscription form could go in vain if you don’t follow the right approach.

Many contact forms as well as CRM has already implemented the facility of utilizing the benefits of the subscription form. And WP ERP CRM module is also one of them.

WP ERP development

And with WP ERP having the option to create a subscription form, it has truly given the acquiring of subscribers a whole new dimension. So now one can easily utilize and optimize it in right away. Moreover, it would procure new subscribers that could potentially boost your business sooner or later to take it to the next level.

So are you still not a user of WP ERP? Then you are surely missing out on the exciting features of the subscription form and more. And so this is probably the right time for you to:

You may also check out the video on how to install and configure the solution to your WordPress site.

If you already have a successful subscription-based business then you could share your ideas and tips for others to utilize it in the best way possible in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Create Subscription Forms Using WP ERP To Acquire More Leads!”

  1. Hi, thanks for the information. I would like to add a contact in CRM when visitor submits a contact form on my client website. I am using Elementor Website front-end editor which have inbuilt contact forms. I don’t want to use external contact form plugin like Contact form7 / ninja forms etc. Can you please tell me how can I do this. I am a front-end developer too.

    • Hi Shamseer Azeez,
      Thank you very much for your query. You can add a contact to your WP ERP CRM using the subscription forms that have been demonstrated in this post. You won’t be needing any external contact form plugins. You can just put the subscription form created using WP ERP and allow your users to be added to your CRM. You can even change life stages and customize the forms. Here is the complete doc for this –
      Cheers 🙂

      • Thank you. Unfortunately all my contact forms and request quote forms are created using Elementor. I agree that we can easily add subscribers to the CRM using WP-ERP subscription form. It is good. But we need the same for our contact form without using additional plugin like contact form7. Can someone guide me making Elementor WP ERP friendly like you did for Ninja forms? We are providing a complete CRM experience to our client using both Deals and Workflow addons.


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