weDevs Introducing Enzaime: A Must-have all in One Tool for Doctors

weDevs Introducing Enzaime: A Must-have all in One Tool for Doctors

weDevs keep contributing to WordPress industries since the very beginning. A handful of robust products and reliable customer support plays a large role in our dynamic growth.

To extend our journey to a different client base, weDevs is marching towards the healthcare sector recently. We are introducing Enzaime, a One-Stop web service solution for doctors.

enzaime for doctors

How Enzaime Can Help Doctors

One of the best things about WordPress is its openness. Anybody can use it. Either you are a tech geek or a lawyer, you can create a WordPress site without having any coding knowledge. Enzaime can do the same job only specialized for physicians.

why need enzaime

It is a One-Stop web solution provider that helps doctors to build a website, provide features to manage appointments, giving advice, online forms to collect case history and even receiving payments.

Create a Custom Built Wordpress Website with Enzaime

Build a satisfactory website is no less than building a Boeing airplane. You need to build and set all the parts in place. You have to ensure it fly with safety. This is where Enzaime comes to rescue. As a doctor, all you have to do is these-

  • Built a WordPress website with Enzaime AI
  • Apply our pre-made themes and templates to design your site
  • Get help with free and premium plugins to enable a lot of features
  • Customize your website as much as you want

Let’s take a look at the core features Enzaime offers to facilitate doctors all over the world.

Wordpress Premium Themes

premium enzaime theme

After you have created a website with Enzaime, you will have a bunch of free themes to start. To extend your online existent with more impact, Enzaime offers custom-made premium themes.

They will add Quality, Uniqueness, Functionality, Security to your existing or new website. All the designs are unique which will manifest your particular expertise and achievement as a doctor.

Moreover, our platform is SEO optimized. The same goes for the themes. Which will make your website compatible to search engines nonetheless.

From the moment your site is being live, Enzaime ensures that it remains secure. All Enzaime sites are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) server which is HIPPA Compliant. In addition to that, you are free to install several security plugins to keep your site safe from any threats.

Drag & Drop Page Editor

drag and drop page editor

As a doctor, it’s not your forte to programming. And, you don’t need to. We have designed our websites with an automated function ability. People who don’t know WordPress before can easily maintain their site by using Enzaime.

To ensure that we have added the Elementor Premium Page Builder plugin that requires zero coding expertise. You just drag a feature you want to add to the website, then drop and voila! It is done. If you are familiar with Elementor, then you also know how simple it is.

Responsive Design

More than 40% of people today are using the internet through their mobile phones. All of the Enzaime templates are mobile-responsive. So either your patients want to visit your site from their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop, they can have a simultaneous and flawless look. And do all the things regardless of any devices.

Online Appointment

patients form for online appointments

Enzaime wants to create a virtual ecosystem for the doctors. It lets you build an online chamber to fulfill all the basic needs of your patients. Thus it helps to manage information of your patients.

We have integrated an online appointment system using Bookly Premium Plugin. It will enable you to keep track of all of your schedules. Your patients can book an appointment for your in-house chamber or an online meet-up booth.

Easy Payment Gateway for Your Patients

An online appointment might require online payment. As a doctor, you can accept payment through secure channels with numerous payment gateways.

It will allow patients to have reliable and hassle-free transactions. Enzaime wants to assure our honorable doctors to have a secure and faster system. Therefore we’ve integrated our platform with sophisticated and encrypted data channels.

Customized Patients Form

You can offer your patients a simple customized form to fill up their information. With the highest confidential way, they can let you know about their conditions, interests, and symptoms. The whole process will save time during the visit and make the job hassle-free. We have added this feature to Enzaime by integrating with another robust weDevs product weForms.

Content and Social Media Marketing

enzaime social media and content

We are living in an age where the internet consumes every part of our life. It’s become a necessity for any type of professional to build a strong online presence. As a doctor, you should let the netizens know about the services and aids you have to offer.

To make your online presence effective and powerful, Enzaime provides on-demand content and social media marketing for the doctors. You can avail professional digital marketing support anytime you want from our expert team.

How Much it Cost – Enzaime Pricing

Primarily it’s a free platform. You can create a beautiful website using an Enzaime subdomain and free templates we offer. However, for more advantages and a pro-level presence, you can choose our premium plans at any given time. You can check our pricing here. Right now we have three different plans starts from $20 a month.

global wordpress service for doctors

What’s Next

Well, that’s just the beginning. Enzaime is a large but simple platform that has boundless possibilities for doctors around the world. For example, to manage your professional website as an enterprise, you can install WP ERP for free.

You can build a WordPress site from scratch with our service, and empower your sites with the latest arsenal WordPress can offer.

What more do you need?

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