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5 WordPress CRM Extensions to Hack Your Customer Growth

The business environment is ever changing. Customer preferences are constantly evolving. Faced with such uncertainty, it has now become more essential than ever that you keep your tools and systems updated to stay ahead of the competition. The importance of an efficient WordPress CRM solution, such as WP ERP, cannot be underestimated in this regard for it lets you manage your client relationships centrally. But to be able to do this job better you also need some good WordPress CRM extensions.

Adding some extra functionalities will hugely increase the benefits of your free WP ERP and help you to take your organization to the next level.

Here, we have come with 5 of the BEST CRM EXTENSIONS for your WP ERP that will catalyze your CRM module.

Email Campaign

Email remains the most effective and trusted medium for marketing. It is still the platform that reaches, engages, and converts more people than other tools.

Imagine if you had a feature that empowers your company with all the essentials you need to organize and execute a successful email marketing campaign?

That’s right! For that you need one of our best-selling extensions, Email Campaign, to sufficiently hack all advantages and rejuvenate the growth of your client base.

Create personalized, automated and beautifully designed outbound emails and have an amazing experience making newsletters and customer followups.

Email Campaign brings to you 20 customizable gorgeous templates and 7 themes to woo your readers and clients. You can even create your templates and themes from scratch! With its superbly interactive email builder you are able to preview your email’s outlook real time as you edit. Schedule mails so that your clients receive them at their convenient times. With the ability to generate mailing lists from numerous sources and a responsive design to format your emails, creating email campaigns with this extensions will become for you easy peasy!

Email Campaign also comes with UTM parameters that you can use to extract Google Analytics data on your Emails. You can also embed WP posts and videos, and automatically insert custom field information for all recipients. You can also insert customized buttons and social icons bars with one click.

WooCommerce Integration

Seamlessly integrate your WooCommerce with your WP ERP and see the blessings your CRM brings!

This amazing extension lets you easily manage your sales in an organized way by automatically exporting newly registered customers to the CRM contact list. You are able to make sales right through your ERP. With 22 important filters and many life states, you can not only segment customers based on the products they have bought and where they live, but also create more dynamic lists so you are able to see where in the sales cycle a particular client stands. Thus, your CRM agent can easily track orders made by your customers and provide after sales services without facing difficulties. Customer logs show the actions the customer has taken on your site.

The extension comes with more advanced features that takes care of the nitty gritty details allowing your CRM agents to painlessly serve and interact with your clients.


To be able to manage your growing customer base, you need something that can juggle with hundreds of deals and multiple customers without getting lost or confused.

Our DEALS extension does exactly that!
Deals is a great tool that simultaneously coordinates and guides your CRM agents on a faster and organized sales process.

The Deal extension organizes all your contacts into a pipeline which is customizable. It is seamlessly integrated with CRM module, so whenever you make a deal with any of your contacts or companies, the system automatically updates your contacts according to their status.

With Deals, you are able to assign tasks and schedules, track and monitor progress of deals with real-time status reports. With its illustrated charts and diagrams portraying your sales and activity data, it gives a great bird’s eye view of your deals.

Custom Field Builder

With this extension you are sure to get bigger and better performance out of your WP ERP.

Add more customized fields to your existing ERP forms!

Create and add custom fields to the Employee profile and Recruitment form of your HR module, the Contacts profile or Company profile form of the CRM module.

With Custom Field Builder, your task of creating, editing, and publishing tasks becomes seamless in the following ways:

  • You get to add fields with a number of options, such as, password, text, dropdown, radio button, checkbox, calendar date, email, url, number field types etc
  • You are able to customize Employee forms, Contact forms, Company forms, Recruitment forms
  • Add a default placeholder text and help text
  • Use fields with meta keys


Create and automate actions on different types of events in your WP ERP system with Workflow’s advanced features! Save time and reduce the margin of error. It comes with an easy to understand interface. You are able to manage triggered actions on different events according to your requirements.

Not only is it fully compatible with all the modules of WP ERP but you can manage all created workflows and control status from a single page.


To run these powerhouse extensions, you need WP ERP plugin, the first of its kind on WordPress that can take your company to the next level. WP ERP comes with HRM, CRM, an Accounting and Project Management module with 20+ extensions to optimize every operation in your business.

What’s more: You can now get these top 5 extensions along with few others (Gravity Forms, SMS, MailChimp, and Salesforce) in an irresistible Bundle Offerknown as the great CRM Extension Bundle. This package gives you all these extensions together at a 30% off discounted price!

So what are you waiting for? Claim your offer now – Get More and Save More!

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