How WP ERP HR Can Give You a Boost to Remote Team Management

How WP ERP HR Can Give You a Boost to Remote Team Management

Does remote team management seem a challenge to you? Right now most of the companies are managing their team from home. And, honestly, it’s not that tough. 

A study from ConnectSolutions says that 30% of companies get more energy and complete their task before the deadline while working from home. And, 82% of people experience lower levels of anxiety and stress.

Moreover, according to the Harvard Business survey, 87% get more connected with the new video conferencing software.

Working from home is great for a lot of people because they get to spend more time with their family, their kids, and their pets.

Brian Peters, Buffer

Though people face several types of difficulties while working from a long distance. You may also match some of them. Let’s take a look at what are the common problems that people face for doing office at home. 

Challenges in Remote Team Management

remote team management

As COVID19 is spreading all over the world, it’s a very hard time to handle a team. Still, the disease is raising the number of dead people. So, you and your team members have to stay at home and continue everyone’s job from there. 

  • Lack of perfect communication software
  • Hiring new and the best employees
  • Tracking co-worker’s time
  • Specifying the tasks
  • Setting work plans
  • Feeling apart from the team
  • Deciding the role of each person
  • Tracking the business milestones
  • Getting the progress report

That is not the end of the remote work challenges, there are many more to count. 

Today in this article we would like to introduce you to the way WP ERP can help you to remote team management without any hassle. 

WP ERP for Remote Team Management

In a few words, this WordPress plugin enables you to control your business resources like human resources, project managing, customer resources and helps you to maintain bookkeeping and the accounting processes the right way.

Remote Team Management

About 10000+ businesses from across the world are using WP ERP to manage their business resources and projects.

Here, we will discuss how the Project Manager and the HR section of WP ERP can help you to handle the company remotely. 

Remote Team Management with the Project Manager

After availing this tool you will introduce Tasklist, calendar, milestone, private messaging and discussion features. The most interesting thing is you will get everything in a single standalone plugin. 

All Your Projects and Tasks on Your Site

You can create as much as projects, tasks and add as many users and clients you need. Completely renovate the way you manage your projects and task lists. 

Team collaboration has never been much easier.


See Your Assigned Tasks

remote team management

Managing your assigned tasks is now a piece of cake as it is available on a single screen. View all your completed, outstanding and current tasks on a single page. Completing tasks is much easier for you. 

Set Role for Each User of Each Project

Decide user roles for each worker associated with that project while creating. And each project comes with custom access permissions. So you will have their access from the settings tab.

Built-in Mail Correspondance

Communication with everyone is more manageable now if you start using Project Management. There is an integrated mailing system. Emails are trustworthy and it makes things smooth because no tricky registrations are required for the customers.

Built-in Communication Arrangement with Privacy

Do you want to discuss something privately? Just check the “Private” box, nobody will be notified other than the assigned person. If you want to notify all the users via mail, check the box beside them.

Control Access of Your Team and Clients

As an admin, you have the control of each project. You can handle each bit of your project. Plus, permit who can create and view each item.

Milestone Tracking

Milestone tracker

If you create milestones you will be able to complete your project before the deadline. PM is allowing you to assign messages, to-do lists, and to-dos to each milestone. Now, just track the progress and see which are falling behind.

Birds Eye View with Calendar

Get all projects overview from a working calendar. You can examine your project overview with due, completed, and future to-dos.

See which milestones need to be completed and who is responsible for the other one. With the drag-n-drop feature, you can change the due date. Even change the start and end date by dragging each to-do.

Intuitive reporting and filters

Produce reports for each project and employee. You can filter those reports based on time and employees too.

Daily Email Notification

Project Management daily digest feature sends automatic emails to all users notifying about the pending and upcoming tasks. Isn’t it very convenient for remote team management? 

Overall Progress Report

It is a crucial feature of Project Management. There is a progress page that shows the overall actions of your team across your site. Which means you can understand the whole scenario of your company from a single page.

Remote Team Management with the Human Resource

HRM help to work from home

The HR department is facing a hard time in this COVID19 crisis. To help them WP ERP has some amazing and powerful features. 

Remote Team Attendance

It is essential to track the attendance of your co-workers. Because you don’t know the working hour of your employees.

Remote Team Management

In WP ERP HR you can track your employee attendance using the default check-in and check-out system. When a worker checks in, the system starts counting time and when the employee checks out the WP ERP automatically stops counting the working time.

Restricting Attendance Only to Home IPs

There is an option to restrict the attendance system in a single place. If you use this strategy, one can misuse the power of the remote check-in-check-out system. You have to just whitelist all employees’ home internet IPs. 

Managing Co-worker’s Leave Requests

If anyone of our team has to take leave they don’t have to write an application or call you to get the permission. They can simply go to the leave option of the WP ERP HR module. After that, the employee has to fill out a form.

Leave request

Then, the HR Manager approves this leave request from his dashboard.

leave request to HRM

Besides these, there are hundreds of operations that need to be managed every single day.


With WP ERP you can remotely see the employees’ salary history, leave request, headcount, years of service, and other reports effortlessly.

Remote Team Management reporting

All these reports are auto-generated!

You can see the daily digest that shows who is doing what. Not to mention, the project management tool of WP ERP HR helps to get the overall progress within a graphical representation.

Recruiting Employees Remotely

You can still publish job circulars in this lock-down time! And you can select your desired candidate without calling holding a physical meeting. 

The WP ERP HR Recruitment option lets you create job circular without taking help from another third party job circular solution. The exciting feature is that creating job postings, recruitment questions, screening tests, interviews, and candidate evaluation can be done with the guidance of this system.

Training Your Team Remotely

So, when you have intended to train your new employees, you definitely call them for a meeting at your office. But unfortunately, it’s not possible for now.  

Don’t worry! WP ERP HR can also help you in this section. With the help of the WP ERP HR Training module, you can now effortlessly create a training session for them. plus, allow them to enter these resources remotely from their home. Giving training to your newly recruited employees is now more relaxed even in this COVID19 lockdown situation.

Working with Payroll

You can now manage the employee salaries with the WP ERP Payroll. Though your workers are staying and working from home, you can still record their wages with WP ERP.

Payroll for the remote team

Each employee sees the payroll and salary details individually in their profile. 


As your employees are working from home, they are using broadband or mobile internet connection. And everyone has to pay a certain amount on that internet service.

Remote Team Management

Keep this record by using the reimbursement extension and repay the employees with it.

Making Announcements!

Announcement for Employees

You can announce important news by using the built-in announcement feature which lets the user watch the announcement right in the hr dashboard. Besides, when you announce anything the tool also reports every user by their email to save your time. 

Bonus – Beyond the WP ERP HR

Honestly, WP Project Manager and WP ERP HR modules are not the only two plugins that you can use to manage your team. To meet your teammates everyday morning you can use video conferencing tools like Zoom or Eyeson. For texting and sharing files with each other, you can use slack (You can also discuss your tasks in WP Project Manager). 

Summing up on Remote Team Management

We deeply mourn for the departed souls on account of the COVID19 outbreak. There is no surety when this nightmare will end up.

Hopefully, the vaccination will be invented soon. But, if you wait for that, your business can be down soon. 

So, make plans for your present and upcoming projects and start to use WP ERP to assist you in remote team management. 

And, please don’t go outside and maintain a safe social distance. 

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