How Customer Relationship Management System Support Targeted Marketing

How Customer Relationship Management System Support Targeted Marketing

Customer relationship management system and marketing compliments each other. Why? Because the CRM system helps you create a proper client management system. This system will help you create more personalized marketing campaigns.

Customers these days have become more aware, cautious, and obviously tech-friendly. They know what they want, how they want. And since everyone nowadays is a marketer, they get bombarded with all kinds of messages.

However, it is not easy to convince them. They want things more personalized and easy ways to engage with your products.

And that is achievable with the help of an efficient CRM system. Today we are going to tell you about how you can use the CRM system. Also how it will help to create the perfect targeted marketing system.

Customer Relationship Management Regarding Targeted Marketing- Things to Consider

How customer relationship management system support targeted marketing

The more you know about customers the more advantage your business will have over the competition. Also, the knowledge you gain from the customer data allows you to improve its sales and marketing efforts. It will certainly help you grow your business.

The customer relationship management system helps you collect customer data and organize customer information while identifying customers’ preferences. Also, you will be able to

  • Get a better sense of your target audience. The CRM centralizes customer information. This allows you to develop a complete picture of your customers and track any changes as your business grows.
  • Target specific customer groups. When you know your customers’ backgrounds, interests, and purchasing histories, you can focus your marketing efforts on the customers.
  • Find new customers. You can use what you have learned about current customers’ preferences. This will help you to create targeted marketing campaigns for prospects with similar interests.
  • Identify audience trends and preferences. CRM software helps you uncover patterns in the data to learn what your audience likes. Thereby helping you connect with your customers.

We can safely say, CRM software can improve marketers’ understanding of their target customers. Also, it allows them to segment their audience for marketing campaigns.

How CRM Helps in Targeted Marketing or Marketing Campaigns?

Alignment between Marketing and Sales is potentially the largest opportunity for improving business performance today. And the CRM system creates that balance that helps with creating the perfect marketing campaigns.

Here are the CRM features that will help improve the marketing campaigns.

Centralized Database

You can easily create a database that will consist of all the information of your customers. You can contact information, phone calls, and emails, customer feedback, sales activities, etc.

Creating a central repository of customer data helps you find, organize, and analyze customer information. Moreover, as you go on it will uncover trends, patterns, and insights.

Segmentation & Filtering

Well, not all the customers and contacts are the same. And as we said earlier customer prefers personalization. Using a customer relationship management system, you can easily filter your customers into different groups.

Operational CRM Tools

CRM software enables businesses to segment customers into groups according to a wide range of characteristics. This information enables marketers to create very defined customer profiles. Then personalize their marketing messages to target very specific groups of customers.

Marketers can also create targeted business-to-business email marketing campaigns, which can increase the number of subscribers, email marketing metrics, and revenue.

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Better Internal Communication 

Following a CRM strategy helps in building up better communication within the company. Sharing customer data between different departments will enable you to work as a team and help optimize the customer experience—one of the several major benefits of a CRM platform.

Each employee will also be able to answer customer questions on what is going on with their product or service. By functioning as a well-informed team, will help increase the company’s overall efficiency and offer a better service to customers.

Ability to Create, Test, Track, and Improve Marketing Campaigns

One of the most important benefits of using CRM software is you can use the information that a CRM collects to create targeted marketing campaigns, test campaigns, and different elements of those campaigns while tracking the results of each campaign.

Another benefit of CRM software is that you can reuse marketing campaigns that have proved effective in the past. You can use the data and analysis from previous marketing campaigns to demonstrate their success, thereby removing any guesswork about where to spend your marketing dollars.

The ability to recycle campaigns, templates, forms, and other marketing materials for new customers and markets will improve the efficiency of your marketing resources.

47% of CRM users claimed that customer retention and satisfaction were significantly impacted by the use of a CRM system.


Personalized Content

The customers have become very clever nowadays. They want personalized content, otherwise, it becomes hard to convince them to buy anything. Since CRM software provides a wealth of information about your customers, you can customize communications to each person you contact.

People dislike marketing messages that begin with generic introductions like “Dear customer/admin.” You can pull information from your CRM database system to create communications that address potential and current customers by name.

Also, as you have their purchase history and preferences, it is easy to craft a tailored message for each customer for your targeted marketing campaigns.

As you can see adopting a Customer Relationship Management System will not only improve your marketing campaigns but also increase customer satisfaction.

However, the question arises as to which CRM software to use. There are many CRM software available in the market. But, few have the unique features and flexibility as the WP ERP CRM software.

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How WP ERP CRM System Improve Marketing Campaigns?

customer relationship management system

WP ERP CRM is designed to meet the requirements of any kind of business, for example, eCommerce sites, agencies, startups, nonprofit businesses, and many more. 

So, you already know the reason why already 10000+ business has adopted this solution to run their business worldwide. Along with its wide array of features, it is very much cost-effective. The most interesting benefit of this CRM solution is it consists of a number of useful features that cover all the important sectors of managing your HRM, CRM and Accounting needs.

But, as we are talking about how CRM can improve your targeted marketing campaigns and efforts, therefore let’s check out all the necessary features of it like:

  • Get to maintain a personalized approach with each customer
  • Integrate with a number of powerful extensions
  • Use the CRM module to directly schedule meeting/call
  • Advanced contacts filtration using attribute related keyword
  • View contact with customer life stage
  • Log the interaction details of every customer
  • Easy task assigning to team members
  • The Deal extension organizes all your contacts into a pipeline that is customizable.

So, if you are looking to create exceptional marketing campaigns and practice targeted marketing, then you should adopt WP ERP CRM.

Pick the Right CRM and Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

Better relationships = higher customer satisfaction

As your company grows so does your customer database. Eventually, it becomes more and more difficult to centralize and streamline your communications with customers, both potential and existing.


That is where the CRM system comes in. The system provides you a better knowledge of your customers, improves your customer retention rate, and helps you anticipate your customer needs.

Therefore, choose the CRM system wisely to create better, personalized targeted marketing campaigns for your business.

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