CRM Customizable Life Stage

Now you can easily customize the life stages of your WP ERP CRM contacts per your requirements. You will get that feature with the pro version of WP ERP.

Before there were 4 stages you could use as life stages,

  • Customer
  • Lead
  • Subscriber
  • Opportunity.

But now you can not only add a new life stage but also edit the existing life stages as well.

Let’s see the process.

Navigate to WP ERP—> Settings—> CRM.


Now, choose the Life Stages option from the below menu bar.

Life stages

You can either edit the existing life stages or you can create a new one.

Edit or create

Add Life Stage

Just click on the Add Life Stage button, add Title, Title(Plural) , and Slug. Click on the Save button.

Add life stage

You will see the new life stage has been added.

Life stage added

Updating/Editing Life Stage

To edit a life stage, just click on the Edit button. Update per your requirements and click Save.

Update life stage

Now, if you visit the CRM dashboard, you will see the updated life stages.

CRM Dashboard

Also, when you add a new contact to your list, there you will get the new life stages option as well.

Add new contact

That is how you can use the new CRM customizable life stage feature.

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