Under-rated CRM Features that Can Help Your Business Grow

CRM or customer relationship management solution manages the relationship between customer and vendors. It was in 2014 when a report revealed the companies that used CRM solution got $8.71 dollar return in each dollar spent. We know there are popular features of CRM but we will analyze how CRM helps business with it’s underrated features. … Read more

10 Ways to Simplify Business with ERP Solution

Why implement an ERP system

ERP solutions are ruling the marketplace these days. Being surprised by its popularity many of us still wonder about why implement an ERP system in the business. We will try to dig out all the possible answers today and discuss how we can simplify our existing situation by replacing it with a new ERP system. ERP … Read more

Why Accounting Software Is So Important in Your Business

Accounting software in business

The word accounting refers to the process of dealing with the financial system of a business. A financial system includes transaction history, auditing and interpreting all sorts of financial reports. People used to manage all these things manually. But accounting software has reduced the system loss that used to come with the maintenance of papers. … Read more

The Secret of Dealing with Leader-Employee Relationship in WorkPlace

employee training software

True leaders are superheroes without a cape around their neck. But these days the problem arises in corporate office culture with the issue of valuing employees the right way in the workplace. This system comes with certain formalities which creates confusion between bosses and leaders and the type of relationship an employee should have with them. … Read more

Top Women Influencers in ERP That You Did Not Know About


It is not possible for everyone to be Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski. But being an influencer in digital marketing is common these days. There are stereotypes that women cannot rule the tech world. And it is being deconstructed now. Because built-in assumptions in most cases make things complicated.

Moreover, skills have nothing to do with gender. To prove that again we are here with a list of women influencers in ERP solutions. The influencers can be female tech bloggers, researchers or in any way working on ERP. This should not be a different category as “Women ERP Influencers“. But to break stereotypes we need collective data that can encourage others to join the field.

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How Can You Walk Through the Road to Success With ERP Software

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has become very popular these days. This popularity indicates the success ERP has brought to them as ERP saves your work, time, and capital. But is it so easy to be successful using ERP? Besides the success rate, there are also statistics on how the system has failed in many cases.

It has now become more important than ever to investigate how the system seldom fails. ERP is not anymore bounded in a smaller area and used in huge companies these days. This is a new system to implement to your business. It is logical to face difficulties for new users. For those who are scared and confused about how to use ERP, we have come up with a proposition on how to use ERP to be successful in your business.

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How Data from Your ERP Software can Help Your Small Business

ERP Software importance in business

ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning software) is there to assist in your business. They have some specific functionalities. Those functions can record your activities, make statistics out of them and thus suggest you how you can improve your business strategy. ERP gather data about almost everything and which in the end adds to the benefits of ERP in business.

For example, it records employees performances, customers activities, storage conditions and investigate those data. You need to extract the crucial information from them and utilize those afterward.

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