wperp interact customers

How to Create Easy Customer Interaction with WP ERP

Your business is growing every day and the increase of customer makes it difficult for you to communicate with them keeping track of details. This may greatly affect your progress because if you start forgetting your customers, they will think you are ignoring them. What you need in this situation is a Customer Relationship Management. It provides a proper channel that is capable of direct communication as well as keeping a tab of the customers. It may also allow the customers to rate your responses to see you are gaining their trust. For success, interacting with the customers to create good relation needs to be …

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startup productivity hacks

6 Productivity Hack For Your Startup

So, you have gone full throttle with your new startup. That’s really great! But what’s next? Starting your own business is the best thing to do these days. To become successful with your business, good planing is necessary but it won’t work alone. Boosting productivity and optimizing time for work and rest holds the key to the peak. Productivity generally determines how well you are doing overall. Managing your time, your work, organizing your business and also even getting your employees in sync with your productivity system are some of the features parts of productivity. Improving only your personal productivity has its benefits, but …

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wp erp ajax filtering for contacts

Make Searches Faster with The New AJAX Based Filtering

Getting customer information quickly on your hand allows you to respond to their needs better. In the customer service business, you do not want to keep them waiting. So you need fast searches. Customer Relationship Manager or CRM is a free module by WP ERP, is thus – a power tool designed for fast responses. Our AJAX based contacts filtering is one of the coolest tools to name. A faster WP ERP WP ERP had a basic searching feature for contacts from the start. We have recently updated our solution with an AJAX based search filter. With this, searching will feel live, just like the way …

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Optimizing Tips for WP-ERP

10 Tips For Optimizing Your WP ERP Settings

In this article, I shall guide you through the best practices that can make your WP-ERP powered business take the leap of a mile. Here is a list of 10 optimizing tips for WP ERP which I think will make you a power user overnight! 1. Set your company information Your business identity is the first thing to add. It is used in the invoice and other documents. For setting your company information navigate to WP Dashboard → ERP Settings → Company  Include as much details as you can. You should also note that you company logo must be in square format so …

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How to Translate WP ERP

How to Translate WP ERP Plugin in Your Language

We are very delighted to inform you that now you can translate WP ERP just like other weDevs themes and plugins. This is indeed a really good news for the WP ERP users from around the world. The weDevs Translation Project is still going on and you can happily participate by localizing the WP ERP in your own language. This could be greatly beneficial for your business as you will be able to work with your employees in your own language! In addition to this announcement, we are here to guide you to the straightforward process of translation. This article is …

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Upcoming new features for WP-ERP in May 2016

WP-ERP is set for a long way to go We are busy with adding more features and making fixes to WP-ERP on our next release. The date is not fixed, but we are expecting a day somewhere around the last week of May or the first week of June. Here are some things we have been working on. Accounting module is getting merged to core After the merger, you will get all HRM, CRM and Accounting together when you download WP-ERP from the WordPress.org repository. It will save your time because you will not need to install the accounting module separately. Taxation …

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WP ERP Version 1.0 Released!

After about a month later of the beta version release and after 240 commits from 8 contributors, today we have released the v1.0 to the wild! A lot of fixes and a few new features has been added to the plugin. I am not going to dump all the changelogs in this post, please see the changes from here. We really worked hard to squash every possible bugs we found, but like every other software, it’s still not bug-free. So please let us know if you have a new one by opening a new issue. Version 1.0 of the accounting plugin …

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Why your ERP should be cloud and on WordPress

ERP is new to WordPress, we are the first to introduce it. The future of ERP is cloud collaboration and we believe WordPress is the best platform to built upon for the coming greatness. The gap that needs to be filled Digital ERP solutions have been around for almost 20 years and cloud-based systems are even recent. Digital or desktop based ERP systems paved a path for modern systems, but these years have revealed its weaknesses and lacks that need to be filled. The key points of a good ERP in our view is it should be intuitive, collaborative and …

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