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    Hi. I want to customize the information which is inserted on the Invoice about the company. The company information does not include email address, tax number and vat number.

    How can I include this information? Please provide specific line of the code and how to edit it.

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    But this is it Shawon, I am following up on your reply so you track responses

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    Please notify this thread when you have made Number 1 and 2 changes Shawon, I really appreciate your reception of this advice because your product can benefit a lot of small businesses from having to pay high prices for ERP and CRM software.

    Being a small business owner should not deprive one of business solutions because of high costs. I have I intend to purchase the multisite package and resell to small businesses in my Country.

    Businesses like salons and eateries.

    The Invoice really is not convenient, currently, we cannot even insert company bank account as most companies do not use e-commerce thus rely on printed or pdf versions.

    Whilst I am here, how can I enable the feature to make telephone calls from WP ERP?
    Is it possible to bypass the autofill customer on Invoice for non-customers? the journal is not prerry enough and lacks details compared to invoice. The need for a double entry might cause confusion to client with no accounting knowledge.

    Maybe have a Receipt?

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    Hi Shawon,

    1. I inserted company bank account in “Memo field” but it still does not appear on the pdf version. How can I solve this?
    => Yes, the memo field will not be exported in the PDF.
    But if you want this badly, then you may need to customize the exporter.

    =>How do I achieve this?

    2. How can I edit the field “Company Details” “Companies” and “Contacts” fields to write my own field names? I want to use it at church.
    => There is a simple way. Follow the same way that we use to translate a plugin.
    In the pot file, edit the strings and keep others as it is. Simple 🙂

    =>I tried to do this, first by using the LOCO plugin. The changes would be saved by the plugin but they do not reflect on the website (I am using Localhost).
    I then tried manually using the POedit software, I save the new language file in the same folder in the plugin directory but the changes do not reflect.

    When I use the plugin, it gives a notice that my website is using American English. On the “Writing” settings tab, I cannot locate the “Langauge” were I would change to the language I have edited.

    When I use POEDIT software, I cannot locate language folder on the main WordPress folders.

    3. Can I delete system fields in Chart of Accounts?
    => By default, no. But if you want then you can customize the plugin to make the changes.

    =>How do I customize a plugin? I think this will also solve my first question.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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