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Upcoming WP ERP Extension: Help Scout CRM Integration

Upcoming WP ERP Extension: Help Scout CRM Integration

Help Scout is a well-known SaaS-based help desk and customer support solution that also comes as a WordPress plugin. Help Scout’s support software operates like a shared email inbox through which teams provide customer support. It also has plenty of integrations with live chat, phone systems, CRMs, and email marketing tools. WP ERP has developed a two-way Help Scout CRM integration so you can provide that ‘extra’ to your clients.

With Help Scout Sync for WP ERP, small businesses can better manage their clients. This integration will give you a complete CRM which so you can view your tickets and see user profiles from one place. 

Staying ahead with customer history and details just got easier!

Who needs this solution?

If you are running an eCommerce marketplace, a software firm, or an advertising agency, chances are you are dealing with several different clients. Whenever you are directly dealing with clients, you need something to easily juggle all the information of each one of them.

The Help Scout CRM Sync is a two-way integration. It will let you view your customer data and help desk support tickets altogether on both platforms so that you can simultaneously manage both your CRM and Help Scout. So you can view client profiles that you created on CRM from Help Scout and view Help Scout tickets from your CRM directly.

WP ERP CRM module is giving you the liberty of adding additional required information on Help Scout support tickets. This integration opens a new door between WP ERP CRM module and Help Scout. You will be to pass Help Scout data to your CRM and vice versa. And this will benefit you from both ends.

Customer service is one of the most important things that may help you become successful in your business. If you can provide adequate support to your users or clients, you would be able to gain their trust.

How will this Feature Extension help you?

  • It’s a two-way integration.
  • You can display Help Scout Ticket List on every contact’s profile in your WP ERP CRM.
  • You can view WP ERP CRM user profile details on your Help Scout tickets.
  • On Help Scout ticket you can view your WP ERP user profile details, such as company, phone, website, location. And even view agent interactions with users, such as meetings and calls.
How will this Feature Extension help you?
  • The extension automatically adds New Contacts to CRM from Help Scout when a ticket is submitted.
  • Automatically integrates previously generated Help Scout tickets with CRM.

  • The integration will help small businesses to transform Hep Scout into a full-fledged CRM and do more with Help Scout contacts.
  • It adds more client management functions on both platforms.
  • Serve customers better and gain happier users.

How to configure Help Scout CRM integration in 10 Easy Steps

  1. Simply download the ZIP file for the Help Scout CRM integration from your Account page, like you would for any other WordPress plugin.
  2. Upload it to your WP Dashboard->Plugins directory. Now Activate the plugin.
How to configure Help Scout CRM integration

The next step is to configure the integration from your Help Scout account.

3. Login to your Help Scout Account and choose Apps from Manage located on the top menu. Now search for the custom app and select the result.

4. Click Create App from the left side.

5. Now insert WP ERP in the App Name field on the form.

6. Choose Dynamic Content from Content Type drop-down.

Insert Callback URL and Secret Key found from WP ERP settings page (WP Dashboard-> ERP Settings->Settings->CRM->HelpScout).7. Check the Mailboxes you want to use and hit Save.

8. Now on Help Scout from top right menu choose your profile (step 1 shown in the image below).

From the left side menu choose Authentication (step 2).

Now from “Help Scout API” section hit “Generate an API Key” button (step 3).

9. Copy generated API key. 

10. Insert the API Key field on ERP Settings page found from ERP Settings->Settings->CRM->HelpScout.

This completes your WP ERP Help Scout Sync!

Whenever a user or client submits a ticket, the sync will happen automatically on both platforms. You are now ready to make happy clients.

Take That Extra Step With Help Scout CRM Sync

Help Scout is a great customer support solution when you want to keep all your help-desk and support-related tasks and activities in one place and unattached to your site. 

But think about that extra step that makes all the difference. Wouldn’t you want to create human-like interactions with your clients even while communicating through your screen?

When you combine this integration with your WP ERP, you get to create meaningful interactions with clients that are powerful. Because you can view the entire client history and their issues/tickets from a single page. So you can add a personal touches to every interaction with users and customers instead of making things robotic like the usual way. In this way, you can make every support interaction more human. This creates a more complete and unique experience on both sides. Thus making it feel real and enjoyable.

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Build Long-Term Relationships with Clients

Build Long-Term Relationships with Clients

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