WP ERP Bringing Another Needed Integration: The Awesome Support CRM

WP ERP Bringing Another Needed Integration: The Awesome Support CRM

Awesome Support is one of the most popular WordPress help provider and support service plugins. The solution describes itself as a WordPress Help Desk and lives up to it with powerful capabilities. Awesome Support provides everything customer support-related: tickets generation, customizable email notifications, automatic agent assignment with multiple agents, file attachments, and plenty of add-ons. Awesome Support CRM Integration for WP ERP will give you that extra for complete management of your clients.

Help-desk tickets and reports are powerful in creating a good picture of a client’s preferences, the kind of service/product that makes them happy, and what they are looking for in your service/product. Support ticket conversations tell us straight about a user’s wants and dislikes easily as they conversate one-on-one with our agents. This client-agent personal interaction needs to be incorporated with customer history, profile, and details, and that’s what WP ERP-Awesome Support does.

With this extension you can transform your Awesome Support plugin into a full-fledged CRM. Do much more customer relationship management functions with your help-desk contacts with WP ERP-Awesome Support CRM Sync.

Staying ahead with customers just got easier!

Who needs this solution?

Any business that directly deals with its customers and generates a ticket system, will need this integration. Such as:

  • eCommerce Marketplace owners
  • Travel agencies
  • Web development companies or IT firms
  • Ad agencies
  • Designers
  • Virtual agents/assistants
  • Repair shops & services

In short, any sales- and service-based businesses that have the opportunity to serve a client more than once, can use this solution.

Whenever you are directly dealing with a client several times, to answer or solve product/service issues, you need something to easily juggle all the information and changes of each one of your users.

The Awesome Support CRM Sync will let you view your customer data and support tickets altogether on WP ERP CRM so that you can simultaneously manage both your CRM and Awesome Support. 

Thus, WP ERP CRM module is giving you the liberty of adding additional required information on Awesome Support support tickets. This integration opens a new door between WP ERP CRM module and Awesome Support. You will be to pass Awesome Support data seamlessly to your CRM and view Awesome Support tickets from your CRM directly.

Customer service is one of the most important things that may help you become successful in your business. If you can provide adequate support to your users or clients, you would be able to gain their trust.

How will this Feature Extension help you?

  • You can display Awesome Support Ticket List on every contact’s profile in your WP ERP CRM.
  • Get a better understanding of each of your users.
  • See users who created tickets after you installed the extension.
  • Automatically syncs any previous Awesome Support tickets when an old user creates a new ticket.
  • You can view WP ERP CRM user profile details on your Awesome Support tickets.
  • The extension automatically adds New Contacts to CRM from Awesome Support when a ticket is submitted.
  • The integration will help small businesses to transform Awesome Support into a full-fledged CRM and do more with Awesome Support contacts.
  • It adds more client management functions on both platforms.
  • You get to serve customers better and gain happier users.


For this sync to work you need:

1. Awesome Support Plugin

2. WP ERP Plugin

3. WP ERP Awesome Support Integration

How to configure WP ERP-Awesome Support in 5 Easy Steps!

  1. Install both plugins,WP ERP and Awesome Support, in you WordPress dashboard.
  2. Next, simply download the ZIP file for Awesome Support CRM integration from your Account page, like you would for any other WordPress plugin.
  3. Upload it to your WP Dashboard→Plugins directory. Now Activate the plugin.
How to configure WP ERP-Awesome Support

4. Next navigate to WordPress ERP dashboard→ERP Settings→Settings→CRM→Awesome Support. Here you will find the default settings for the contacts that will be imported from Awesome Support. From here, you can change the default Customer Life Stage and Default Contact Owner as you like. Then click on Save Changes.

Configure WP ERP-Awesome Support

As soon as a ticket is submitted to your site and Awesome Support plugin, the contact will sync with your WP ERP CRM, along with all the details relating to that contact. This will also include any previous tickets that were generated by the contact and that you have dealt with via the Awesome Support plugin.

5. Navigate to WordPress ERP dashboard→CRM→Contacts.

Here you will see that the new ticket generated by a user appears in your CRM contact list.

Ticket generated in WPERP Contact List

When you click on this contact, you will see all the details along with any previously generated issues/tickets by this user.

By default, the life stage will be Customer. You can change this in the default setting for all contacts, or you can change it manually for each contact by visiting the contact’s profile.

You can now email this contact directly, log activities, schedule meetings and other things, add tasks, and send SMS right from your CRM dashboard, without having to resort to different mediums for each of these activities.

Think of the amount of hassle and time it saves you!

Contacts in the CRM of WPERP

And that’s it! The syncing is totally instant and automatic. What you do next with your newly created contact through Awesome Support integration is totally in your hands.

You are now ready to make happy clients!

Take That Extra Step With Awesome Support CRM Sync

Awesome Support is one of the most popular help desk and support solutions for WordPress. And WP ERP finds it crucial to bring to its users something that empowers them beyond the usual. This integration adds more to your already feature-rich WP ERP CRM. With this extension, keep your support-related tasks and CRM activities in one place, and unattached to your site. 

Think about that extra step that makes all the difference. Support tickets and conversations give an indication of a user’s needs, problems, preferences, and if they are happy with your service.

When you combine this integration with your WP ERP, you can create more human-like and meaningful interactions with your clients that’s more aware of their needs and preferences.  You get to view the entire client history plus help tickets from a single page. This is powerful and paves a comfortable path for you to add a personal touch to your interactions. So you go one step beyond rehearsed and robotic conversations.

Bring a new experience for both your company and clients that feels real and enjoyable.

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Build Long-Term Relationships with Clients

Build Long-Term Relationships with Clients

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