Must Have Integrations For WordPress ERP’s CRM Module

Must Have Integrations For WordPress ERP’s CRM Module

What better way to extend customer relationship management capabilities of your already robust WP ERP, than using exclusive CRM integrations!

Who knew that a competent ERP system would be in the form of a simple plugin inside a Content Management System (P.S. WordPress). WP ERP really changed the way small businesses manage their operations.

With free Modules like HR, CRM, and Accounting along with integration with some of the most popular SaaS providers out there, it leaves the competition behind.

How Integrations Make Everything Awesome

Who doesn’t want seamless connectivity between multiple platforms!

It greatly reduces the information silo you might face in your business. Managing to improve the overall organization structure at the same time.

No matter what shape or size your team is, simple data integration between your favorite platforms can save your resources effectively.

In terms of CRM integration, a complete customer persona can be created from the very beginning of their life stage. Their habits, what content they interacted with the most, what they didn’t like all this information can only be had with CRM integrations.

Helping you to get a more accurate picture of how your relationships are going on.

What About WP ERP’s CRM Module?

We don’t want our customers to be left behind when it comes to business. For that WP ERP CRM module has some popular data integration extensions that are sure to help you and your business better both in a B2B/B2C environment.

Below we have talked extensions that provide integration with some of the most popular demandable SaaS solutions in the industry.

WooCommerce Integration

This integration with WooCommerce allows all your order details & customer data to be synced with CRM module so your customer agents can track all sales happening at the time.

You don’t need to give your customer agents access to the sensitive data of your marketplace for them to operate more effectively. They will be able to see a complete log in their CRM dashboard.


Bonus Tip:

Create a dynamic list of customers by segmenting them based on 22+ important filters form the CRM itself to send curated newsletters.

If you want to learn more about this kind of functionalities and how you can use WP ERP & WooCommerce to boost your marketplace business check out our previous publication.

weForms Integration

Seamless data transfer for submission to forms built with weForms, our fastest form builder, and WP ERP was one of our most requested feature to date. So we delivered.

Whether you are asking your user for their email for subscription services or a survey form, with weForms Integration you don’t have to manually import them to your CRM each time.

It will be automatically sent to the Contact Group with the Life Stage that you selected. You can map the Email Address, First Name, and Last Name of your form to ERP.

The best thing about this integration is it’s completely FREE, just like WP ERP and weForms.

Interested to learn more? click here.

Integrate weForms into WPERP

Gravity Forms Integration

Integration with popular contact form builder plugin “Gravity Forms” also supported with WP ERP’s CRM Module.

Whenever a user submits their information via a form created using “Gravity Form” it will be automatically synced with your CRM module. Saving you time from doing the hard work.

Salesforce Contact Sync

You will hardly find the people inside the cloud computing industry, who don’t know the name “Salesforce”.

One of Salesforces main & best selling service is it’s CRM. If you are already familiar with this and comfortably using this in your business, we got you covered there too.

Also, this feature is very useful if you are not sure about continuing with Salesforce, cause it’s a very expensive service, to begin with, and want to migrate to something that works smoothly with your WordPress site for FREE.

With Salesforce Contact integration you can sync all your contacts to both CRMs both way. A simpler illustration would be

SalesForce Contact List ←→ WP ERP CRM Contact List

Salesforce Contacts Sync

HubSpot Contact Sync

Already a loyal user of HubSpot or want to switch to better CRM that works great with WordPress? Whichever way you go HubSpot Contact Sync is the one you are looking for.

Our HubSpot Contact Sync integration allows you to transfer all your contacts and their information back & forth from WP ERP’s own CRM module contact list and HubSpot’s contact list.

HubSpot Contact List ←→ WP ERP CRM Contact List

HubSpot Contact Sync

MailChimp Contact Sync

Very few people do email automation as good as over at the folks of MailChimp.

Make your email game one step forward from all your competitors using MailChimp Contact Sync. This simple contact syncing integration relegate all your customer data information to MailChimp’s own list or vice versa.

MailChimp Contact List ←→ WP ERP CRM Contact List

MailChimp Contact Sync

Want Custom Integration?

WP ERP features API for all 3 of its modules

  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Accounting

So, you don’t have to worry it not working with your custom solution. You can send data, or import them from all three of its modules.

Leaving the rest to your imagination.

Find Out More…

Want to learn what other great extensions WP ERP supports? Check out the extensions page. We have categorized the extensions according to what module they work with.

Some even work across multiple modules.

Interested in WP ERP?

Found something that we are missing? We’re always up for suggestions on how we can improve our products.

So don’t hesitate to let us know.

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