Improved WordPress Attendance Management System

Improved WordPress Attendance Management System

As technology advances towards it’s more mature form, it is starting to consume every part of the industry.

Workspaces are being no exception.

A complete online attendance management system is now a very common scene in the work environment no matter how small of a niche they are. They are easy, cheap and most important of all extremely effective in managing your employees.

Attendance extension inside a WordPress website takes that a step further. And what better way to implement one than using it alongside with a robust ERP plugin.

Attendance Extension For WP ERP

WP ERP is a free plugin for WordPress that gives its users a complete ERP experience with modules like HR, CRM, and Accounting for FREE. There are multiple extensions to even enhance the functionalities.

Attendance is one of them.

It works with the HR module to keep a track of when your employees are checking in, checking out, report generator and much more.

As a general overview using Attendance extension

  • you can specify office hours, check in and check out time and grace period for those events
  • create multiple shifts for your employees
  • let your employees check in or out from their personal dashboard(quick check in/out from the top bar menu)
  • import/export attendance data from CSV files and much more

What’s New In This Update

Recently we released the latest update V1.1.3 of our Attendance extension. Many bug fixes were made but most importantly some prominent features were added.

Some might seem very simple tweaks but they are bound to very effective for the overall process of your employee attendance system

Improved Attendance Report

With the newest update, employees are gonna see a better overview of their total working days. They will now be able to see

  • Presence Percentage: percentage of their presence
  • Missing Checkout: number of missing checkouts
  • Office Time: total number of office time based on working days
  • Attended For: total number of attended time based on present days
  • Worked Time: number of time you worked for
  • Loss Time: time that was lost(Attended For Time-Worked Time)
  • Avg Worked: the average of working time
WPERP Attendance Report

Attendance Report For HR (Date/Employee Based)

The previous version of Attendance didn’t have automatic report generation for the HR to get a complete overview of the organization’s employees.

This time it’s different!

Now the HR can see a full report of his/her employees based on two options.

WPERP Reporting
  • Attendance Report(Date Based): This report shows detailed information for the HR based on date. HR can select Location, Department, Month to filter out the information along with two charts compiling different information. In the summary section, it will show the number of
    • Total days: total time the HR selected from filtering option
    • Average Present: avg of the number of present combined from all employees
    • Total Holidays: number of holidays for that time
    • Average Absent: employee absent average for that duration
    • Average Late: employee late time average for that duration
    • Total Work Days: number of working days for the selected time
    • Average Leave: avg of the leave for the time selected
    • Average Early Leave: avg number of early leave by all employees for that time
  • Attendance Report(Employee Based): Employee based report will show all the employees in a list with their information. In the list, the HR will be able to see-
    • Present: Total number of present days for that employee
    • Leave: How many days the employee took a leave
    • Absent: Number of absent days
    • Worked: Total number of working hours
    • Avg. Work: The average number of working hours
    • Avg. Check-in: Checkin average time
    • Avg. Check out: Average of the time the employee checked out

CSV Export For Attendance Report

Now the HR manager will be able to export a detailed report about all its employees in CSV format file. They can later use the platform-independent file in any way they see fit.

WordPress Attendance Export CSV

Check in & Working Time Overview Right From Self Checkout Widget

The self-widget was a really useful feature of the Attendance extensions.

This time it’s even better!

Employees will now be able to see the number of time that has gone by after check out and check-in time on the left side.

WPERP HR Management Dashboard

Alert When Trying To Check Out Early


Did you press the button by mistake or intentionally before work hour?

But it’s better to be safe for your employees or even for the HR who has to fix these issues manually. Now a pop up will show every time you will press the checkout button early.

Checkin and Checkout section of WPERP

Email For Attendance Reminder

You don’t have to listen to your employees forgetting to check in even if they attended the office on time. An email reminder option for attendance has been added this time around. It is as simple as marking a checkbox.

An email will be sent to your employees if they forget to check in even after the grace period you set beforehand.

WPERP Settings

You can even configure the email to your requirements. You can set the email subject, heading, the body of the email(you can add media to the email).

To make things even easier, there are template tags for employee name and date so you don’t have to manually set them up each time.

Attendance Reminder Settings of WPERP

Quick Check in & Check out

In the latest update, a separate check in & check out has been added to the top right section for the convenience of your employees. They will be able to check in/out from any part of the website(apart from the actual check in/check out page).

Monthly Checkin and Checkout Statistics of WPERP

Interested To Learn More?

If you are looking for an Attendance Management System which will not be a burden on your pocket WP ERP’s Attendance extension is your best option.

WP ERP is completely FREE to install if you have a WordPress website. Along with three modules.

You can even get a hands-on experience form the official demo.

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