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Let’s Check How to Ensure Your Employee Satisfaction with WordPress ERP

Employee satisfaction

Employees are the heart of a company. Employee satisfaction is a heartbeat. So, the more satisfied the employees are the more successful the company becomes. And it is a proven fact. Because satisfied employees stay loyal towards the organization and stick to it even in the worst-case scenario. However, it is the job of the … Read more

Predicted Future of Human Resource Management in 2023 (Changes, Challenges & Trends)

Human resource management is the pillar of any organization, company or business plan. A human resource manager knows how to deal with the employee and run the whole production.  The time is not very far away from where an HRM acts like a high school principal and everyone used to frightened of him. Because any … Read more

How to Create Job Circulars and Manage Applicants in WordPress

applicant tracking software

Staffing or hiring efficient employees is one of the most important managerial tasks. But it often takes up a lot of time and money to get it done properly. This is why you must need to consider an automated recruitment software to automate the recruitment process. Doing so will enable you to post job circulars and manage your applicants more effectively. Fortunately, WP ERP’s recruitment solution can help you do it very easily making your WordPress website as an applicant tracking software.

Improved WordPress Attendance Management System

Attendance extension

As technology advances towards it’s more mature form, it is starting to consume every part of the industry. Workspaces are being no exception. A complete online attendance management system is now a very common scene in the work environment no matter how small of a niche they are. They are easy, cheap and most important … Read more

Help Your Employees Reach Their Full Potential With WordPress HR Apps

HR Application

Here’s to all managers who are afraid of change. And afraid to adopt technology.A good HR Apps could be all that you need to streamline the employee management process and become more systematic. HRM is an indispensable function of any business. It keeps track of your employees, their performances and payroll. As a company grows, … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Workflow to Automate Your Work Process

workflow automation

Every year, many companies lose 20 to 30 percent of revenue due to inefficiencies arising from mismanagement of workflow. Manually assigning tasks, handling process, oral miscommunication, distractions, interruptions, and tedious paperwork- all of these contribute to inefficiency. But inefficiency is not just you spending money more than required to accomplish a certain task, but it … Read more

How to Hire Potential Talents with A WordPress Recruitment Plugin

Dealing with employee screening process and interviews may become too much for HR Managers and business owners. Thus, modern companies rely on automated systems or external job opening websites for such cases. But, are they reliable? Will they provide you the right candidates? Well, it’s always better to communicate and review each applicant personally. This … Read more

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