Upcoming new features for WP-ERP in May 2016

Upcoming new features for WP-ERP in May 2016

WP-ERP is set for a long way to go

We are busy with adding more features and making fixes to WP-ERP on our next release. The date is not fixed, but we are expecting a day somewhere around the last week of May or the first week of June. Here are some things we have been working on.

Accounting module is getting merged to core

After the merger, you will get all HRM, CRM and Accounting together when you download WP-ERP from the WordPress.org repository. It will save your time because you will not need to install the accounting module separately.

Taxation features in Accounting

Our plan was to add tax options to accounting after its initial release. The feature is ready. When it will be added, the accounting module will be able to calculate taxes for local or international transactions made with the customer or the vendor and invoice them accordingly.

SMTP and IMAP support in WP-ERP core

Have you noticed the API notifications all around WP-ERP? Well good news, you will not be needing it any more from the next release.

We were using the API to re-route the contact replies in CRM, it only worked for outgoing mails from client and limited usability with other mailing systems. To make the mailing system flexible and versatile, we are implementing support for SMTP and IMAP mail servers. It can work both ways for incoming and outgoing. So, for a customer manager two copies of email will be sent to him, one at the user email at the WordPress domain, the other to his personal domain, so you have a backup of every mail. This is actually going to benefit the entire ERP system in future email integrations.

All you have to do is to enter the credentials and it should be active immediately for email services like Gmail, Mandrill, Mailgun or any other third party email service.

New single page no reload UI for CRM

There is going to be a major change in how you experience our CRM module, and it’s for the better. Your total ERP experience is going to be a lot faster. The HRM module will also follow the same changes after we have successfully applied it here.

The new UI will be a single page, so when you need to jump between contacts or companies, you won’t be needing to reload the page every time.

Workflow management for CRM

To aid a better customer management, we are going to implement workflow management pretty soon. With this new feature or add-on, you will be able to-

  • Create predefined workflows for different customer types and needs.
  • Add variations and diversions to these workflows.
  • Automate and guide customer relationship.
  • A much more detailed personalized support.
  • Precise marketing.

Email Campaign for CRM

It is a add-on for mailing system for sending automated mails to customers and creating customized mails for customer groups. We have studied the features from Mailchimp, Mailpoet and some other mail automation and template builders. Our idea is to improve and improvise upon these and create our own solution. So you will never need to go to a third party plugin ever to make your campaign mails.

Our add-on is ready, just not released yet.

SalesForce sync with CRM

Pretty much similar to our Hubspot or Mailchimp integration. You will be able to sync contacts both ways with your CRM and SalesForce account with this add on.

Asset Management

An add on for a total control of your company assets. Assets are tools which you use to run your company and often assign them to an employee or share between a team. With this add-on you can,

  • Store assets within your ERP system.
  • Assign employees with assets.
  • Keep records with give and return dates.
  • Reassign the same asset to another employee

Bug Fixes

We have fixed several bugs which weren’t very serious but it was bugging us. For example, the advanced search widget on the top of the CRM contacts page was giving false results or this employee hiring date mismatch in the HRM module.

More to come!

In the near future, rest assured that you will see REST API and Frontend compatibility coming to all ERP modules. We have some huge plans for WP-ERP this year. So stay tuned and let us know your expectations in a comment below.

You can always see what we are doing from our Github repo.

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  1. Are you planning to implement something of this?

    1) Create automatic expenses from an email
    2) Recurring invoices
    3) SEPA payment for invoices

    Great Plugin!


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