WP ERP v1.4 Brings a Critical Revamp to the Entire User Interface

WP ERP v1.4 Brings a Critical Revamp to the Entire User Interface

The new ERP core brings some major, significant and must-have changes that no user can do without. Anyone looking out for convenience, ease, simplicity, and a friendlier WP ERP would not have to wait anymore.

Because here it is. A highly demanded, advanced and indispensable development in WP ERP core that will surely make a difference in the way you use it.

Goodies in WP ERP 1.4.0

Goodies in WP ERP

WP ERP now has a newly innovated interface with a dashboard, a unique new sidebar menu as well as a mega menu in admin bar.

”So what?”, you may ask.

Well, it’s making the entire ERP core well-grouped, super organized and logically coordinated!


The Overview dashboard has been a highly useful and liked feature in all of our products. So we thought of bringing it to this new WP ERP as well!

This detailed page gives you a well-defined bird’s-eye overview of all business operations being run through the 3 modules – HR, CRM, and Accounting. Users get a summarized version of how their business is doing simply by looking at this page. It makes life much easier plus users love it!

You will see the total number of employee, departments, and designations.

You can also see the number of contacts and companies you have and in which life stages they are.

The dashboard also shows how much you posses as in cash and savings, how much you have spent, and your total income.

The RSS feed is a cherry on top! 

It brings all the latest publishings right to your WP dashboard, so that you can access the blogs in the fastest possible way. In this stream you can find everything we write about features, extensions, and modules. All the tutorials, tips & tricks, guides, and updates are now at your fingertips and quicker to access.

You can also subscribe to WP ERP’s newsletter right from the convenience of your dashboard. The widget is located immediately under the feed.

If you miss the emails you can always scroll through the RSS feed and find what interests you!

From within the dashboard, you can also quickly navigate to the insides of a module by clicking on the View Now or View All button.

These buttons ensure that your Dashboard is well-connected to every other part of your ERP. Which also means it’s giving you real-time and all the latest data on your business!

WPERP Overview

A Completely New Main Menu

Previously, individual and separate menus appeared in the side bar for ERP core and for each of the modules and extensions. This arrangement was quite haphazard and it was difficult for users to navigate from one place to another. What’s worse, users found it hard to remember which extension worked for which module.

This important update in WP ERP v1.4 lets users access all modules and core features from a single parent menu, named WP ERP.

All core features and all modules are arranged as sub menu under the main menu, WP ERP.

In addition, you can also access the settings, tools, and available products to purchase, like add-ons.


Exclusive Header Panel for Module Items and Extensions

This new release of WP ERP has thoroughly changed the categorization of the module components to make it super intuitive for users to search for anything right from inside a module. Instead of subs, now you’ll have all module components arranged in a header panel inside each module, as shown below.

For instance, all a user needs to do now is to click on HR under WP ERP to start accessing all its elements.

Exclusive Header Panel for Module Items and Extensions

”So what?”, you may ask.

It’s super easy to flip through the tons of tabs and data you own!

Contacts in WPERP

Here’s a view of how the old menu compares with the new menu of each module.

HR Management Old Menu

HR Management Old Menu of WPERP

HR Management New Menu & Header Panel

CRM Old Menu

CRM New Menu & Header Panel

Accounting Old Menu

Accounting New Menu & Header Panel

No more multiple Settings!

Previously, a separate menu with the name ERP Settings appeared with the sub menus Company, Tools, Modules, Add-ons and global Settings, as shown below:

erp imap settings

These sub menus have now been shifted to the parent WP ERP admin menu, along with the Modules.

This super beneficial change allows users to find all global settings under one sub menu Settings.

Similarly, features for quick reports like Status and Audit Log, and quick fixes and activities like removing sidebar menu, sending test mails, import and export can now be found under one sub menu Tools.

Grand Mega Menu on Admin Bar!

To add to user-friendliness, the developers of the plugin have included the entire ERP elements in a menu in the admin bar.

When you click on WP ERP located on the top right-hand side of your admin bar, you’ll find all the modules categorized in columns, under which are the features and extensions. They appear chronologically in the manner they are arranged inside the sub menus.

If you’re wondering how that benefits, here it is.

This arrangement keeps the numerous features of ERP organized, categorized, and relevantly grouped so that you can jump within the components of one module to another with just one click.

That’s right! It’s altogether and you can jump simultaneously between core, modules and extensions as you work. Navigating around is so easy!

Previously, you would have to enter each module to enter its components. Now you can jump from inside one module to another, from features of one module to extensions of another module, simply by selecting what you want from the Mega Menu!

All it takes to browse through numerous tabs, items and data is a single click:

Looking forward to WP ERP

The pioneer web and open source business manager system for WordPress, WP ERP, is finally out with an amazing intuitive and simple interface that’s bound to woo its users. This has been a long awaited and thorough development.

Once again the authors have done a tremendous job to revamp the interface and menu in light of user needs and satisfaction. What remains to be seen is how much users experience the new update positively.

So go ahead. Login to your Admin Plugin Directory, find WP ERP, and click on Update! Then let us know what you think of the new navigation system.

If you haven’t yet used WP ERP, now is great time to experience the best of this simple yet feature-rich All-In-One online enterprise solution. So go ahead and download it for free!

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