What is ERP

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?- A Comprehensive Overview

One of the most asked questions from a fresher into the corporate sector is – What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

So we thought we should shed some light on it.

Well, in simple words it is one of the leading IT resources in today’s business environment. The full meaning of ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. It empowers small, medium and also large businesses to perform and manage their day to day business operations.

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How to Give Feedback to Team Members Using The Best HR Management Tools

One of the prominent abilities of a leader is to communicate clearly. You need to present yourself in a way your people could interpret. It’s not always easy to make things quickly catchable. Learn how to give feedback to team members for ensuring the best output. Give them space, keep them happy. Be a true leader.

Being a manager isn’t so easy. It requires a distinct skill set. Try to be a team member, work together. Be honest and think positive. Use automation to overview their work and performances. Give useful feedback to make and keep your people satisfied as well as confident in their responsibilities. Soon you will wonder seeing the overall progress.

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How Can You Walk Through the Road to Success With ERP Software

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has become very popular these days. This popularity indicates the success ERP has brought to them as ERP saves your work, time, and capital. But is it so easy to be successful using ERP? Besides the success rate, there are also statistics on how the system has failed in many cases.

It has now become more important than ever to investigate how the system seldom fails. ERP is not anymore bounded in a smaller area and used in huge companies these days. This is a new system to implement to your business. It is logical to face difficulties for new users. For those who are scared and confused about how to use ERP, we have come up with a proposition on how to use ERP to be successful in your business.

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