Beyond Hiring & Firing: What is HR Management & How to Manage Your Human Resource with WordPress

Beyond Hiring & Firing: What is HR Management & How to Manage Your Human Resource with WordPress

Technology has changed the way businesses operate and connect with prospects. Small-large enterprises are adopting new technology to drive their business forward. Obviously, business software increases employees’ productivity and ensures the fastest communication. Also, it allows employees to process more information than manual methods.

With this continuity, companies embrace a simple integration process for HR Management System. Usually, a company holds different departments and workforce to conduct all the functions collectively. Although, it’s a tough job to manage all the sections, employees, vendors, clients, and suppliers manually.

An automated HR management system can be your rescue program to handle diverse business challenges. Its uniques attributes will nourish your expertise in staffing, recruitment, assessment, workforce consulting and outplacement.

In this article, we will show how you can manage your Human Resource with an HR management system. As a bonus, we will describe a simple integration method that you can operate from your WordPress Dashboard.

What Is HR Management Software

hr management

Human Resource Management System combines a number of processes to ensure easy management. Yes, human resources, business processes, and data; everything. It automates the workflow associated with human resources management across an organization.

Modern HRM systems are fully compatible with everyday activities. It can process all the information of the business more efficiently. This program helps managers to improve their productivity.

Human Resource Management System or HR Software offers the complete spectrum of HR activities. It includes tracking and improving performance, managing organizational hierarchy, and handle all types of financial transactions.

what is HR management

The key features include:

  • Managing payroll
  • Time and attendance
  • Performance evaluation
  • Recruitment/Learning management
  • Employee empowerment
  • Optimized scheduling
  • Analytics and decision making

From the recruitment to measure performance and taking decisions, everything is possible with HR system.

How an HR Software Helps You to Increase Revenue

what is HR management

In the present time, HR management software can be a great solution for any business environment. Since it requires an initial investment to execute but improves the ROI within the shortest possible time.

Let see the facets powered by an optimized HRM system to influence the business profit seamlessly.


what is HR management

With HR management software, you can manage the entire recruitment process automatically. It enables you to publish job posts, collect the resume, sort them and assign interviewer.

In short, you can make your company’s hiring system more organized with an automated online recruitment solution. It lets the candidates check the jobs from your site directly and upload their CVs. The system will then sort and categorize the submissions by each job post.

After that, it proceeds further activities according to your business policy. Therefore, it reduces a lot of unnecessary paperwork, physically arranging exams & disorganization.


You can conduct an automated training program with the HR system. It is a convenient way to keep your employees updated with the latest trends. Also, it will increase the productivity of your employees.

Here, you can create and manage skill development courses including their details within minutes.

Moreover, you can upload and organize all the training resources through the central database.

With an updated HR system you can modify the course detail, assign the trainee, and monitor their status easily. In short, it helps you to arrange all the necessary training for all of your team members without any hard copy.



An integrated system will track your employee’s check-in and check-out details systematically. Besides, it will generate complete reports based on their working hours and leaves. Therefore, you can easily measure their performance, effort, and productivity.

With an attendance management system, you can manage different shifts and working hours efficiently. Updated HR solutions let users configure employees’ work schedules and send notifications.

Employees also can track their potentiality and scope of improvements from there. It makes them more attentive to their jobs. Also, it encourages them to follow office hours accordingly.


what is HR management

HR diminishes all the hassles regarding employee salaries. The payroll module enables you to manage the complete employee salary management system more efficiently. Now you can manage all the payments and transactions from your HR software.

In addition, you can overview total expense, payment slip, expenditure, history and everything from a single platform. It ensures the fair distribution of business resources. Also, it will help you to generate the salary and tax report.

Document Manager


You need not store the important official documents manually or on other’s people’s servers. Now, you can easily store and manage your essential documents in the HR system.

It minimizes the paperwork, expense of storage, and the risk of being lost. Also, it automates the workflow by sharing access with the relevant personnel. Moreover, you can maintain the privacy of the data with strict access restrictions. Therefore, you can organize and track your documents smoothly with an HR management system.

Essential Notification

An automated online HR software will notify you and your team members as per your instruction.

You can contact your employees and clients from your HR system directly.

Significantly you will get complete control over the contents of your notifications. Also, you can select the people you want to notify. It lets you use popular communication gateways like mobile SMS, emails, etc. to convey any important information to the fellow.

Reimbursement & Asset Manager

what is HR management

Proper distribution of office expenses and asset management can resolve major obstacles for the HR department. An automated HRMS Keeps track of all the assets of your workplace without any hassle.

You can organize all the company resources from a single place and allocate them to the right persons. It lets you calculate the expenses made by employees with ease.

Automatic Workflow


The core motive of an HR system is to automate the employee management system from top to bottom. It enables you to operate all the related activities at your fingertips from the HR dashboard.

The responsibilities of an HR department revolve around recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. Also, they plan, execute and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization.

HR management software simplifies the entire stratagem and minimizes the complexity. As it combines and operates all the business activities from a central location. Thus you can maintain an automatic chain procedure to manage all the events flawlessly.

Why You Should Consider WPERP for Your Small Business

what is HR management

Now you can easily manage the total Human Resource Management System from your WordPress Dashboard. WPERP is an effective WordPress plugin to organize your small to medium businesses with powerful HR Manager, CRM & Accounting tools. It produces a lean workforce that works autonomously.

Here, you can activate each module individually based on your business requirements. The WordPress HR Module gives a complete view of what’s happening around your Human Resource. It lets you start your day with your work calendar, announcements, leaves – all on a single page. So, you can arrange your work schedule in an optimized way.

You will be able to see detailed employee profiles along with leave requests, promotion, increment, performance logs, announcements, email notification, HR Report and more.

Most amazingly! you can operate all these tasks from your WordPress site directly. It allows each employee to get all the relevant information from their personalized dashboard. It is an effective way to streamline your employee with all the updates across the company.

Also, it will generate graphical reports analyzing different factors of your organization. Therefore, HR admins can make a quick and authentic decision to boost up the working procedure. Nevertheless, WPERP HR Module supports 10+ interactive extensions to widen your business experience vastly.

Final Verdict

Organizations are adopting the HR management system at a rapid pace. It gives an epic lifting to business growth.

The responsibilities of Human Resources generally revolve around recruitment and employee placement. This entire process becomes easier with simple integration with WordPress.

Moreover, you need no professionals to operate the system. WPERP will make your employee management system effortless yet efficient. With WPERP, you can operate everything from onboarding to empowerment, and performance analysis to salary distribution seamlessly.

Therefore, a well designed Human Resource Management System will form a robust HR team. And this team is capable to upgrade itself with the changing business scenarios. So, there will be fewer possibilities to face unwanted mishaps. Furthermore, it will smoothen the workflow, increase productivity and reduce costs.

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  1. I found people often comfortable with using WordPress and they feel shaggy using other platform to manage the HR roles. A WordPress system makes them comfortable.

    This well explained article gives a proper idea about WP ERP and its use as a HR Key role. Good luck for the Product and of-course the Writer for a outstanding explanation.

  2. Hello Selina,
    Thanks for sharing your views. You can check our others articles for better understanding of HR management. Feel free to contact with us if you have any further queries.


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