Simplified CRM Solution for WordPress: Which One to Choose and How to Ensure The Best Outputs

Simplified CRM Solution for WordPress: Which One to Choose and How to Ensure The Best Outputs

A company that utilizes it’s customer data wisely have always a better chance to prevail. 

How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.  – Bill Gates 

As a business owner, you must assemble all of your customer’s information in a single database. Then use this resource to establish a strong customer relationship management. 

For example, you get to follow up with the people around your business, should never fail to keep promises or attend the scheduled meetings, support any customer whenever they need it, track every sales process and interaction, etc. 

But how to do all of these? Is there any simplest way? Hence comes the utmost necessity to find a Simplified CRM solution. You need to find a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that puts you up in the game with all of that customer knowledge. 

Why Using a CRM is Essential

53% of top-performing companies are using CRM. 74% of businesses believe that CRM has enhanced their access to customer data. 

The scope of CRM is getting bigger every day. Why shouldn’t it be? 

Unless you manage your customers in the right way, it’s impossible to retain them and building an enduring relationship to grow your business. Only a Simplified CRM solution aid you to receive, accumulate, and process the customer’s information, and ensure their proper utilization.

Forbes Council Member Jason Kulpa identifies three major assistance a CRM solution provides you. They are-  

Learning: A CRM solution works as a way to learn your customers. Why they choose your product? How much they are benefitted from your service? Is there any way you can improve your support? You will get all of these answers with a CRM plugin on your WordPress site. 

Organization: Either it’s about the sales activities, marketing campaigns, receive or provide certain info with the customers, a CRM software organizes all the data in a systematic way. Which means you own a powerful organized resource. It allows you to gain insight into your business process, and make more tangible decisions at ease.   

Business Optimization: The first two steps get your business into a more flexible position. After you learn about the customers and possess a powerful database, you will know where to improve and optimize. Thus it will be possible to achieve sustainable growth.

How CRM Works for Small & Medium Enterprises

We’ve been through a time of stuffing files, spreadsheets, or Rolodex with customer names, meeting schedules, small notes or listing agendas. The process demanded a lot of physical effort and time consumption. CRM plugin has lessened this hassle. 

The core job of a CRM plugin is to allow marketers and salespeople of a company to collect and manage it’s customer’s activities automatically from one place. It enables them to track each and every customer interaction. 

Suppose, if you integrate a CRM on WordPress, it will collect user info through several front-end touchpoints. Some of them are- 

  • Contact Forms
  • Registration Form
  • Search Engines
  • Email Opt-in
  • Social Media Integrations, etc. 

There are some CRM platforms with complex features like producing analytics, marketing automation or sales automation. They need a larger investment indeed.

But for any small or medium enterprises, it only requires a reliable tool that is capable to handle contacts, company info, managing tasks, calendar, or email marketing integration to achieve business goals. You may wonder, more than 91% of the company with 10 or more employees are using a CRM plugin today.

For more than a decade WordPress becomes so popular, possesses almost 60% of CMS market share. It’s your time to get prepared for the new age. We are going to show you a simplified WordPress CRM plugins like WP ERP to empower your business either it’s a small or medium one. 

A Simple CRM Plugin for WordPress: WP ERP CRM

Considering the other Simplified CRM solutions in the market, what makes WP ERP is one of the simplest one? Why should you choose this CRM plugin for your business? 

Initially, WP ERP is a free CRM plugin. Anyone can install and activate it to their WordPress dashboard barring any technical hassle. 

As a total ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, it allows you to control and plan human resources activities, and account management systems besides CRM support.  


It’s because you are searching for a simple CRM, you can just turn off the HR and Accounting option within a checkmark. 

CRM Solution set up

Well, here you may take a look at the top features and functionalities of WP ERP CRM. 

Manage Your Client Contact with Smart Contact Management

CRM Solution configuration

After a user opt-in to your list, there are some steps to carry on. WP ERP’s smart contact management lets you enlist a client’s personal info and his position in your business cycle. You can define each contact’s life state. 

For example, you can differentiate the users as customers, leads,  opportunities, subscribers, and trash. If someone feels that your product has potential, he/she may subscribe to your website, and want to know more about the services. 

Therefore next step is converting a subscriber into an opportunity and then as a customer. That conversion cycles lead to a stable customer retention stage. The client you have left in the ‘trash’ also let you know how many people didn’t make it becoming a customer. 

Smart contacts also provide advanced filtering with saved search options.  

Add Important Notes to Any Particular Client

Adding notes with WPERP CRM Solution

What can a live contact list possibly accomplish? Nearly enough regarding your client management. 

Have you shared some comments on any relevant topics? Or do you want to set reminders or exchange messages with them?  It’s easy to add or edit these notes into your contact list. 

It Has a Built-In Email Communication Module

To share more specific info and professional messages, you don’t need to open a new tab and send emails. WP ERP CRM solution has a built-in email service. It only requires to fix the essential email settings, and then you can directly exchange emails with your client from your dashboard. 

Email communication with CRM Solution

It has premade email templates. But it’s possible to build customize email templates to maintain a more robust client relation, sending updates, and asking for feedback, etc.  

Log Different Activities to Keep Track with this Simplified CRM Solution 

Your marketing team sends SMS and emails, make phone calls by using the info collected by CRM automation. You can log these activities according to their types with exact dates and times. It helps you to track all over communication progress and make proper decisions to optimize your business more. 

Schedule and Arrange Meetings

Suppose a client wants to fix a meeting. From your CRM database, you can easily find out how many meetings you’ve scheduled earlier. Then point out a free slot and fill it for a new meeting date between this particular customer and your representative.  

CRM Solution settings

In the same way, you can schedule a phone call or SMS. 

Handle Your B2B Clients Easily

It’s one of the core features of WP ERP CRM. You must keep dealing with other B2B companies, and it’s crucial to create their profile and log all their information in the CRM database. 

The process is just a bit easier with WP ERP. Look at this video to understand how simple it is to add a new company or updating it. 

Similar to your client contact, you can do a filtered company search to find any of your desired business contact within a second. 

Generate and Analyze Your Growth Report

CRM Solution report

Every business needs to find out its strengths and weakness. It shows where you should emphasize or how to overcome the obstacles. Unless you learn the total state of your customer relationship management in a certain period, you will end up not improving.

That’s why many complex CRM plugin provides analytics. It’s A set of analyzed information that makes your business capable to take fruitful decisions. 

On the other hand, the WP ERP simplified CRM solution comes with a customer and growth reporting feature. It let you see the total client interaction activities, customer report, growth status from the different ends like group-wise, owner-wise, country-wise and source wise. 

CRM Solution growth report

You can call it a cost-effective analytic feature that can streamline your client information and gives you a better understanding. 

CRM Extension for Premium Version

Besides the free version, the WP ERP CRM pro plan has three different pricing models. Each plan has a plethora of modules and extensions to enhance your client handling experience and generate higher results. 

For example, if you have a WooCommerce store, you can easily integrate your site with WooCommerce module. It aids you to manage sales data, customer reviews, and track success reports.  

It’s also easier to import Salesforce or HubSpot contacts to your own CRM. Some of the other powerful integrations are Custom Field Builder, Zendesk ticket support, and Mailchimp contact sync. 

Wrapping up on Simplified CRM Solution for 2023

Business needs CRM so that it collects contacts, save them in organized listings, tracking various interaction data, and curate these all information to convert and retain customers. 

If you want to try it right away, here you can read our beginner’s guide to install CRM Plugin in WordPress

It sounds like a big game data hunting. But if you have a simple CRM solution like WP ERP CRM, it will be getting easier day by day. 

So, have you got the idea yet? Tell us if you think it’s that simple and exciting. We are all ears. 

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Build Long-Term Relationships with Clients

Build Long-Term Relationships with Clients

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