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Introducing OKRs: 7 Tips for Winning Sales Goals Using OKR Framework

Introducing OKR framework and OKR tips

Any sales team needs mainly two things to succeed. One, a set of well-defined goals. Two, a proper plan and execution process to accomplish them. OKR framework (Objectives and Key Results) is all about helping your sales team to set such goals/objectives and measures the key performances. However, most of the business willingly set a … Read more

How to Configure GST in Sales Invoices with WP ERP

Configure GST

In WP ERP, we often get questions regarding GST aka Goods and Services Tax. Many users and even business owners who want to add our WordPress ERP into their system feel curious about it. They asked if it is possible to add or configure GST while creating sales invoices for clients with WP ERP Accounting … Read more

Top 9 Enterprise Resource Planning Software Comparison (2023)

Best Enterprise Resource Planning Software Comparison

Back in the 1990s, enterprise resource planning software was a real game-changer. Before that, top businesses around the world were struggling to manage their business process alongside inventory and manufacturing. Then the ERP system came. It combined every management aspect of a business under one single system. The first generation of ERP user were mainly … Read more

7 Most Popular Open Source HRIS Software to Look for Now – An Easy Comparison

Top Open-Source HRM Software - An Easy Comparison

Since the last decade, human resource management has evolved drastically. This change is similar to any other part of the ERP system as they are moving toward digitalization. Therefore, open-source HRIS (Human Resource Information System) or HCM software makes the job way easier and streamlined. But choosing a product that suits your business and budget … Read more

35+ Fascinating Accounting Stats & Facts That You Will Find Amusing in 2023

Significant Accounting Statistics You Need to Know in 2020

The modern age is evolving in every aspect of your business process. From planning to managing any activities, digitalization is the key to stay in the game. You can say the same thing for the accounting, cash flow, or financial statement of your business. Accounting software turning everything into a more unconventional yet advanced state. … Read more

Follow Your Passion: Build a Business on Something You Love in This Global Crisis


Every dark thing can have a bright part. So what good can come out of this COVID-19 pandemic? People are going jobless all over the world. So will you be able to build a business that becomes successful in this global crisis? We left many of our daily habits and social activities since the Coronavirus … Read more

The Complete Payroll User Guide of WP ERP – An Automated Salary Management System

Payroll user guide

For a long period of time, it was a hassle to maintain employee salaries manually. There weren’t too many reliable Payroll solutions out there. Spreadsheets and papers were the only solutions to track and manage the company’s payroll system. But now things have changed in the WordPress era. As a modern human resource manager, you … Read more

WP ERP Exclusive Discounts And Exciting Deals on Occasion of Its Birthday

wp erp discount

Are you waiting to hear some good news amidst the tragic time that we are all going through right now? Then here is some great news from us to share with all of you that will surely get you excited even in this tough time. It’s WP ERP’s 6th year anniversary at the same time … Read more

Top 10 ERP Books to Help You Make Better Resource Planning

Top Books on Enterprise Resource Planning

The ERP software is climbing high and aims to grow up to $9 billion this year. Research says that the mid-sized company’s ERP adoption will increase by 7.9% from 2014 to 2020. As a business owner or manager, it’s a never-ending journey for you to learn how ERP works to gear up your business process. … Read more

Best Open-Source HRMS for Your Business in 2023


In order to ease the excessive workload, most of the SMEs and large organizations start using different kinds of HR software. There are cloud-based SaaS platforms besides the open-source HRMS at your forte. However, both platforms have their own plus and minus. Any business that wants to sustain and grow must ensure the proper use … Read more

How to Get Benefited from Strategic Human Resource Planning

Strategic human resource planning

83% of employers believe that it’s hard to attract and retain talents. That tells many things about the necessity of strategic human resource planning. To run your business successfully you must nourish your employees in the right way. Plus, make each of them an effective part of the company’s journey. Unless you have a plan … Read more

ERP Software: Building or Buying?

ERP software Building or buying

Implementing ERP in your business becomes a necessity. 95% of businesses have seen improvement in their process when they start using enterprise resource planning solutions. However, if you have a small company, you don’t need to think too much about purchasing an ERP. Only you have a medium or large organization, decision making is a … Read more

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