How To Choose WordPress CRM Software For Small Business

How To Choose WordPress CRM Software For Small Business

Managing clients smartly and satisfying them at the same time, is equally essential for your business progress. And to make it a true implementation, you need to nourish your connection with your customers. To do that, you need to assure a comfortable experience for them till the end. That’s why you need CRM software for small businesses to apply all those facts smoothly.

According to Forbes, the value of the current CRM market size is $120 billion, and it will be growing at 12% per year. So you can assume, how the CRM software market is growing and how it facilitating global business.

Throughout this article, we’ll know how you can choose a perfect CRM system for your business, and which software can be effective for your business progress.

But before diving into the main part, let’s know shortly, what is CRM Sofware and how it works.

What is CRM & How it Works?

What is CRM and How It Works

In simple words, CRM software is used to store customer information. With it, you can also manage sales records, communication, leads, analyze customer behavior, and export-import customer data. Moreover, it can regulate all the tasks from one platform just in one click.

CRM explains the data of your sales and boosts them deliver broader customer service.

Again, CRM lets you maintain all the data in an organized comprehensive way. Therefore, you can manage, organize and modulate everything related to the customer’s management relationship. And also help you to set company culture and internal communication mechanism.

Okay, let’s move on. In the next section, we’ll know some basic features of CRM software that every startup business should know.

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Importance of CRM Software in Small Business

Operational CRM Tools

A CRM system is an integral part of every small business because it helps in generating leads, increasing sales, improving customer service. It is less expensive for a small company to purchase a CRM than to hire someone who can do the job for them.

But the importance of CRM software in a small business can be understood by looking at two aspects. First, whether these tools are ideal for managing client relationships. Second, can it help you to streamline your business operations? Client Relationship Management (CRM) software offers a range of features that can be used to manage client relationships. These include tracking leads, calculating ROI, managing resources, and handling projects. When you use these solutions to handle your client relations, you can save time and increase productivity. It also helps you to serve clients better.

More essentially, small businesses have limited resources when it comes to managing customer relations- they need a solution that will not take up too much time or too many resources for them to set up themselves. Technology can be a great help. For example, nowadays there are CRM tools or advanced software that can help with automating the process of following up with leads, tracking purchases, and more. So when you judge the importance, then the value of having a solid CRM software in your small business is priceless.

Top Features You Need to Look For Before Choosing A CRM Software For Small Business

top features of WordPress crm software

As a business owner, you must know how to take care of your customers well. But alone you can’t make this thing happening. So you need to depend on somebody or some extra-ordinary solution that easily could solve your problems. As a result, you can reach client satisfaction goals thus your business will stand out, without any doubts.

However, we’ll talk about the basic features of a WordPress CRM plugin that you must know. And this will surely assist you to choose the right CRM solution for your business.

☛ More Improved User-Friendly Dashboard

Generally, an effective CRM dashboard must contain basic things, such as the search & easy navigation button, help text, and an overall summary report. As a result, it will be easier to find the essential things at a glance.

On the other hand, if you don’t keep them accordingly, then it might be confusing tough for you to handle customers. So as an owner, you must keep in mind to use a user-interactive dashboard for business. Because it will not only beneficiary for you but also your staff to work seamlessly.

☛ Easy Contact Management

CRM in WordPress

A WordPress CRM plugin must have the ability to store and keep track of the total journey of your customer’s behavior as well. And also it should prioritize user’s life stages that can categorize your service swiftly. For example, you should have the ability to categorize your customers by their interests, behavior, and other information.

So you must check these basic functions carefully before implementing a CRM plugin correctly.

☛ Able to Keep Notes

WordPress CRM integration

Integration with CRM in WordPress has almost made every task easier for the owner. However, it’s quite simple to forget important facts in different situations. So what will happen, if you schedule a meeting with your client, but you missed the time? Then there is high to get a bad impact from the clients. And of course, you don’t want it. right?

For instance, precise CRM must have the option to add a note. For example, you’ll get reminders of different schedules, comments, messages and more in the user’s profile. Thus you’ll be notified of the various important notification that gives you valuable insights.

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☛ Email Communication

Email Communication

The significance of communicating through email is undeniable. If you’re doing business smartly or want to do that, then you have to rely on email communication.

According to the DMA- If you spend $1 for email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42

So you can assume how effective email marketing or sending emails to users is!. Therefore, CRM software must have this facility. And this feature will let you communicate with your users or subscriber. As a result, your customers will be very pleased to get such a service if you can randomly maintain this.

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☛ Different Log Activities

CRM implementation process

Your CRM system should record all the calls, meetings, emails and SMS that you received from the customers. This will help you to keep track of every activity of your users. And also the log activity procedure should include dates, times, and the agents involved with the task.

Therefore, it’s easier for you to know each and every activity of your customers. According to their activities, you can deal with them. So in this way, CRM software can smartly handle your customers.

☛ Advance Contact Filter Option

Advance Contact Filter Option

Sometimes you may need to find out the most important contact info urgently. But you have thousands of contact lists. How can you find the right one at this moment? So it can be super difficult for you at that moment.

Therefore, it’s crucial to have an advanced filter option to find the right contact at the right time. As a result, you can filter contacts by segmenting them.

☛ Filter with Saved Searches

WordPress CRM integration

You may not search one time. Right? Surely, it seems very hassle by inserting the same information again and again. But if it saves the search you did earlier, then, of course, it becomes easier to find. That means once you create a complex filter, you can begin with the same results without applying it again.

To Sum up with CRM Software

These features of CRM software are very common. And you have to make sure that they are all present in one place. Otherwise, you’ll always feel there is something missing while managing your client. So as a business owner, you have to be very careful before implementing CRM plugin in WordPress.

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Which WordPress CRM Solution Could Be Your Best Choice and Why?

How to choose CRM solution

Gradually, CRM is gaining popularity slowly but steadily. According to the Hubspot State of Inbound, ”about 13% of companies express that spending in CRM is one of their top sales preferences”. And also, Bowery Capital, 2017 believes that ”CRM is considered one of the most important perspectives of sales right next to lead generation and lead engagement”.

So you can imagine how fruitful it is to use a CRM solution in the business. But how you can understand which CRM software is suitable for your business? if you’re a WordPress user, you may know there are different types of CRM plugins are available. And they’re all capable enough to provide that kind of service to meet your requirements.

But from your point of view, you must choose the right and suitable one for your business category. Suppose, if you’re running an eCommerce site and also managing employees at the same time, then you should prefer a combined CRM and Project management solution. Or you can AB test your business to understand what actually you need.

So for your convenience, we’ll talk about which CRM solution can be effectively preferable to you and why. And hopefully, you’ll be benefited. So without further ado, let’s get started:

The list of top CRM solutions are given below:

  2. WP CRM System
  3. WordPress Leads
  4. WP-CRM
  5. UPI CRM
  6. Press Point CRM
  7. Zero BS CRM

These are the top CRM solution with WordPress as their base. But we’ll not prolong the post by discussing all these plugins. Rather we will simply highlight one of the most reliable ones, i.e ☞ WP ERP CRM.

A Complete CRM Software for Your Small Business: WP ERP CRM


WP ERP CRM is the best WordPress client management plugin having 10,000+ active installations and 4.5 ratings. WP ERP also expertly combines all your customer data to use them accurately.

This plugin not only expedites you with the client management system rather it’s a package for your entire business. Furthermore, the core plugin has 3 more modules along with CRM. Other modules are HRM, Accounting System, and Project Manager.

However, don’t worry! Because you don’t have to install these modules at the same time. You can deactivate other modules while running a single one. And if you want all the modules at the same time, it’s quite easy to organize them.

If you’re not convinced, learn how to employ WP ERP.

Anyways, let’s know some basic features of WP ERP CRM

  • Take note for every single customer
  • Inbuilt email Campaign and Personalize receiving the email address
  • Track email campaign with analytics
  • Built-in email communication
  • Advanced conditional filtering
  • Manage B2B partners and clients
  • Analyze the report and do customize
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Create a contact group of matched interest and category

These are the fundamental features of WP ERP CRM. Earlier we’ve already discussed what should you consider before implementing CRM software in your business. Right? And see, WP ERP CRM has already these features.

So if you’re thinking of implementing CRM with your WordPress site yet business, WP ERP could be the perfect one. Additionally, with this plugin, you’ll get 15+ extensions to boost your business and productivity.

So, Are You Ready to Use WP ERP CRM?

After going through the article, it totally depends on your decision. Whether you will implement CRM or not. But if your business is small or medium, choosing a complete package can reduce your valuable time, cost, and effort.

So what are you going to do? Get WP ERP CRM or the full WP ERP?

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