What You Should Know Before Implementing a CRM System in WordPress

What You Should Know Before Implementing a CRM System in WordPress

The customer is the real boss of any business. You have to understand and exceed your customer’s demand to expand your brand value, spread your business and drive your sales growth drastically.

The more advocates you have, the fewer ads you have to buy.

Dharmesh Shah

In order to automate and progress your customer relationship and business revenue, you can introduce a smart CRM system in your company.

Before executing the system into your business you should consider some important factors and pick the best application for you that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

Here we have answered all the top listed questions regarding select the best CRM system for any business.

1. What Does CRM Do?


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) keeps all the information of the customers in a central database. It simplifies the process of analyzing your customer’s behavior or creating new leads. Hence, it increases business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately upgrading sales growth.

2. What Problem is CRM Trying to Solve?

CRM lets you keep all the data in the organized pipeline with remote access. As a result, you can manage everything related to the customer’s management from everywhere at your fingertips.

It will help you to maintain healthy and regular communication with your customers. Moreover, it improves your company’s interaction with the customers.

3. Can a CRM System Help Me Find More Leads?


Yes, you can find more potential customers for your business and retain your existing customers as well by analyzing the centralize database through a smart CRM solution. This smart technology will provide you all the social, personal, and professional data of your target audience. According to this information, you can organize your sales plan and set the strategy. Also, it allows an easy customer interaction approach.

Moreover, it will assist you to monitor marketing campaigns, customer communication creation, and delivery automation.

4. What are the Best CRM Softwares?

These are the leading CRM Systems of the current market:

  • HubSpot CRM
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • Odoo (OpenCRM)
  • Insighty CRM
  • Pipedrive CRM
  • Freshsales CRM

5. Why Use WordPress as a CRM Platform?

Usually, it costs huge bucks to get a software solution for improving customer relationships. Also, you need technical persons to manage functionality. For small business owners and startups its really difficult to manage the extra cost.

On the other hand, it cuts only some basic costs to configure the CRM on WordPress. Also, it is very simple to understand and you need zero technical knowledge to handle it.

Hence, there are more convincing reasons to say WordPress CRM is Better than Hosted Solutions.

6. What are the best CRM WordPress Plugins?


Attain your customer satisfaction goal and increase the business growth you have to pick the right CRM plugins. Check out this list of the best CRM WordPress Plugins 2019.

  • WP ERP
  • Ukuu People
  • Zero BS
  • WP Leads
  • WP CRM

Identify the basic and essential features to find the best WordPress Plugin to keep all the customer interaction records in one place for your business.

7. Can I Create a Professional CRM Using WordPress?

Of course yes. WordPress simplifies the way to integrate CRM for your business. You can track and improve your customer relationship by installing any powerful CRM plugin onto your business site easily.

8. How To Use WordPress as a CRM?

You can easily turn your WordPress site into a simple CRM solution for Free by installing a CRM plugin into your site. Most amazingly you need no coding knowledge to implement this application. You will get your own customized fully functional CRM systems with a few clicks only.

9. What is the Best CRM Software that Integrates with WordPress?


With 10,000+ active installation, WP ERP becomes the first and best full-fledged ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to manage your WordPress site and business concurrently from a single platform.

WP ERP supports 3-core modules: HR, CRM and Accounting. You can activate the WordPress CRM independently to build sustainable relationships with your customers, leads, and subscribers. Most amazingly it comes in both free & pro versions and it id so beginner-friendly that all you need is a one-click activation to get started.

10. What is CRM Implementation Process?

You can implement a CRM software in 5 steps: Develop a plan, Establish the settings, Customize the CRM, Integrate with Third-party Applications, and testing.

WordPress CRM simplifies these efforts and organizes all the tasks into a few clicks only. Consider these useful tips before implementing CRM on your WordPress site.

11. What are CRM Best Practices?

In order to get the best output from your CRM solution, you must configure it in a proper way. Check out the simple yet effective practices to implement WordPress CRM on your business site. It offers a complete customization option with around 15 powerful extensions.

12. What is a CRM Project?


You can improve your business revenue and observe your target audience and valued clients from a centralized database system by integrating a CRM project in your company. It includes the features and functionalities that make a business management model revolved on a 360° approach to the customer.

13. What are CRM Skills?

Your CRM system should be capable to acquire new customers and increase the sustainability of your loyal customers accordingly. It contains powerful control and management tools to accelerate the functionalities of all the departments from your business.

14. How do you Implement a CRM Strategy?


Implementation of CRM is a potent way to build a bridge between you and your customer. You need to follow a comprehensive CRM strategy for attaining your goal and improve your customer relationship. Set your goal carefully, collaborate with co-workers, track your customers synchronize everything to CRM wisely.

15. Does WordPress have a CRM?

There are tons of free and paid WordPress plugins available to add CRM functionality and features to your websites built on WordPress. These plugins are effective to capture leads, gain customer’s insights, and drive sales at an affordable price.

16. How much does it cost to build a CRM system?

The initial cost for CRM development usually starts from $50,000 based on project size and the number of users.

But you can minimize this cost by integrating your CRM system on WordPress site. In that case for basic features and startup business, you only need to bear the cost of domain and hosting. And if you want to upgrade your system it will start from only $149 to $599.

17. How do you Implement a CRM Strategy?


In order to cope up with the ever-increasing demand of customers and satisfy their requirements, you need a smart CRM application to track your potential customer’s behavior and identify the possible improvements. All you have to prepare a well defined CRM strategy to attain your goal.

18. How Much Does It Cost to Implement CRM?

According to SalesNexus, the total cost to implement CRM for a 10 user team it costs over $10,000. As a startup company or entrepreneur, you should try a free and open source CRM tool.

Today you will get several options to implement CRM system on WordPress completely free or spending a few bucks.

19. How Much Does Salesforce CRM Cost?

Salesforce has four plans ranging in price from $25 to $300 per user.

20. How Much Does WP CRM Cost?

It comes into both free and paid versions. You can get the basic CRM features completely free. However, the paid plans ranging from $49 per year to $449 for a lifetime license.

21. How Much Does WordPress CRM Cost?

With amazing features, a dedicated support system and 12+ useful extensions WordPress CRM available in 3 different packages ranging from $149 per year to $599 per year.

22. How can I Make a CRM in WordPress?

With WordPress, it requires only a few clicks to set up your CRM system effectively. You can install your preferred CRM plugin on your site according to your business type and requirements. Since you can get the system like other WordPress plugins and then follow the general procedures of downloading and activate it accordingly.

23. What CRM Plugin Do You Recommend for WordPress?


If you are looking for a complete ERP solution for your business at a reasonable price and easy interface then WP ERP can be your best choice undoubtedly. It allows you to monitor, analyze and understand the customer’s behavior from a single platform.

Moreover, it includes 3 individual core modules: HR Management, CRM Management, and Accounting. You can enable and disable the modules as per your choice.

You can create loyal customers and increase customer retention by analyzing their activities and responses. CRM is the best management strategy to establish a strong bonding between you and your customers. Furthermore, it will help you to find out the factors that influence them in taking the decision.

The main objective of CRM is to avail new customers, generate more sales, create great reviews, offer great customer support and accelerate sales growth. In short, it fuels the success wheel to move forward and erect enormous business revenue.

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